Fungus Shield Plus Review – Richard Parker’s Fungus Remover

Fungus Shield Plus is an anti-fungus dietary supplement to cure most common fungal skin infections on toenails, fingernails and other parts of the body.

This cure is based on his extensive medical research along with other health experts. Richard Parker along with Dr. Walter Mills has manufactured this incredible pill afterlife risking experiences for the betterment and wellness of all the patients with such fungal infections.

According to them, medical science and pharmaceuticals failed to provide a cure for this particular disease. Richard Parker lost his father due to internal fungal infection.

He calls this total negligence on part of health experts as well as the government for not providing inadequate healing treatment of such illness.

Causes and Symptoms of Toenail fungal infection:

This sort of infection occurs on the under the surface of the toenail turning it yellow in color. Sometimes it also gives bad odor.  If proper care is not taken, it may spread to other toenails and skin area around it. Also, the nails become thicker and it becomes painful to walk.

Fungi are microorganisms that are present everywhere in our surroundings. It is impossible not to get in touch with these especially in an environment where they culture fast. It is caused by many factors like walking barefoot in damp and dirty places.

Also, if the toenail is injured or you are suffering from some chronic disease like diabetes or other immune deficient illness, fungi are most likely to attract you.

Similarly in summers when we perspire a lot, our feet get damp being in shoes all day. This triggers the cultivation of more fungi.

Aging is also a factor involved in it because as with the time the blood flow to peripheral areas like toenails is decreased. Chances of fungal infection become more than.

Secondly, male gender persons are more prone to this as compared to females. If you have a family history then you more likely to get such illness. Also one needs to be really careful if anyone near is having toenail infection as it’s highly contagious.

The discoloration of fungi infected toenail is either yellow or green color. The nail becomes thick and brittle and easily broken off from edges.

Skin bed under the nail gets swollen and painful as well. Also, the skin around the nail becomes scaly. If the initial symptoms are not taken care of, skin texture hardens and overall feet start to ache most of the time.

What is Fungus Shield Plus?

This type of skin conditioning must be treated in time to hinder its further effects on the body. In order to get rid of it, Richard Parker has introduced an anti-fungal supplement called “Fungus Shield Plus”.

According to him, you can treat any sort of skin infection though it no matter how worse it has gone. This microscope blood program helps you to permanently get rid of body infection by consuming the accurate amount of dosage on a daily basis which is two tablets for 30 days.

Psoriasis, athlete’s foot, eczema, rosacea and many other skin infections can easily be cured now with Fungus Shield Plus. Manufacturers claim that any of such skin conditioning, of any severity, can be treated in a week or so.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief after getting completely cured by this product as it also ensures that the fungus won’t build up internally again.

It has been claimed by Richard Parker that this Fungus Shield Plus has treated more than 41,000 people and the numbers are still rising. But we have no proof of these assertions as inadequate information fails to provide any pieces of evidence.

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Many names have been mentioned in people’s review of the product but no contact details have been mentioned.

Moreover, the supplement is all natural with no side effects according to the promotional video of the product. This way body cleansing process starts from every aspect including your organs to the outer skin eliminating 99% of fungus bacteria residing in your body for decades.

How Fungus Shield Plus Works For You?

The supplements have a unique approach to working on toenail infections. Here we are going to discuss the series of steps involved in the healing process.

Fungus Shield Plus works in following steps:

Step 1: The Fast Penetration Stage

The first step involves an antifungal treatment is fast penetration of 26 essential ingredients of the supplement into the body which works incredibly in removing bacteria and toxins from the body.

These ingredients are specially selected from different places that are crucially needed by the body and that’s why gets absorbed so fast.

Step 2: Massive Fungus Build-Up Extermination

Over the years the fungus that gets build up internally narrows the blood vessels and hinders blood supply to rest of the body. If you are over 50 years, the fungus has made blood flow to peripheral areas of the body really hard to reach.

The top three ingredients of the supplement flush the fungus out of your body. These special ingredients are Beta-Glucan, ARA-6, and the unique Japanese mushroom complex. They work like a miracle to your veins and arteries and you would feel decades younger and more vital.

Step 3: Blood Purification Stage

The blood purifying phase involves amazing actions of curcumin, cat’s claw, and garlic. Curcumin is a natural antioxidant and antimicrobial agent whereas cat’s claw and garlic work as melting the fungus from bloodstreams and flushing them out. This makes blood more oxygenated and circulates well throughout the body.

Step 4: Dry Skin Reconstruction

The two super ingredients Lycopene and Quercetin bring back the skin firmness and elasticity and makes it smoother in appearance.

Step 5: Hands, Feet, Nails Rejuvenation

This step gives life back to your hands, feet, and nails through pomegranate and olive leaf extract. These ingredients help in the renewal of skin that got turned yellow and brittle.

Step 6: Anti-Fungal Defense Army

The power pack of three ingredients makes sure you don’t get the fee wandering toxins into your bloodstream again. These ingredients are Selenium, Graviola, and Pine-bark.

Step 7: Anti-Fungal Lung-Shield Activator

This significant step protects your lungs from inhaling any sort of harmful fungus spore or bacteria by acting as a filter. Red raspberry juice, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are the main components in performing such action.

Step 8: Double-Up the Anti-Fungal Defense

The last but not the least step helps to increase body’s natural ability to fight against internal fungus build up. Green tea and Panax ginseng play a vital role in this step.

Pricing and Purchasing of “Fungus Destroyer”:

If “Fungus Shield Plus” appeals you to buy for curing your skin infections, you can make a purchase through its official website. If you make an immediate order, you will be charged $69.

Also, you will get additional bonus package “Fast Action”. This package comprises of a book named “Doctor’s essential Home remedies” and 1 Day self-purifier system.

Top Rated Fungus Remover Customer Choice

These orders come with 60 days money back guarantee. You can ask for a refund through customer care service with websites contact details.

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