Dr Mark Stengler’s Health Revelations – REVIEW!

Health Revelations is a monthly newsletter produced by one of America’s leading naturopathic Dr Mark Stengler; specialized in natural and effective treatment alternatives.


Dr. Stengler is hailed as the “leader of natural medicines’ new wave” and is the most sought-after doctor in America when it comes to natural treatments for various health problems. All of his work is greatly inspired by his passion for natural healing options.

His much celebrated, groundbreaking book on natural treatment for cancer, the Cancer Reversing Protocol, reveals his in-depth knowledge about natural healing alternatives. The book has been a great success and since then Dr. Stengler is credited as the most trusted Naturopathic consultant in the world of natural healing.

On the official website of Health Revelations it is stated about Dr. Mark Stengler that

“In addition to an advanced medical degree, he holds a Masters in Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary. Dr. Stengler’s belief is that everything we need to eliminate pain and disease was given to us by God – he’s simply here to help spread the message”.

Dr. Stengler also works with well-known manufacturers of nutritional supplements, the Best Health Nutritionals. AT Best Health Nutritional Dr. Stengler guides the latest scientific research to develop top quality natural health supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional products.


Health Revelations are deemed effective as it claims to have deciphered the Biblical code of natural and effective remedies for various diseases e.g. Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart problems and many other fatal illnesses. The features of this code from the Bible and information about its effectiveness have been explained in detail in a presentation by Brian Chambers, which is available on Health Revelations website.

Dr. Stengler believes that when God sent illnesses to the people, he also sent them their remedies. But people could not decode those natural treatments. He believes that bible has the cure for any kind of disease and calls it a protocol. The protocol teaches people how to treat various ailments effectively and naturally, without any side effects.

Dr. Stengler has further explained, “the protocol” in his detailed book The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed, which is fully backed up with scientific research. Only registered member of the Health Revelations’ monthly newsletter can get access to The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed.


Health Revelations also offers free e-letter, keeping you updated on breakthrough advancements in the world of natural healing and conventional medicine. You just have to enter your email address to start receiving daily House Calls e-letter right away. House Calls keeps its valuable customers up to date about current events that can have an impact on your health and well being.

Moreover, House Calls archives are also available on the website and you can search for e-letters of your interest by simply entering the name of the disease or illness you want to get information about.


Hope and Healing is a special guide containing the healing power of 8 of the most potent guided prayers ever recorded. Dr Stengler claims that with the power of special prayers described in Hope and Healing can cure your loved ones suffering from

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

An exciting offer is being given to customers to claim Hope and Healing free of charge.

“It is our hope that these special prayers help bring God’s love and healing into your life, so we’d like to send them to you… free of charge”.

All you have to do is give House Calls a try and the invaluable guide Hope and Healing will be given to you absolutely free.


Log on to THE official website of Health Revelations and there you can sign up for their amazing monthly newsletter providing you with the effective natural cures for various ailments as well as important useful health-related information.

The one-year subscription charges for Health Revelations are $74 and it includes monthly issues of the newsletter, a free copy of Bible’s Healing Code Revealed and Dr. Stengler’s Healing Library. However, members over 60 years of age can enjoy the same deal in only $37.

Health Revelations gives its members an “Anytime Guarantee”, which means that subscribers can end their subscription at any time during the year and get their entire subscription cost refunded, and they will be able to keep all the free gifts they had received when they had registered.


Valuable customers can speak to the Customer Support Team about their concerns or complain by dialing 800-223-2816 or by posting mail to 702 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.


There are both kinds of users’ reviews available for Health Revelations. Many people are satisfied with its results while others have criticized its ineffectiveness. So it’s difficult to measure the real success of Health Revelations with such mixed feedback and reviews. But since it’s an all-natural alternative for treatment of various diseases, therefore it can be given a try without the concern of any sort of side effects. Moreover, you can give the House Calls (which is free of cost) a try to judge whether you really want to subscribe for Health Revelations or not.

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