FDA warns new moms of baby teething bracelets and necklaces

The parents of the USA have been warned about teething necklaces and bracelets commonly practiced with infants. This has raised serious concerns to mention the Food and Drug Administration department of the USA. The teething of necklaces and bracelets has created a condition n that can be fatal or can cause serious injuries. These risks include choking and constriction of the nasal passage. The teething jewelry is made up of amber, marble, wood, and emerald can easily be taken into the mouth thereby choking the breathing passage or can get stuck at the neck tightly.

The Food and Drug Administration department has strictly notified the parents not to try these jewelries to reduce the teething sensitivity and pain related to it. This has been alerted to the parents whose kids with special needs like Autism or ADHD need sensory stimulation. The usage of the jewelry with such kids can be even riskier and the incidences of choking increase several folds.

The Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb who is an M.D. has said that the fashionable trending jewelry might be alluring but the parents need to understand the danger and possibility associated to these.

The Food and Drug Administration officials have also cited a case when an eighteen-month-old passed away because of strangulation by his amber beaded teething jewelry. Yet another case was seen when a seven-year-old infant choked to death in front of his parents due to the amber beads from the bracelet that blocked the respiratory tract.

The Food and Drug Administration has declared that it is not just the use of the bracelets and teething jewelry that are the ultimate solution to the teething sensitivity. There are other alternatives that can also be looked upon, which are not as risky as these are. The consumers and parents should consider for recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for such alternatives to treat the inflamed gums, teething sensation, pain, and discomfort. They can rub the inflamed gums with a clean finger, honey or use teething ring made out of non-toxic, baby friendly rubber, said Scott Gottlieb. Unsweetened chew products and crackers can also act well. Liquid-filled teethers, plastic handles, and refrigerated products are available in the market and can be used instead. In case the baby has started to take solids, fruits and vegetable chewing can give relief from the teething pain. Using teething jewelry puts your baby’s life on stake.

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