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Foot Medix from DermalMedix Review – Legit or scam?


Foot medix is a topical solution that can strengthen skin and stimulate the new growth, increase circulation. This product is formulated by Dr. David Watson, MD at Dermal Medix. This product is aimed at restoring and protecting severely cracked dry and painful feet.

In order to do this, Dermal Medix claims that the Foot Medix have the active ingredients including the noble prize winner ingredient that is human epidermal growth factor (hEGf). It provides the rapid healing and deep moisturization and keeps perspiration away from the skin.

The manufacturer also claims that all the ingredients will start working in just five minutes regardless of your age.

According to the firm, all you have to do is to apply FootMedix to the dry and clean feet two times a day. You must focus on the dry and damaged areas. The results of this cream may vary from person to person. Usually, people notice the difference within minutes of their first use.

If you think just because this cream is manufactured by a doctor so you experience high price, this is all wrong. Let’s take a look at the facts of this product.

What causes dry skin and calluses?

Calluses are the built up of flat hard skin. It is usually located on the bottom of the hands and feet. It is caused by the repeated friction or pressure in a particular area. Calluses are different from corns. Corn is typically a softcore that falls inward.

Dry skin that people usually have is because of the environmental factors like weather, humidity level, hot showers and many other factors can lead to cause calluses to become uncomfortable.

Generally, calluses can be more uncomfortable when they will be in contact without a tight shoe, adding pads if needed. This product uses the salicylic acid to soften the calluses and removing with the pumice stone and much more.

Even in some severe cases, you might need to visit your podiatrist for the removal of calluses professionally or to buy the specialized orthotics that can help to prevent the calluses from getting worse. Thus, this relieves at least some measures of discomfort.

From the moisturization perspective, American Academy of Dermatology does not recommend excessive hot baths or showers. It also doesn’t recommend to use any gentle, fragrance-free cleansers, or applying an ointment or cream (other than lotion) immediately after bathing or using a humidifier at home, particularly during the season of winter when the heat can dry out skin.


Ingredients found in FootMedix

According to the official website of this product, Foot Medix claims to have the following ingredients;

Water, glycerine, Emulsifying wax NF, Glycine Soja (soya bean) oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter) Dimethicone, Alcohol, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Cetearyl alcohol, Glyceryl  Stearate, Propylene Glycol, PEG-100 Stearate, PEG-8, PEG-40 Stearate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Clotrimazole, Panthenol, Human oligopeptides, Caprylyl Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Disodium EDTA, Melaleuca Alternifolia ( tea tree) leaf oil, Triethanolamine.  

Of these, a number of ingredients work as a humectant, surfactant, emulsifier, and cleaning agents. They help to clean your skin and to trap moisture by improving the symptoms of dry skin and irritation.

Clotrimazole is used in the creams to encounter fungal skin infections, like jock itch and athlete’s foot. Tea tree oil works the same.

Amarte Skincare defines human epidermal growth factor (hEGf) to work as:

a small peptide of 53 amino acids that works as a cytokine to boost epidermal cell growth and proliferation. This peptide is extracted from non-human sources using the DNA biotechnology. It is also known as EGF or epidermal growth factor.  

Dermal Medix claims that in the clinical trials of Foot Medix, that is conducted by Dr. Watts, the users experience 100% positive results in feet calluses and dry skin. And 96% of the users report the working of this product as “phenomenal”.

Does it have any side effects? 

You won’t experiment anything worse with Foot Medix other than mild, temporary redness on the area of application if you have a sensitive skin. However, about PEG-100 Sterare, PEG-8 and PEG-40 Sterate, it is said in Truth in Aging:

The formulas and products that contain PEGs should not be applied on the irritated or broken skin. Although it is safe to use but studies show that patients suffering from skin burns should avoid the use to prevent irritation.

How much does it cost?

This product is available on its official website and also on some other websites. The price of this depends on the website from where you purchase. For instance, on their Funnel Order page, you’ll pay the following prices:

  • 1 bottle: $49+$4.95 for shipping and handling
  • 2 bottles: $86
  • 3 bottles: $120

Contrary to this, if you order this product on their official website, you’ll pay:

  • 1 tube: $120
  • 2 tubes: $228
  • 3 tubes: $324

All of these comes with the free shipping and handling.

Dermal Medix provides a 90-day risk-free guarantee on Foot Medix purchase with less S&H charges. You can also call on their customer service number at 800-425-0243 or email at [email protected] for any queries.

Final verdict

Calluses can cause a great deal of discomfort and can also become a cause of concern under the right circumstances. And all of us experience dry and itchy skin at times. Foot medix is believed to moisturize your dry skin and soften the calluses in order to reduce the discomfort that they cause. If you are willing to remove the hard flat skin from feet making it hydrated, then this product is perfect for you




  1. You can make it yourself. Just add a few drops of good tea tree oil to some organic shea butter. A little coconut oil is nice. All you need. It works and costs WAY less than this chemical stew pot.

    • You are right on…. good call,
      how can you tell if a tea tree oil is good or not so good?
      Any brand or specific thing to look for?

      • Jen, Find yourself a quality, clinical grade, cell active, permeable essential oil brand. My personal preference is Ameo tea tree. You can typically find it on Amazon.

    • You would also want to add a humectant such as organic vegetable glycerine and that would give you a decent home made skin cream that would be effective for most people with simply dry but otherwise normal skin. However, for those truly suffering from chronic severe painful calluses that crack and bleed, making it almost impossible to walk and for which nothing else has worked – your home made concoction is not going to work either.
      For many years I’ve been getting deep fissures on my heels and the sides of my big toes (and my finger tips too) that are so painful I can barely walk and I’ve tried EVERYTHING – every home made remedy, every oil, butter or salve that came along and every product on the market – the best of them give just very temporary softening of the skin – no real relief, no healing. I believe the dimethicone in footmedix is a big part of what makes it so effective as it seals the other humectants, emollients, antifungal and anti inflammatory ingredients into the skin and then acts as a barrier, protecting the skin from friction and dryness while allowing the other ingredients to stay on the skin much longer and penetrate deeper. It really does work.
      I can’t say enough about footmedix, yes it is expensive but it is so worth it, it’s the only thing that has ever worked. I was very, very skeptical before I tried it, I didn’t think anything could work as well as it claims to but I’m here to tell you it really does.

  2. Oh… and if I were making my own… I would definitely look into adding moringa oil. Excellent healer too and many many other benefits. Pentrates 7 derma layers. I get mine from greenvirginproducts.com.

  3. I am very pleased with Footmedix on my feet. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Heavy salves, bandages, files, rotor files. My feet have plagued me most of my life (67 yr.) . Deep fissures that constantly cracked, deeo peeling that caused even more problems

    I have had SLE lupus for 25 years and about 10 years ago I was given immuren. I was flaberghasted that my feet were clearing up. (I used to shread the sheets with my rough feet). Bur last year I was taken off of it and my feet started to act up again. Deep cracks that kept getting deeper. I could hardly get out of bed with cover them with heavy lotions.

    But about 3 weeks I got my first tube of Footmedix and this week I can happily and honestly say that my feet look great and the deep cracks are gone. In other words, I can freely walk again!

    I do not work for Footmedix and am very interested in getting Scarmedix.

    • I also have Lupus for over 40 years (60 yrs old) and have the same problem with my feet. I am always looking for reviews, on many websites to find independent reviews (good or bad)in order to make sure I am not “wasting” money.

      Your comment has helped a lot as I am much more comfortable ordering this product

      Thanks again

    • I myself am a retired veteran with very cracked feet, which happened after I was a military training instructor at 21 years of age (now over 60). I’ve been making lotions on my own for some years now. You can bet I’ve tried many butters and lotions and oils.

      All that said, I value the essential oils, such as Tea Tree, etc, but I believe you are missing something important, one that nearly every one of us has to address. Especially us older folks.

      MINERAL DEFICIENCIES. It’s estimated that elderly folks have 5-15% of required minerals of the required amount. Dry, cracked skin, is a clear sign of a MINERAL deficiency (not trying to make light of LUPUS or deeply cracked feet as though it doesn’t matter), my point is, solve the original problem, don’t just treat the symptoms. SOURCE: The Calcium Lie 2 — by Robert Thompson. LUPUS is thought to be dealt with by monosaccarides (prob spelled that incorrectly).

      One thing that helped me beyond belief was TOPICAL (on the skin) Magnesium 400-600 mg a day. SOARING energy, skin cleared up…much better sleep….. and so many positives I felt like a new person (see “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean because so much of what we think is normal problems are simply magnesium deficiencies). After I read “The Calcium Lie 2” and started using trace mineral elements, my skin started improving even more (try MSM, — the skin, hair, and nails mineral).

      Now, back to the Growth peptide that is helping–in the Footmedix formula. (I’m not a chemist, not a physician), but it seems as though this is an “amino acid – related” kind of thing. So, I noted with interest the Moringa testimony (I also use Moringa and really like it, but in a capsule form), so this is something I’m going to check out as well.

      Anyway, going back to the minerals, the way to find out where you are and what you need is to get a hair tissue mineral analysis and see if you can’t get a little better with mineral interventions.

      • Where can I buy this magnesium cream? I honestly believe this whole testimony, it is a lie that we need calcium…it’s another money maker for the doctors.

        • Just get the book. Or look the Dr. up on the internet. She has a couple sites.

          After posting my thoughts below. I decided to give J Capp’s advise a try. Even though this DermalMedix has done me good. I have to admit that topical magnesium and soaking my feet in epsom salt has done as much good. And it’s alot cheaper.
          I would like to thank J Capp for posting. I’m 70% though the book. Have stuff in the mail to me now.

  4. Im a male, 57. In the past have run three marathons. Talk about abusing the feet. But they were stronger and fought any callouses, etc. well.
    Two years ago, I had a fall on ice. My spine twisted. Worst at the base. Left with injury, inflammation that I have fought for two years. Spent much time resting. Off my feet. As a result, my diabetes is trying to come back, my feet have gotten bad.
    I have what they call a metatarsal extension. Also developed callouses half way on the outside of my feet. One is really bad. I cut this stuff off, literally. But has continued. Know I need to get out on my feet more for healthy feet. But with the pain. Gee… it’s tough.
    I do have some Camellia Oil. That is the tea tree oil. In the Orient, they use that stuff in different grades for everything, it seems. It’s also cooking oil. Can get complete junk in this also. I have the beauty grade. It helps, definitely.
    I decided to give this dermalmedix a try. I came here looking for info. Because this is my second day on it. I have to say it is definitely doing something. Pain is not gone. But pain is manageable. I can push myself today. Didn’t get up this morning and facing bad pain walking. Noticed getting out of my car earlier, walking in a store. Pain I experienced was in my legs. From lack of circulation. Not my feet, for once. Thank God!
    I still don’t know for sure. I am sure there is more to this than a simple mixture one can do with available oils, etc. I am open to thoughts. I can say. I’m certain, I can start pushing myself now. Push good pain, that results in rehabilitation and building up.
    Remember, I’ve run a few marathons before. Endurance runners are masochists. I know to push the good pain. Don’t be stupid and push bad pain.
    BTW: Trying to see a doctor where I live? Can’t rely on much from them. Not here.

  5. I have Lymphodemia in lower legs and feet. I am 80 years old and have had lymph. for over 20 years . We have been treating my legs with Petrolium Jelly and removal of dead skin as required. Can your product help me?

    • I don’t know if their product can help but I bet I know about something that will. Structured water aka live or energetic water. I know this for a fact, because it turned my cracked heels into baby skin. All you need is a particular shower attachment that you can buy at: 619.736.0260 (Condor Eagle Technologies). You can shower in this, or better yet, bathe in it.
      Best of luck to you <3

  6. I also have Lymphedema in my lower extremities bilaterally, including peripheral neuropathy in the extremities also, you guessed it, I am probably out of luck when it comes to my feet. I am willing to try this, it is worth it to me if it helps. I do realize it will not help the pain I experience in my feet and legs. So wish me luck

  7. I have on occasion had cracks on my heals. They are very painful no matter how small. I also have a well controlled type 2 diabetes. I have always used Desitin diaper rash cream on my heels when they crack. Apply at night, slip on socks and within 2 days, pain is gone and cracks are almost healed. If cracks are common, buy the tub of Destine. Lasts forever and costs very little.

  8. Is there a link to the article on the American Academy of Dermatology? I searched their website and got no results on “dry, cracked feet”.
    It seems odd they would say you shouldn’t use any “ointments or creams” and not to use a humidifier? A humidifier can be necessary for a lot of other reasons besides your feet. I think this article could use a lot of clarification.

  9. I certainly appreciate all the useful comments. After a devastating horse accident at age 35, that resulted in spinal cord bruising, I was left with no feeling mid-calf down bilaterally. Shoes were an issue as I could not feel pressure. I wore mostly sandals. At age 67, arthritis attacked with a vengence , and, by age 70, all my toes were curled up from neuropathy, plus I developed sores on my toes and calluses on the sides of my fallen arches. Cutting the tendons in my toes relieved the sores, creams soften the calluses and I trimed them, but they seem to become thick again very quickly. Corrective shoes just cause more problems. I just ordered Dermalmix …….will keep you posted to the results.

  10. THis product works VERY WELL…I have dry calloused feet but my son’s feet are dry and cracked….we’ve been putting the cream on and my feet are soft again. My son’s dry cracks are getting much better after only one week. After watching the video on line everything was explained and it made sense how it worked. I had to try it. You should too! Foot Medix WORKS!!


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