Fermented Green Supreme Food – Enjoy Healthy and Content Life!

A Good healthy life is very important in order to achieve different daily tasks, a good health will make you do maximum work in short period of time if you are looking for improved overall health then fermented green supreme food is a solution to your problem, it is formulated by Dr. don Colbert and is manufactured by divine health they are known for their quality products.

It is a green drink powder supplement that helps you in boosting good health this supplement will not only remove the apparent sickness from your body but will also combat the hidden diseases within your body.

About this product

It is a product that comprises of 10 organic vegetables and five organic grasses, it is the only health supplement that enhances your health, boost your immune system and remove all the toxins from your body it is formulated and prepared from high level of ingredients that are easily digestible. Fermented green supreme food enhances good bacteria in your body, each scoop of this mixture contains anti oxidants which are equal to six serving of organic vegetables.

It is a smart blend of pro biotic, digestive enzymes, vegetables and fermented grass. It passes through proper procedure of fermentation which improves human digestive system all the ingredients in this mixture are very much organic no signs of gluten, soy or dairy could be found because it is not genetically modified. Ingredients are dried through a slow process so that the nutrition value is not lost more over the taste is pleasant too unlike other products it does not give you bitter taste.

How does fermented green supreme food work?

Since fermented green supreme food is composed of fermented vegetables, which help in digestion with minerals, anti oxidants, vitamins and enzymes. This mixture purify the system inside you and provide you with nutrition which your body needs on daily basis like ‘vitamin A’ for everyday requirement of your body it’s a natural combination of vegetables like arytenoids, carrots, parsley and complex enzymes which stimulates chemical enzymes in organic substances, all ingredients are organic having five fifty mgs of pro biotic which make this supplement very beneficial for health.

Nutritional components


These compounds are very essential for well being of body , it multiply micro organisms that are beneficial for body, it has so many positive effects on immune system it also is very helpful in regulating blood pressure in body.


It contains a solid part of fiber and it is present in the form of heart healthy flax and acacia gum, it is consider among good fiber and it is eighty percent soluble in water.


It helps in boosting and improving digestive system these probiotics  are microorganisms which are ingested while they are alive it combats against micro organisms that cause damage within the body, insulin and lactobacillus are also present  in this product and these are responsible which helps in protection of tissues and organs which further prevents diseases along with these digestive enzymes, that are present and is very useful in digestion of fats and proteins  moreover these compounds are also responsible for the process which stimulates weight loss, natural sweetness is added to this product to enhance the flavor like citric acid and stevia


Basically six (6) herbs which are rich in anti oxidants are present in this product which is used for energy production, cleansing and fat burning, some of them are milk, thistle, rosemary, green tea, cinnamon powder, licorice root which are all organic.


Enzymes like lactose, cellulite, amylase, and lipase are present.


–  With the help of green it boost your energy and digestive enzymes

– It will stabilize the dangerous radicals in the body

– It has pro biotics that cure digestive system

– It is taken just once in a day

– It increases your glucose level and helps in reduction of weight

– It detoxify whole body with powerful ingredients like chlorophyll, wheat grass, chlorella and spiruline

– This supplement helps you in giving you health for long life

– It is affordable by everyone it is cost effective

– It’s very easy and simple to use

– It supports health of liver

– It provides nourishment to your cells

– It detoxify body which protects you from many further diseases

– It stimulates weight loss

– It fights free radicals

Dietary needs
– Gluten free
– GMO free
– Organic product
– soy free
– rice free
– vegetarian product


Mix one scoop with your favorite juice, rice beverage or water in 4-8 oz container shake it well until the texture and smooth consistency is achieved. It is suggested to take 30 minutes before a meal.


– It is not for people who are below 18 years of age and pregnant
– This mixture to be stored in cool and dry place
– Excess and over dosage should be avoided
– Package should not be accepted if the seal is broken
– You must consult a physician for taking it if you are already on some other medication
Is this a spam?

There are so many spam’s in the market which pops up with offers every other day and guarantees good health in just matter of few days by giving various dozes of heavy pills which has so many side effects on body and overall system, so  fermented green supreme food actually works well for health it does not only improves digestion but also helps you in maintain your wait along with overall improved health and on the brighter side it will spare your time and money which you have to spend in order to get appointments from doctors.

Where to buy fermented green supreme food?

It is available on the official website which costs $37 per canister which makes it roughly $1.25 per serving  however you can save your money the price goes down to $1.07 if you buy 3 canisters and if you purchase 5 it goes down to $95.

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