Food4Patriots- A Food Kit For Emergencies

Modern world is going through difficult phase. Whether it is a natural disastrous or human induced wars which set up an emergency situation. In case of such emergencies, there are three basic things required by any person. First and above all is shelter. Shelter is the most basic requirement in any season. Second most thing is water to consume and cleaning. Dehydration might be a problem in an emergency situation.

These two things are most commonly described by anyone for being the most essential. They will immediately rush to a safe place and find water nearby. The third most important thing which people would acquire is food. This is obvious that a person would need food to survive in a harsh situation. The problem is that not everyone can go to a grocery store before a disaster. The abrupt need of food will not give a chance to make anyone ready for any catastrophe. While waiting the extremity to go, the food should be sufficient for many days. Less or no food will eventually make a person lethargic and finally ill.

Food4Patriots are emergency kits which provide food which can be used anywhere, anytime. The latest technology which has been used to formulate this has claimed this to be eatable up to 25 years. For an emergency situation, this is a best solution to take.

Details About Food4Patriots

Food4Patriots claims to be the perfect solution for a food supply to pass a difficult phase. It is a distributer of the finest quality survival food kits. They are easy to carry, store and eat. The thing which makes it the best choice is that the quality is above average. The food kit may last from 3 days to many years. The taste and quality doesn’t turn worse. The company claims these kits to be effective for 20-25 years. This is the highest shelf life claimed by any manufacture up till now. This is way more effective than any other commercial health booster which only gives a temporary relief.

How Is Food4Patriots Helpful?

There are so many food supplements available in the market but Food4Patriots is different from all. First reason which makes it unique is that its manufacturers are USA based, which is not an ordinary company. It has a leading name Patriot Health Alliance which is popular worldwide.  As compared to the other world, US has maintained a high standard of food manufacturing, packaging and quality.

The trust which US companies have gained is matchless which makes the quality of these products of high end. Second things which ensures the trust of consumers is the finest quality of ingredients. The food is not only fresh but also tasty. Food4Patriots assure the deliciousness of the quality, whether used immediately or after a few years. The ingredients are natural and risk free. No chemicals are used in their processing’s.

Most of the manufacturers uses freeze drying technique to prolong the shelf life of their product. The freezing could be either physically or chemically. This freezing technique gives the food a chalky texture which doesn’t taste good. Additives and chemicals make it more worse. Food4Patriots doesn’t use this freezing technology.

It uses an alternative slow heating dehydration process after which it is packaged in  Myler packaging. Myler packaging is highly effective method which maintains the taste and food quality intact for years. This packaging is unobtrusive and easy to store. They are small in size and doesn’t require larger spaces.  An additional benefit is that it provides all three meals of the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all three meals with unique recipes are available in this kit.

Food Options For Food4Patriots Kit

According to the need of every consumer, Food4Patriots promises varied food kit options. It has basically three supply options. Every option has a different food option with bonus which is summarized below. All the options come with free shipping on all orders.

Menu, pricing and details

Option 1

One week – 16 servings for $67 ($10 per day)

Included Food Items

— Lumberjack Vegetable Beef Stew (4)
— Blue Ribbon Chicken Cheesy Rice (4)
— Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup (4)
— Traveler’s Stew (4)

Option 2

One month supply- 104 servings for $197 ($7 per day)

Included Food Items

— Apple Orchard Oatmeal (16)
— Mountain Man Granola (16)
— Powdered Milk (8)
— Lumberjack Vegetable Beef Stew (8)
— Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup (8)
— Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup (8)
— Broccoli & Cheese Soup (8)
— Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes (8)
— Blue Ribbon Cheesy Chicken Rice (8)
— Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup (8)
— Traveler’s Stew (8)
— Southwest Enchilada Soup (8)
— Frank’s Five Star Minestrone Soup (4)

Option three

Three months food supply- 365 servings for $497 ($5 per day)

Included Food Items:

— Apple Orchard Oatmeal (40)
— Mountain Man Granola (40)
— Powdered Milk (32)
— Broccoli & Cheese Soup (24)
— Traveler’s Stew (24)
— Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup (24)
— Summer’s Best Corn Chowder (24)
— Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup (24)
— Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup (20)
— Southwest Enchilada Soup (16)
— Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes (16)
— Mixed Fruit Blend (16)
— Creamy Beef Stroganoff (12)
— Louisiana Au Gratin Potatoes (12)
— Blue Ribbon Cheesy Chicken Rice (12)
— Frank’s Five Star Minestrone Soup (8)
— Creamy Chicken Alfredo (8)
— White Cheddar Pasta (8)
— Ol’ 49ers Hearty Chili (4)

Bonus E-books

The meals come with bonus e-books which are as following.

Top 10 Items Sold After A Crisis

The most essential items to hold during and after a crisis’s list so that you can pay attention to them.

A Water Survival Guide

A guideline to search water, store and utilizing it.

How To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

This guide will give you tips and life hacks to get the items in best price which are subjected to increase in an emergency situation. Additionally, Food4Patriots sends a free survival tool and free seed vault with every order.

Food4Patriots- Is This For You?

Food4Patriots guarantees the users with two things. One is the satisfaction guarantee which works after order if a user is not satisfied with the product and thinks he should not use it. He can return the product within 60 days of purchase with a full refund. There are no hidden charges and terms for the returns.

The second guarantee is that if a user opens the food package and found the product in a bad taste, texture or quality, Food4Patriots will refund thrice the amount of your package option. Since the quality is not compromised, Food4Patriots is always ready to take bold steps for improvement. So the guarantee is not 100%  but 300% for good 25 years after purchasing the order.

This is the most promising guarantee offer by any company any one can find. The confidence of the manufacturer makes the product a good choice to take. The orders can be made through the official website only. It is not available on Amazon, Walmart or anywhere else. For the genuine product, order through the official website only.


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