Beauty and skin care are highly correlated; both go hand in hand and having practiced a healthy and regular skin care regimen ensures graceful aging. Due to harsh and harmful factors in the environment our baby skin suffers wear and tear and other damages with time. This why as we age our skin loses its moisture and becomes dry and hard; fine lines start to show up and skin becomes saggy and droopy.

Good skin habits and proper skincare can slow down the harmful effects of time and environment on our skin and we may still be able to look young in our not so young years. But yes skincare regimen demands time and efforts and in our busy lives today both are hard to find. We all want the easiest solution with overnight effects. Internet today is flooded with the advertisements of numerous skin care products and technologies.

Foreo Luna is one of the latest skin care technologies that have captured much attention recently. Would Foreo Luna solve your skin related issues? Is it really the skin care technology that it claims to be? Is it really going to make your skin care regimen much more effective?

Foreo Luna is a pricey device and it is important that buyers research diligently and learn as much as they can about this gadget before carrying out an expensive experiment.


Developed by Foreo, Luna is a facial cleansing and anti-aging device. It is considered to be a breakthrough revolution in skin care. The device is a handy facial brush with delicate silicone bristles. It incorporates T-Sonic pulsations that ensure deep facial cleansing and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also tones the skin and makes if tight and firmer.

Luna by Foreo is a 2 minute and effortless skin care ritual. The manufacturers claim that with Luna’s gentle silicone bristles and 8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, I can remove 99.5% dirt and oil from the skin pores in one go, and 98.5% of make residue on the skin. Moreover, it also premises users that in just 3 days they will be able to notice visibly healthier and radiant skin, and its prolonged use will make your skin supple and youthful by fighting and delaying aging.


This unique facial cleansing brush has been specially designed to:

  • Deep And Gentle Cleansing: Improve everyday cleansing routine, making it more effective
  • Reduce Signs Of Aging: By boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines and smoothing out wrinkles.


Foreo has tailored the silicone brushes for all skin types and has launched 3 models of Luna to suit the different skin types.

  • Intricate bristles for normal skin (Blue in color)
  • Small silicone bristles for sensitive skin (Pink in color)
  • Silicone touch points for ultra sensitive skin (White in color)
  • A special version for men – LUNA MEN -is also available ( Black in color)

Be very careful while you proceed to purchase Foreo’s Luna as there are many fake copies out there.


Cleansing skin with Luna delivers 8000 T-sonic pulsations per minute, and with its tiny silicone bristles skin is thoroughly cleansed, dead skin is exfoliated and any dirt build up is cleared up. Although Foreo claims that with Luna you can wipe out 99.5% of dirt particles and oil from the pores, yet it is unclear about how long it would take to achieve those results. In a normal facial cleansing routine it takes about several weeks to clean all the dirt build up in your skin. Moreover, since this device does not come with its own facial cleanser, the results and effectiveness of Luna may greatly depend on the type and ingredients of the cleansers you use.

As far as the anti-aging potential of this device is concerned, one side of the gadget is relatively smoother and delvers pulsations at a slower rate. Foreo claims that applying these slow pulsations to the wrinkle prone areas can stimulate collagen production, which reduces fine lines and leaves skin visibly firm and tighter.


It is an easy to use device. Follow the steps given below and you can carry out the effortless skin care ritual:

  • Step 1: Wet face and apply cleanser of your choice on your face.
  • Step 2: Wet the Luna bristles and activate its cleansing mode. Now gently move Luna all over your face in circular motions for at least 1 minute.


  • Step 3: Activate Luna’s anti-aging mode and press against the wrinkle prone areas for a minute.


Luna does not have any side effects except that it demands proper handling and regular cleaning. If the device is not properly handled the silicone bristles may damage and if any of the bristle breaks it may cause scratching of the skin. Furthermore, it should be made sure that Luna is cleaned regularly otherwise bacteria can build up and that may cause skin problems.


Foreo Luna is a pricey skin care gadget and it might be difficult to afford for those with a limited skin care budget. It is available for $169 at Foreo’s official website, while other sellers are selling it for $199 and as well as near $300.

So before purchasing this expensive device you must consult a dermatologist to analyze whether Luna is worth your fortunes or not.

Moreover, we would advise that you purchase LUNA from its official websites as many other sellers in the market are selling its fake versions as well.

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