Food Forensics – The Book Review

From past 75 years, USA has manufactured many new chemicals for hospitals, personal care products, business, homes, schools, and agriculture. But unfortunately, it contaminates our conventional food, tap water, and allopathic medicines. Many of the chemicals in certain industries go completely unchecked, unlabeled, and untested. The ingredient list on the food is so long that people mostly don’t know that whether they are synthetic preservatives, toxic herbicides, chemical-based pesticides, cancer-causing food dyes, artificial sweeteners, concentrated salts, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, central nervous system disrupters or deadly artificial ingredients. Mike Adams, also known as Health Ranger uses instruments to detect heavy metal toxins, dangerous herbicides and even pesticides in foods, cigarettes, tap water, and vaccine. These toxic metals may include cadmium, mercury, uranium, arsenic, aluminum, lead and even tungsten.

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In this new book, Mike Adam spread the truth that US regulatory agencies do not do their jobs properly of guarding food, water, and medicines. He is an outspoken consumer health advocate. Moreover, he is an award-winning investigative journalist, science lab director, and an internet activist, who has revealed his research to the public. Every true information, which is gathered for years, is present in is a book. This information blows the lid off the big pharmaceutical and big food industries and their hideous ways of polluting the country and the health of the people.

Mike is also a director of Natural News Store. In this aspect, he helps to formulate nutritional products, access the raw materials for quality, examine ingredient carefully to look for heavy metals. He looks for toxins down to parts per million and per billion.

For more than three years, Mike has spent countless hours in his lab in central Texas making health discoveries and patent inventions. He further reveals that the unprocessed food has the natural ability to retain toxic heavy metals during digestion, and prevents the metal from being absorbed by the body. The discovery that Mike made is named Metal Retention Factor (MRF). This blows the lid off the assumption that many scientists made that all the foods fully broken down during digestion. This research shows that herbs, food, and even dietary supplements retain a percentage of each toxic element. The discovery of MRF means that we must all carefully examine rice proteins, liquid minerals, and protein powder supplements to be sure that they are not contaminated with the heavy metals and toxic elements. Even some certified foods are often replete with heavy toxins. He further has summarized this in his book.

Mike has discovered something new, which is now termed as Metal Capturing Capacity (MCC). It is the ability of the given food or dietary supplements to capture the toxic substances like cadmium, lead, cesium-137 or mercury.

Adam states that his personal life’s mission is to protect the diversity of life in the universe. The medical system of America and non-profit chemical agriculture are highly destructive to human civilization. Moreover, the media promotes the symptoms of diseases instead of addressing the root cause and treatment of diseases and disorder. The author feels that it is his responsibility to expose the heavy and chemical metal toxins that are lurking in foods, supplements, protein powders, vaccines, water and much more.

The book promotes defensive eating and avoids chemical contaminants. In this book, The Health Rangers advises that every US household should be equipped with water filtration devices due to the bad quality of municipal water. He also has checked the commercial waters filter but found out that there was no toxic present in it. The toxic in the water enters when it passes through pipes that reach your home. The toxic metal that enters through the pipes is mostly chloramines. It is a carcinogenic chemical compound.

This book also tells us that how to detoxify the body from heavy metals like lead, mercury, tungsten, cadmium and aluminum. Mike has documented in his book that there are many organic foods that are high in toxic elements. Some of the corporations state on their labels that their food is “cleaner”. But it is not. Moreover, some label also states “all natural”. The question is, do you really think it is all natural when you are not even testing toxic metals in your foods? This book of Health Rangers is the most reliable and comprehensive source on the earth right now.

Mike, in his book Food Forensic-Foods, that harm and foods that heal, he is very doubtful of the food stuff that is imported from China, India, and Thailand. Most spices that are imported from India are contaminated with lead. The agriculture sector of China is highly contaminated with toxic metals because of the vast industries that pollute the agricultural sector. Food that is grown in US is mostly free from the high amount of heavy elements. But still, they are tested now for lead, fluoride, and aluminum.

The data that is published in this book is so easy to understand even for a layman who wants to the level of poison in the food we eat in our daily life. The ratings are published like a graded paper in the school or college. These are the concentration of cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic shown below that are “accepted” in our foods.

Verified A+++

Lead 0.025 ppm

Cadmium 0.1 ppm

Arsenic 0.62ppm

Mercury 0.006 ppm

Verified A++

Lead 0.05 ppm

Cadmium 0.25 ppm

Arsenic 1.25 ppm

Mercury 0.012 ppm

Verified A+

Lead 0.12 ppm

Cadmium 0.5 ppm

Arsenic 2.5 ppm

Mercury 0.025 ppm

Verified A

Lead 0.25 ppm

Cadmium 1 ppm

Arsenic 5 ppm

Mercury 0.050 ppm

Verified B

Lead 0.5 ppm

Cadmium 2 ppm

Arsenic 10.0 ppm

Mercury 0.1 ppm

Verified C

Lead 1 ppm

Cadmium 4 ppm

Arsenic 20.0 ppm

Mercury 0.2 ppm

Verified D

Lead 2 ppm

Cadmium 8 ppm

Arsenic 40.0 ppm

Mercury 0.4 ppm

This is the inside view of the data. It is just like being in the lab and investigating the results ourselves. The Health Ranger is very honest company and publishes its results honestly. He explains the science behind the science.  He gives awareness to the people who have no idea that what poison they are consuming from their daily intake. This book can help the citizens to defend themselves from the toxic elements and heavy metals hidden in the food right away.

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