Easy Green MikroFarm Review

People without any knowledge and experience of sprouting mostly failed in micro farming. There are many factors that are involved in it i.e. nil experience and bad taste of the store bought sprouts’ seed. Easy Green MikroFarm takes sprouting to another level. It is easy, safe, and good in taste. All the people who have a bad experience in sprouting should give another try to home sprouting with Easy Green MikroFarm.

Easy Green MikroFarm allows you to sprout 5 different seed crops at the same time. It is the automatic system that mists and oxygenates the seeds. You just need to spread 5 types of seeds in 5 individual trays, fill the water compartment, set the timer and walk away.

Stagger the planting

After 5 days, you will notice that all the 5 trays of seeds become mature sprouts and are ready to harvest at the same time. After reading the manual, you will discover that if you plant two trays of sprout every other day, you would have enough sprouts for a couple of months or even more.

Sprouts in five days

Easy Green MikroFarm sprouts grow completely on the fifth day. By day five, you will have best tasted fresh green sprouts for your variety of salads, sandwiches, and juices. There are tons of seed mixes that can be purchased for sprouting.

The taste is awesome

Easy Green offers the flavor and spicy combination of seed mixes that has opened a whole new eating experience. People usually add a thick layer of sprouts on their sandwich to obtain the benefits and the highest level of nutrition from the living food. You can order sprouts individually like broccoli, clover, radish, alfalfa and much more. If you want all the sprouts in one pack, it is also available. For that, you can order spicy mix sprouts.

Easy Green MikroFarm product features

Automatic timed water system

The seed produces chemical heat during the process of germination and this heat needs to be cooled in order to avoid rotting and mold. The Easy Green uses the technology that gives mist and oxygen at the same time. Thus, it cools the seed’s water and air and oxygenates the seed and air. Sprouts need a little amount of water but oxygen in abundance. The traditional and conventional sprouting methods supply plenty of water and provide natural air displacement.

Automatic water draining 

The Easy Green drains all the excess water out of the machine. Inhibitors are the natural defense mechanism of the seeds that acts as a deterrent for bugs and germs. Some sprouters even recirculate the same water. Your sprouts are then irrigated with the same water that contains toxins. It defeats the concept of using clean and good water for the sprouts. Keep in mind that sprout is 80% water, so give them fresh and clean water to irrigate them.

Humidity control

Humidity also matters a lot in the growing of sprouts. The wrong temperature can make burn your sprouts. The Easy Green includes a humidity controller, with which you can control the humidity that is needed by the sprouts. You can adjust its 96 activation timers. This helps you to tune the machine to the temperature fluctuations during summer, fall or other environmental conditions. You can also open the small door on the machine that allows the humidity to be less it is a hot day.

Built-in water reservoir

The Easy Green has the built-in reservoir that is compatible with bottled, distilled or even de-mineralized water.

Add minerals

The water reservoir can allow you to add minerals that enhance growth such as hydroponics growth solution or liquid kelp.

Disinfect water

The water reservoir also allows you to add solutions that can disinfect the crops such as hydrogen peroxide.

Water use

½ gallon of water is used by the Easy Green unit in 24 hours due to its fine misting activity. Other automatic irrigation systems use 3.5 to 5gallons of water per day. This unit needs no measures and can be placed anywhere in your home while the seeds sprout.

Less use of electricity

The heart of the machine, Mist Generator, uses 120v/60Hz and is rated at only 55 Amp, using considerable less amount of electricity.

No pre-soak is necessary

Traditional sprouts require pre-soaked seeds of 8-24 hours before commencing the breeding of seeds. The Easy Green requires no pre-soaking of seeds. All you have to do is array seeds in five trays and the machine will do the soaking, rinsing, misting, draining and oxygenating automatically. This feature saves an extra day of pre-soaking and daily rinsing.

Sprouts in all climates

Sprouts are very sensitive to the climate changes. So you can set the timer to water less in winter season and more in the summers. In this way, you can grow the sprouts all over the year.

Quicker harvest

The automatic cycles of misting and oxygenating assure the quickest harvest. The harvest from this method is 15%-40% quicker than other sprouting methods.

Soil or without soil

Some people prefer soil to grow certain crops like sunflower, wheatgrass etc. the Easy Green uses both the concept with no damage to the sprouts and the machine.

Extended warranty

This unit carries a full manufacturer warranty and its extended warranty can be purchased for 5 years.

Bottom line

Thus, the Easy Green MikroFarm gives you the unique and healthiest experience of sprouting in your home. From this unit, you can get the best-tasted sprouts in less than five days. You can order Easy Green machine with 12 sprouting seed packs on their official website:

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