Forskolin Youth Secret review, hype or reality


Forskolin Youth Secret is a weight loss supplement containing an herbal ingredient that is claimed by the manufacturer to be most effective for dealing with the stubborn belly fat in addition to melting fat all over the body.

Though the factors behind health issues related to obesity and weight loss are different for both developing and developed nations, these have become a driving force at the rear end of weight loss industry for either region. If the weight loss were such an easy task, which could be dealt by, different methods as effectively as the manufacturer claim, the facts and figures regarding obesity and its related health issues would depict a different picture. Nevertheless, we know that is not the case and that is why weight management has molded into a complete industry where numerous products are commercialized every day. Where some products address the issue to some extent, others are plain bogus that make use of only theoretical information to sell their products that are devoid of delivering the results.

Forskolin Youth Secret, from its name, first appears to be some kind of skin care product of anti-aging line but it actually represents the array of weight loss products. What it is, how does it tackle the weight loss issue and how effectively it achieves its claims, the following review will shed some light on it.

The deal about Forskolin Youth Secret

Herbal medicine has a place in the therapeutic world since the existence of humanity and disease. With the advent of conventional and modern medicine, this status may have been overshadowed by latest research but owing to the fact that side effects tag along with the conventional therapy, modern research has taken a turn towards the world of herbs and plants again to find answers to many medicinal problems. A great example of it is the chemical constituents found in marijuana that is being researched for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Though weight management is not a medical issue, failure to achieve it leads towards the same direction. That is why we observe that weight management and fat loss therapies have shifted their focus of research towards chemical constituents of plant origin. The formula behind Forskolin Youth Secret is based on herbal base that claims to deliver its results without any side effects. Some of the claims made by the manufacturer of Forskolin Youth Secret are

  • Burns fat at cellular level
  • Increases the secretion of fat enzyme, lipase and thus accelerates fat metabolism
  • Accelerates thermogenesis and revs up the metabolic rate
  • Utilizes the fat stores as energy fuel and builds up the energy levels
  • Fat loss achieved without any exercise or dieting rituals

It is important to note that fat loss and weight loss are entirely different processes. Weight loss can be achieved by simply restricting your diet for few days and a healthy individual will experience the results but they are temporary. For a lasting solution to weight management, you need to actually lose fat stores in the body but that is a process not too simple. Forskolin Youth Secret is acclaimed for actual fat loss with lasting results.

Let us have a look at the ingredients of the Forskolin Youth Secret to know it’s working.

What does Forskolin Youth Secret contain?

According to the manufacturer of Forskolin Youth Secret, the product is composed of all natural ingredients of herbal origin (a 100%). Derived from the family of mint plant, Forskolin seems to be the latest fad in fat loss that enables the meltdown of fat without any rigorous exercise or diet control.

What is Forskolin?

According to WebMD, Forskolin is extracted from the root of a plant belonging to the mint family that grows widely in Thailand, Nepal, and India. It is a traditional component of Ayurvedic medicine.

Forskolin extract is widely used in herbal medicine for a variety of conditions but clear evidence for its role as a fat loss supplement is still under test and trial. According to some evidence presented by Dr. Josh Axe,

“The first human research on its effects on weight loss was conducted in 2005 on 30 overweight or obese men by the University of Kansas. This 12-week study involved each man taking either a placebo or 250 milligrams of a 10 percent forskolin extract orally two times each day.”


“Later that year, a second human study conducted at Baylor University and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition was conducted with 23 mildly overweight women. They were given the same dosage as the men in the first study, also for a 12-week period.”


While the former study revealed some effects on fat loss in men, no significant results were observed from the latter study in women. Scientists concluded that if Forskolin did not help in fat loss, it definitely aided in halting fat accumulation.


Then what about the craze over Forskolin and how does it exerts fat loss in individuals who are reporting it? The answer comes from the following rat study:


Referring to an article published by Dr. Josh Axe, a case-control study was conducted on rats in 2014 where Forskolin was administered to 50 female rats over a course of 10 weeks and the results indicated that Forskolin accelerated lipolysis ( fat breakdown), and inhibited weight gain by increasing the cAMP levels.

Now what is cAMP and how does it help in managing fat loss?

 cAMP acts as a messenger in various cellular processes and Forskolin increases the cAMP levels by activating adenylate cyclase. The cAMP has many roles to play, some important ones regarding weight management are

  • Used for intracellular signal transport
  • Helps to transfer the effects of adrenaline and glucagon into the cells ( important for metabolism)
  • cAMP stimulates lipolysis
  • regulates thyroid functions
  • decreases Leptin levels ( a hormone that suppresses appetite and promotes energy expenditure)
  • Reduced levels of cAMP are associated with obesity, asthma, hypertension, and angina

In addition to its effects on Camp, Forskolin also boosts the levels of protein kinase, which in turn activates hormone-sensitive lipase that is directly involved in triglyceride breakdown (building blocks of fat).

Thus the combined actions of

  • Thyroid hormone regulation
  • cAMP-stimulated lipolysis
  • protein kinase stimulated lipolysis
  • metabolism boosting effects of adrenaline
  • appetite regulation by Leptin ( stimulated by cAMP)

Exerted by Forskolin extract help manage weight loss along with fat loss.

The specific claim made by the manufacturer of Forskolin about ‘melting the belly fat’ could not get any backing evidence, but if you are losing fat in your body elsewhere, belly fat (minus the cellulite) is sure to be affected too. If you are not consuming too much of processed food, then with the lipolytic process stimulated by Forskolin, one would not require much of exercise to burn the extra calories either.

Side effects of Forskolin

According to WebMD, Forskolin extract may cause

  • low blood pressure,
  • rapid heart rate,
  • respiratory irritations,
  • cough, and
  • headache and so on.

People taking blood thinners, blood pressure medicine, and anti-platelet drugs should not be taking Forskolin. Individuals with kidney issues and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking any product with Forskolin. 

The cost of Forskolin Youth Secret and availability

The cost of the product is not available on their official web page, however, if you proceed to order, you will surely get all the details. Forskolin Youth Secret is available only on their official website.

Our final say on Forskolin Youth Secret     

We have tried to present facts about Forskolin extract, which is the primary and sole ingredient of Forskolin Youth Secret. Available research about Forskolin and how it brings about fat loss in the human body are presented for customer’s know how.

However, the manufacturer of the Forskolin Youth Secret seems to cite the already available research about Forskolin extract for their product. Furthermore, their specific product is not independently tested for effectiveness or compared with other products (containing the same ingredient) by any third party or laboratory.

The manufacturer of Forskolin Youth secret attributes their product to be made in the US under a cGMP certified FDA approved facility. They further elaborate their claims that their product is devoid of any fillers and chemicals and that is a plus for any product.

Finally, the manufacturer of Forskolin Youth Secret do not mention any side effects of the product or any cautious advice for the consumers, only a disclaimer in this regard is not sufficient for valuable customers when an ingredient is known to have potentially dangerous side effects and drug interactions. Forskolin extract has no established dose yet for weight loss purpose either.

The testimonials on the official web page are positive (for the obvious commercial reason) but independent customer reviews are varied, with some of them reporting expected results achieved while others not satisfied at all. 

According to Dr. Josh Axe, there are many commercially available products that claim to deliver the purest of Forskolin extract while their product is everything but bragged about. This review places the Forskolin Youth Secret at a status that requires a cautious approach.






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