Fatigue caused by Depression: How to cure it?


Depression is a mental illness defined with “feelings of severe despondency and dejection.” Although the symptoms may vary from individual to individual, yet this mood disorder is typically characterized by low spirits, sadness, and a loss of interest in different things or activities.

This has an overall negative impact on the person with this mental illness. They cannot be as productive in the fulfillment of tasks as other people who do not have the same illness.

Fatigue, on the other hand, is defined as extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.It may hold true that fatigue can sometimes be mistaken as depression in some individual. There is a difference between someone who is depressed and a person who is simply tired.

That being said, what we are going to discuss basically is the fatigue caused by depression, and how to cure it. This means that we are going to explore how depression can be a factor in someone’s health and fitness, their productivity and a general feeling of “tiredness” all the time.

Before we move on to see how we can cure the fatigue caused by depression, we shall first establish how it is caused in the first place.

How is Fatigue caused by Depression?

When we first defined both the terminologies Depression and Fatigue, we could identify a certain underlying pattern that could help connect both the terms. Depression is a mental illness that may be due to a chemical or hormonal imbalance, thus being labelled clinical depression.

We are not going to excavate the depths of Depression, but the mental faculties that are employed in overthinking, sadness, stress and dejection make the brain tired of all the activity. There is a certain “fatigue” in the brain due to this mental illness, and because of that, we can establish that depression does cause fatigue.

This is because the brain is controlling all of our activity. It influences the way we think, act, speak or behave generally.

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Also, symptoms of depression include eating and sleep disorders. This is in the sense of a person inflicted with two extremes – either eating/sleeping too much or too little. This is also a contributing factor and plays a huge chunk in the fatigue that is caused by depression.

When a person does not eat or sleep well, for obvious reasons, the body’s functionality lowers down, and this is also why a person may have low energy levels.

So, we can conclude that fatigue can and is caused by depression. It is not to draw a harsh line and causal link that fatigue is a necessary outcome of depression. The question here is whether it really can be caused by depression or not.

Fatigue caused by depression is not something we can label as voluntary. The lack of motivation or interest to do anything or take parts in activities that one previously used to enjoy is not easy to experience. There is a certain notion of procrastination also attached with such depressive episodes that render you “useless” or in more enhanced terms, unproductive.


So, to aid the readers, especially the one who are depressed and fatigued, we have tried to list a couple of solutions (coping mechanisms, you may say) that you can practice to lessen or cure fatigue.

We cannot guarantee that this may work for all, but the activities being listed have some sort of backing, whether it be scientific, experimental or personal. Let us now have a look at them.

How to cure Fatigue caused by Depression?

We are not claiming that these solutions or suggestions may work for everyone with depression and fatigue. A large chunk of self-motivation to do the minutest or smallest of tasks is required.

So, basically in order to set yourself on the right track and perform daily tasks, it is essential to boost your self-confidence by these activities. All of this is POSSIBLE if you use your willpower.

Even if you are running low on some willpower, our last suggestion may prove beneficial for you boost your self-esteem and the power to “will” your willpower in helping you do things.

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  1. Form a routine: The first and foremost step to take control of your life that is in shambles, is to formulate a routine. Set your alarm daily to keep your body clock on time as well. Wake up, make your bed, get ready and have a good breakfast. Make a point of doing all these things in a calm manner.Treat yourself with a nutritious, generous and healthy portion of breakfast meal to keep your energy level boosted throughout the day. Try not to miss out on meals, as it not only fatigues but also impacts your health negatively.Follow the routine. Remember, it takes at least a few days to formulate a habit. Challenge yourself to follow a routine for at least 2 weeks, even 1!
  2. Keep a journal: It is better to pen down your thoughts, opinions, etc. in a journal or diary. It helps you “vent” via the pages. Make a daily habit of recording, even the smallest of entries, into your journal.Develop this habit so that whenever you feel like it is getting too much for you to handle, you can write. We would even suggest using music, art, painting, etc. to express yourself on a medium different than your mind.
  3. Plan/Make to-do lists: Keep a list of tasks. It helps organize and break down larger chunks of the day into smaller ones. This makes it easier to achieve daily tasks.
  4. Rest! As much as we can say fatigue is caused by depression sometimes, it is necessary to rest amply so that you do not feel tired. This does not simply mean sleeping enough. It means to get busy in activities that may help you relax.
  5. Eat and Sleep: Formulate a routine. Make a point of sleeping for 5-8 hours and eat at least 3 proper meals during the day. Include lots of healthy greens, veggies and fruits in your diet.
  6. Seek therapy: To cure depression, seek therapy or professional help. You will probably be glad that you invested in yourself and care about your own health.
  7. Exercise/ Yoga/ Martial Arts: These three or any other physical cum mental exertion will help your body not only in getting fit physically, but mentally you will start to establish peace, for instance via meditation and muscle relaxation exercise.
  8. Visit a Spa center: Get a good massage done. It will be therapeutic and calming in curing fatigue!
  9. Surround yourself with Nature: Use green, even if artificial, plants indoors. Walk or sit in a park. Get some fresh air and breathe. Be as close to nature as you possibly can be. Unwind and simply employ your faculties in your surroundings. It will help ground you.
  10. Reward yourself: Lastly, reward yourself! No matter how small the accomplishment or task that you achieved, do something for yourself as a treat. It may be eating out, having a “cheat” day, or buying stuff for yourself. The reward system will help boost self-esteem and motivate you to do more.

Fatigue can be caused by depression. There are ways to overcome it. You just have to find the solution that suits you, and leaves you feeling energetic and fulfilled.





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