Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey Review – How Effective is it?

Dairy Whey by Genetic Nutrition inhibits extraordinary quality fast ingesting protein. Protein from 100% dairy whey is utmost crucial for best resulting body goals. Athletes, physical trainers, body builders are well aware of the amino acid profile in protein powders and its effectiveness. With Dairy Whey, you are sure about the quality, high solubility, quick digestive properties and its delicious taste.

An Overview:

Amino acid chains are the building blocks of proteins. These compounds are of great importance for muscle tissues growth and development. The constructive course of renewal of these cell structures leads to muscle mass and lean look of the body overall.

A healthy balanced diet comprises of an adequate amount of protein for normal growth of body structures like eggs, meat, fish and some dairy products. The protein deficiency leads to many abnormalities like muscle damage etc.

Gym freaks, fitness trainers and body builders who go through strenuous workout drills need an extra amount of high quality protein to put their hard work into a constructive mass gain. Whey protein holds imperial values in this regard as it is without a doubt a most superior form of protein as compared to other natural sources.

What is Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey?

The Dairy Whey is a dietary supplement containing cross flow filtered whey protein isolates. It has a high content of BCAA which makes it undoubtedly the best protein powder in the market. Its intake results in the generation of active amino acids strands contributing in skeleton muscle protein synthesis.

Because of high anabolic effects, great digestibility, and biological values, the product definitely comprises of best protein standards among other natural sources. It’s called 100% Dairy Whey because of the high profile of protein content and low fat and carbohydrates traces, making it a revolutionary protein powder among other competitors in the market and supplement industry.

Genetic Nutrition has competitive Research and Development team who has worked hard to bring a superior product with best solubility rate having an added benefit of delicious flavor which most of the protein powders lack.

One serving has less than 1 gram of fat and almost 1.5 grams of carbohydrates giving room to more protein and BCAA components. Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey contains 5.6 grams of BCAA and more than 80g of pure proteins per 1oo grams. Also, no inferior ion exchange whey protein isolate has been added to the blend.

About The Manufacturers:

Genetic Nutrition is Germany based company having certification of Food Safety System ISO 22000 and International Standardization ISO 9001. Also, the company has been honored with Good Manufacturing Practice certificate. All the high quality products by Genetic Nutrition Laboratories are developed, tested and produced in Germany following latest standard laws.

Genetic Nutrition offers a wide range of products in health and vitamin with product categories of amino, boosters, caffeine, creatin, fat burner, gainer, joints, liver, pump, protein, regeneration, testosterone with premium product lines.

Directions for Use of Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey:

The Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey can be used in several ways according to your routine. If you are a gym freak and goes through strenuous workout drills and training sessions for large body build then you are recommended one heaped scoop of 30 grams mixed in a glass of water of 250ml or you can easily add in any beverage of your choice. This should be taken before and after your workout course.

Now if you are someone who wants to add it to daily fitness regimen then you may have one serving of it daily in the morning. One scoop of Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey in water or any drink you like to have in morning, simply add it to it.

It forms a delicious creamy shake when added in water and mixed in a shaker.

It is always advised to consult your health practitioner before including any sort of supplement into your daily diet to stay away from complications or allergic reactions.

Ingredients of Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey:

The Genetic Nutrition shares transparent labeling and have listed down in detail what their formulations are made of. Few of the listed ingredients are as follows. For more details you may visit the official website.

  • Ultra filtered Whey Protein Concentrate,
  • Cross Flow Micro filtered Whey Protein Isolate,
  • Emulsifier: omega 3+6 rich soy oil powder,
  • Thickening agent xanthan gum,
  • Soy lecithine,
  • Sweetener sucralose,
  • Sweetener acesulfame K.

The formula has Milk and Soy. Never use as a sole source of nutrition for weight loss or maintenance.
It’s completely free from GMO and gluten.

Pricing and Purchasing of Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey:

The official website of Genetic Nutrition is dealing in distribution with The 750 gram 100% Dairy Whey is being sold at 19, 90 euros. Shipping and Handling charges are exclusive. It is available in four different flavors

  • Vanilla Cream
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Chocolate Cream

Bottom Line:

Genetic Nutrition 100% Dairy Whey is indeed the next generation protein powder. It is a dream come true for those looking for pure protein formula exclusive of other elements in it. With high solubility and fast ingesting properties, it’s gaining its fame in supplement industry as many body builders and physical trainers are getting benefitted from it.

The Genetic Nutrition Laboratories have made the formula with least content of fat and carbohydrates and made its emphasis on bringing out the best form of protein as compared to other natural resources. The fast reaching whey protein to the muscle tissues would help to increase the muscle mass and give you excellent trimmed body structure.

The exciting flavors would let you enjoy the overall the fitness program. The results are undeniably tremendous and would meet your desired body goals.

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