Folliplex Review – Is it Scam or Legit?


Hair loss is more of a social problem than of a medical one so it can be quite a traumatic experience for many people psychologically. But thanks to the raging technology and wigs you can still remain to feel ok about yourself. All you need to do is find a simple fix for hair fall and follow it religiously till you grow back those desirable tresses.

One thing should be kept in consideration that hair loss cannot always be permanent. According to the American Hair Loss Association, hair maintains a cycle of growth. A hair follicle lasts up to two years then rests for two months and then start to regrow. Every person loses some hair daily as a part of the regrowth system in order to remain strong and fresh.

Sometimes, a hair follicle lacks the force to maintain the regular cycle of growing. This may occur as a result of some illness, adverse effect of a medicine, age, stress etc. Hair loss can also be a sign of malnutrition especially iron deficiency can trigger the follicle to weaken and as a result, fall out frequently. So fulfill your body’s need for all basic nutrients according to your age, weight, and height.

Hair loss issue can also be solved by altering a diet plan that contains Vitamin A and E rich foods. These elements encourage healthy hair growth. Eat walnuts, olive oil, fish oil or supplements by Folliplex to grow stronger hair.


Folliplex is a treatment you can use to prevent baldness and regrow lost hair. But in order for the treatment to be fully functional and beneficial, you need to follow all the given instructions. Folliplex offers hair loss treatments in the form a serum and capsules. It combats thinning of hair to make them healthier, stronger and thicker.

Hair fall often starts to hurt a person’s self-esteem by feeling belittled in front of friends and relatives. It sends us in a dark place of always fretting about how the other person may see us. Folliplex helps with manufacturing hair loss products that are designed to naturally prevent hair fall, regrow and strengthen it from root to tip. Folliplex advises users to use products to accomplish hair regrowth goal.

FolliPlex Max Hair Growth

It is specifically formulated for men, aimed to activate hair growth. It contains clinically proven elements that block DHT to prevent hair from falling. It revitalizes hair follicles by regulating the flow of blood and replenishes nutrients in the scalp. The manufacturer recommends a dosage of two capsules every day for desired results.

FolliPlex Pro Serum

This solution comes in topical form aimed to prevent hair fall by preventing DHT from developing and widening hair follicles. It uses natural ingredients that are all clinically tested to promote fuller, thicker and stronger hair growth. Apply it directly to the scalp by massaging deeply in circular motions for five times in a week.

How effective is FolliPlex Hair Loss Treatment?

The company’s website contains no information about the ingredients so it is hard to determine the effectiveness of the products. Folliplex hair growth formula is manufactured by a UK based company AvantGarde Wellness.

It claims to help men in their battle against hair fall. It promises to stop hair fall, stimulate new hair follicles, increase volume, replenish all lost nutrients and refurbish hair inside out.

Does FolliPlex Hair Loss Treatment Really Work?

Folliplex claims to use all natural ingredients instead of synthetic elements, drugs or chemicals. FolliPlex Pro Serum intends to prevent hair loss and help grow thicker, fuller and stronger hair by widening hair follicles, blocking the enzymes that cause formulation of DHT and address early stage hair loss.

FolliPlex Max Hair Growth designed and formulated specifically for men. The website states that it destroys DHT, revitalizes hair follicle growth, enhances blood flow, and replenishes lost nutrients in your scalp.

Unfortunately, the website does not deliver any information regarding the ingredients or expected side effects. It is only mentioned that the formulations are all based on natural ingredients that are “clinically proven” to promote hair growth. However, there is insufficient information that can prove all these claims.

FolliPlex comes in both a capsule form named ‘Max Hair Growth’ and a spray form named ‘Pro Serum’. The capsules are specifically formulated for men that are already facing baldness and need to regrow all lost hair, whereas the spray as said on the website “attacks hair loss at the early stages.” The main role of both products is to get rid of excess DHT.

The Folliplex Website lists,

FolliPlex is the result of a clinical study that has reported to help 94% users who agreed that FolliPlex slowed hair loss, 86% said it regrew hair, and 90% of users were satisfied with the results. But what keeps us in the dark is the fact that these statistics do not seem to be backed by science and there is no clinical evidence provided as yet.

Pricing and Refund Policy

The FolliPlex website currently does not provide any pricing information, nor does it provide a list of websites or retailers that sell their products. Though what the website seems to offer is the return and refund policy. It says that the customers can openly return their products within 30 days in case of any kind of dissatisfaction.

As long as only a single bottle has been opened and the rest of the bottles remain unopened but the ones bought in bulk are considered final purchases. But even the details regarding the process of how and where to return and get your purchase refunded are not given.

Customer Service and Contact Details

Customers who need to contact the Customer Service Department regarding any questions, concerns, or complaints can email at or submit the query directly to the official website through the given ‘Contact Us’ link.

Bottom Line: Will FolliPlex Help With the hair fall?

Unfortunately, we are forced here to say this that the product is highly doubtful because no such evidence has been provided on the website about the ingredients used or its mechanism behind. The statistical figures also seem self-made so it is a blind experience that one has to go for in order to check whether the product works to regrow hair or prevent the hair fall in future.


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