French Wine for a Flat Belly – Simple Yet Incredible Way of Weight Loss

It must have appeared as an oxymoron because wine and flat belly can’t come together. But this fitness guide by Thomas Newman, “French Wine for a Flat belly” is the easiest yet effective way of losing tons of excess weight. It will be quite amazing for those who loves French wine already. The guide will explain in detail how it can miraculously work for your stubborn fat deposits you had been yearning to get rid of for years.

What is French Wine for Flat Belly?

We have seen people facing trouble in the battle of weight loss through years yet don’t seem to drop those extra pounds. It’s obviously tough to follow a strict diet plan or go through strenuous workouts and sweat your heart out and yet not attaining your weight goals.

Keeping track of calorie count of everything you eat and drink is not always possible. In addition to that, each meal does contain some amount of sugar and carbs that accelerate the process of storing fat into the body.

The secret of French wine will help you lose weight without leaving your favorite foods behind. It does not ask you for any physical exercise or workout. Remember there is no recommendation of supplement or drug involved in the program. This breakthrough yet controversial discovery has broken the news on all major social media channels and networks.

The shocking metabolic connection between French wine and weight has been verified according to the official website by Oracle State University and Washington State and has been published in the International Journal of Obesity. It has been approved that the simple ingredient of French wine can

According to the manufacturers, if you stick to the program the weight loss course works overnight as well. You lose tons of excess weight within a month by getting rid of all the additional pounds around your belly, thighs, and hips. The areas you thought would never melt away would be toned down to the slim and trim structure you always dreamt of.

The program “French Wine for Flat Belly” is for both male and female. No matter what age bracket you are in, if you want to be in the best shape, French wine is your resort. Also, the program is not only for those who are suffering from obesity. Even if you want to lose just a pound, you can still use it.

How French Wine for Flat Belly Works for You:

French wine is made from grapes that are rich in those antioxidants, which contributes greatly in breaking down of bad fat cells in our body. It also has polyphenols which help in killing harmful bacteria in your belly thus improving your health overall.

You might be wondering by now that why there is need of the whole program instead of grabbing a bottle of French wine. The program gives you a detailed insight of how this drink particularly helps you with weight loss. It shares with you all the guidelines needed to follow in order to get rid of the stubborn fat deposits.

It is a complete step by step guide of fat burning course including a comprehensive diet plan for 4 weeks. By following these course of actions, you are able to say goodbye to those extra chunks of fat around belly forever. It teaches which sort of drinks or food to consume and which to avoid. The program also instructs when and how much of wine should be taken and with which types of foods.

About the Creator of French Wine for Flat Belly:

Thomas Newman was a veteran of second Iraq war but now a well-reputed weight-loss expert and personal trainer who has helped thousands of people over the years to get back into a healthy shape. Being over-weight is itself an illness.

The creator of the program started his journey towards health expertise when his sister got seriously sick who was over-weight especially around the abdominal region. Her blood pressure got high and she suffered a stroke. This is the time when doctors told her that her weight has put her life at risk.

It all comes down to the realization that how dangerous are these short-term diet plans which make you starve for weeks by cutting down most of the calories. You lose all the claimed extra pounds but the moment you start eating the routine meals, not only you gain back all the weight rather you add more to your waistline.

This tragic yet eye-opening reality needs to be understood by the consumers that these diet plans have yo-yo effect on our body. When we starve, the body uses fat reserves for energy restoration of the body.

In doing so, body metabolism lowers and the process of burning harmful reduces. Now when you eat normal, the body makes more fat reserves to protect it from potential starvation. This way you not only get back the initial weight you lost, rather you gain more and the weight loss industry is enjoying the fact. Because once again after putting on so much bulk you come back to those diets and it just keeps on going forever.

Pricing, Purchasing and Refund Policy of French Wine for Flat Belly:

The amazing guide eBook can be purchased easily online through placing an order on the official website of French Wine for Flat Belly. It is a one-time investment into something you would always be grateful for. The price of the program is $37.

Each body works and reacts differently. Therefore the manufacturers have given the advantage of 60-days money back guarantee if you not satisfied with the results. In this case, simply contact the team through customer care service and you will get the refund.

In addition to this, you will get bonus materials as well which includes:

  1. “Get Energized” – It’s all about the foods that give you energy boost naturally.
  2. “The Sex Stimulator” – Provides you with a couple of tips and also the food list to increase libido.
  3. “Pilates Power” – Guides you with few useful exercising strategies to strengthen your core muscles.


The “French Wine for Flat Belly” is exclusive when it comes down to the diet programs available. The unique program has amazing results and specially designed to keep your health issues the top priority. If you are looking for something new and truly remarkable, try out this program and get the flat stomach and overall lean structure you have always wished for. It’s a one-time investment but definitely worthy enough for the rest of your life.

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