Femanol Review – Does This Supplement Help To Eliminate Vaginal Odor?

We know a fact that to perform great at home and in office, women have to stay conscious of their health and appearance more than men. This is due to the reason that women have to face different stages in life which have a direct link with their hormonal changes. This hormonal change may not be balanced always and an imbalance in hormones can lead to poor physical appearance as it either causes to gain weight or lose weight to a serious extent.

Biological problems that are highly threatening especially for working women are bad breath, flatulence, bacterial infections and other embarrassing situations. The production of estrogen (sex hormone) and menstruation are also a source of difficulty for women. Bad odor in the vagina can occur due to sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial and yeast infections in the vagina. Other reasons for vaginal infections may include diabetes and lack of proper hygiene.

Therefore, in order to stay healthy physically and fresh apparently, it is important to look after cleanliness and maintain a proper hygiene. Femanol is a supplement that helps women in many ways by providing various health benefits. Let us a look at what is Femanol about and how does it work for women to improve their overall health.    

What Is Femanol About?

Femanol is a supplement that helps women treat their vaginal odor and many other health issues. This supplement is composed of all natural and herbal ingredients and claims to cure vaginal infections in women. Other benefits of this supplement include its ability to control cholesterol level in women, bad breath, flatulence, bowel movements, increases immunity level, promotes the growth of nails and hair and much more.

This supplement can be consumed orally by women of different ages to improve their physiological health. The immunity levels are raised and a woman is less likely to get infected with bacterial and yeast infections. Composed of zinc, vitamins, herbal extracts and other natural ingredients, Femanol not only treats vaginal infections but it also prevents them from occurring further.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Femanol?

All ingredients present in Femanol formula help to fight for vaginal infections. The ingredients are clinically tested and approved to be effective for treating vaginal infections and immunity problems. The list of ingredients is as follows:

  • Thiamin (Vitamin B-1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2)
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5)
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Biotin
  • Neem Bark Extract
  • Beta 1,3 D-glucan
  • Garlic Deodorized 10:1
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus

What Are The Advantages Of Femanol?

Femanol is a Feminine product that helps to eliminate and prevent fishy vaginal odor caused due to infections. Along with this Femanol have many other health benefits too. Other benefits of Femanol are listed below:

  • It controls the bad breath and improves your overall wellbeing.
  • Femanol brings your cholesterol level under control and supports a healthy cholesterol level.
  • It improves immunity against various infections cause to harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • It prevents stomach and intestinal problems like gas, bloating and relief from flatulence.
  • Femanol improves the quality of your nails and hair and makes them stronger.
  • It helps in losing weight.
  • Femanol prevents irritable bowel movements.

How Does Femanol Work?

Femanol is a Feminine supplement which is composed of all natural herbal elements that work altogether to raise your immunity level and helps to restore your body’s lactobacilli. You will notice an improvement in your overall health and feel younger once you add this supplement as a part of our daily routine. The quality of your hair and nail growth also improves as this supplement contains Vitamin B in it. The symptoms of bad breath, flatulence, and bad cholesterol are also kept under control.

Femanol Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
·         Femanol is one of the effective supplements that do not only treat vaginal infections, in fact, it prevents them from occurring again.

·         This supplement helps to improve the overall well-being of a woman.

·         It improves your immunity level. You are less likely to get infected by viruses and bacteria. Moreover, the healthy bacteria inside Femanol treat lactose intolerance and flatulence.

·         The quality of nails and hair growth is improved.

·         Femanol helps in the treatment of vaginal infections and helps to maintain a healthy vaginal odor.

·         Femanol is Gluten free.

·         The dosage may vary from person to person as it takes different amounts for every individual to show the results.

·         If on one hand adding this supplement as a part of your daily routine is healthy then, on the other hand, it becomes highly addictive and its efficiency starts decreasing over time.

·          Getting a prescription for using Femanol is a must as it may react with other medicines if you are using.


What Are The Customer Reviews About The Product?

Femanol has been reviewed positively by so many females as it has helped them to cure yeast and bacterial infections that produce foul smell in body and vagina. Some of the positive reviews by the customers are as follows:

Customer 1: “This stuff saved my life! I’ve suffered from BV for years! Nothing has ever helped! Till I tried this! Started taking it last week and already feel like a new woman! Amazing! Worth every penny!”

Customer 2: “My mom loves this product fast shipping excellent product equal happy customer.”

What Is The Recommended Dosage For Femanol?

The recommended dosage for Femanol is one capsule twice a day. One must drink plenty of water if taking these capsules as it helps them to dissolve better once they enter your system. The supplement even doesn’t harm if the dosage exceeds. The effects vary from person to person and dosage may be increased if does not show results with the dosage of two capsules a day. The regular usage of this supplement can give you optimum results and you can permanently get rid of vaginal infections.

Femanol Review Summary

Femanol is a supplement that helps women to cure their vaginal infections and bad odor caused due to it. The supplement provides these all health benefits by increasing immunity levels so that a woman is less likely to get infected by hormonal changes, bacterial and vaginal infections. It is composed of natural and herbal ingredients which are tested clinically and approved. Adding this supplement as a part of your daily routine will not only boost a women’s internal health but also this supplement improves physical appearance by providing an anti-aging effect.


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