GenF20 Plus Review – A safe and affordable option


GenF20 Plus is an ‘HGH releasing system’, available as an over-the-counter supplement, to naturally induce the release of growth hormone within the body. It does not involve any painful needling procedures, it is not synthetic, it does not carry any side effects and to top it all, it is not pricey. GenF20 Plus is convenient to take, within the privacy of your home with no lingering at the doctor’s clinic and no risks of an overdose.

What if somebody told you that it is possible to turn the aging clock back in time with the restoration of the youthful energy and vigor? What if it were possible to rev up your metabolism and to remove the belly fat and love handles as if they never existed.

Moreover, who does not long for a deep and relaxing sleep with no brain fog and mental sluggishness in the morning? In addition to all, would you not want your skin to be erased of wrinkles and lines with a younger appearance? Yes, all of us definitely want the fountain of youth, to be enabled to experience youth again.

Well, the find of the day is called GenF20 Plus and it represents every single opposite of any customary hormonal therapy. What is it, why should you take it, would it work for you, is it safe for your health? The following review will answer all your queries to help you make a purchase worthy of your body and wallet’s health.

An overview of GenF20 Plus

Become immune to the passage of time

This is the promise of GenF20 Plus; dispensed as enteric- coated tablets and spray, the supplement delivers all-natural ingredients to stimulate and upgrade the levels of growth hormone in your body in accordance to your body’s functioning.

Recommended by celebrity doctors as Dr. Steven Lamm MD, GenF20 Plus is rated as the number one Human Growth Hormone Releaser of modern times. With just two capsules per day, you can defy the effects of aging and regain the zeal and vigor of youth, could it be simpler and easier than this, no.

A scientifically formulated prescription, GenF20 Plus is categorized as a dietary supplement that promotes the release of natural growth hormone within your body, rather than inoculating you with some synthetic ingredient. That is why it is called an HGH releaser and is not labeled as a therapeutic hormonal agent.

Manufactured under a cGMP certified facility with high-grade ingredients, the manufacturer of GenF20 Plus boasts a track record of real-life satisfied customers encompassing eight years of accomplishments.

“A truly natural, safe, affordable and convenient way to boost the status of growth hormone”, GenF20 Plus is a viable and practical way of reaping the benefits of some of the expensive, inconvenient and risky hormonal treatments involving growth hormone (injectable, homeopathic and synthetic versions).

Merits of Human Growth Hormone supplement

Growth Hormone is produced by our pituitary glands and is responsible for appropriate growth and development in our childhood and later years of adulthood. Besides growth, the Human Growth hormone functions to keep a balance of fluids and biochemical profile, sugar and fat metabolism, healthy bone and muscle development, and so on.

However, the secretion of growth hormone declines with age. Some of the latest research pieces about aging are trying to understand the link between the decreasing growth hormone levels and the emergence of many signs and symptoms of aging.

The synthetic version of the hormone was first developed in 1985 with scientific backing of treating many conditions in humans and was approved by the FDA in this regard. However, its use has been subjected to many controversies and skepticism owing to its abuse in many performance-enhancing sports supplements where their conjunct use with anabolic steroids to build muscles and boost physical endurance is widespread and unchecked.

However, the argument and account of bad-word have not discouraged the incorporation of HGH releasers in the vast field of dietary supplement particularly catering to the needs of average citizens of the community who cannot afford the expensive versions of the subject hormone therapy. Moreover, some of the driving forces that have compelled the supplement industry to come up with safe alternatives to injectable growth hormone are

  • HGH is health beneficial; it does not matter if you have crossed the growth years
  • HGH can reverse the degenerative conditions that define the initiation of aging
  • The synthetic versions are hard to get, being a prescriptive solution to a clinically diagnosed HGH deficiency
  • The synthetic versions are expensive, costing thousands of dollars per annum
  • They are associated with a risk of high dose and other long-term side effects

The working of GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus is a pro-hormone that encourages the body to rev up its natural production of growth hormone with the scientifically valid functioning of natural ingredients. A combination of amino acids, peptides, and nutrients, the GenF20 Plus is based on a release system that jump-starts the pituitary to produce more of the growth hormone.

HGH, if taken by mouth in any kind of dispensed form, is digested at the time they reach the stomach. A supplement like GenF20 Plus delivers a realistic and sensible approach to growth hormone up gradation; it contains no real or synthetic version of the hormone nor does it claim to transfer any such material from an outside source.

Instead, it delivers an appropriate amount of the specific ingredients that are crucial to the synthesis and release of growth hormone from your pituitary. So the only growth hormone you are getting is from your own self.

As a release system, the supplement does not disturb the body’s functioning or biochemical profile, so it is free from any side effects, both short or long term.

The ingredients of GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus contains some of the most effective natural ingredients that function as a release agent for natural growth hormone production in the body. These are

  • L-Arginine 130mgs
  • L-Glutamine 115mgs
  • L-glycine 100mgs
  • L-Lysine 100mgs
  • L-Tyrosine 100mgs
  • L-Valine 40mgs
  • Astralagus root extract 60mgs
  • Deer Antler Velvet 50mgs
  • GABA 50mgs
  • Colostrum 50mgs
  • Pituitary powder 30mgs
  • Phosphatidyl Choline 25mgs
  • L-Ornithine 25mgs
  • GTF Chromium 0.1mgs

All of the L- components of GenF20 Plus are essential amino acids that are not produced by our body and must be supplemented through diet to maintain a normal synthesis and release of growth hormone. These amino acids maintain and preserve muscle, which in turn influences the release of growth hormone from the pituitary.

Astralagus is an adaptogen herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost immunity and benefit in various physical, mental and emotional states. It is a natural blend of saponin, polysaccharides, and flavonoids with potent antioxidant traits.

Its many uses include management of low immune states, combating inflammation, a remedy against cancer, a pro-heart ingredient, effective for balancing blood sugars, improved wound healing and many more.

Deer Antler Velvet is a unique ingredient used in GenF20 Plus. It is an adaptogen and a natural ingredient obtained from the antlers of growing deer, moose, elk, and caribou. It has a natural ability to restore the body’s homeostasis from every aspect. Regarding the subject under discussion, it is a proven ingredient to increase the levels of growth hormone in humans owing to its amino acid content. Moreover, it contains growth factors like IGF-1 and IGF-2.

The range of benefits of Deer Antler Velvet encompass an enhanced athletic performance, alleviation of arthritic symptoms, improved sex drive, better bone and muscle health, enhanced circulation and wound healing, improved cognitive and behavioral health and many more.

GABA and pituitary powder directly influence the release of growth hormone while the bovine sourced Colostrum in GenF20 Plus contains IGF-1. Chromium maintains blood sugar and insulin levels, an important aspect of keeping the maximum release of growth hormone.

Phosphatidylcholine makes sure the maximum bioavailability of all the ingredients of GenF20 Plus.

The GenF20 Plus tablets are dispensed with a parallel product, the oral spray. It is a potent form of HGH Secretagogues containing the Alpha GPC, an effective HGH booster. Complementing the tablets with spray ensure a maximum HGH release effect in the body with the benefits of the former multiplied many times.

The projected benefits of GenF20 Plus

Though the standing of the human growth hormone is known within the fields of athletic performance and anti-aging, it delivers upshots encompassing a wide area of performance. Some of the touted benefits specific to GenF20 Plus are

  • Reversal of aging signs and symptoms
  • An enhanced athletic performance
  • Weight loss with actual fat vanishing effects
  • Preservation of lean muscle
  • An upgraded physical stamina and endurance
  • A vigorous metabolism
  • An upgraded sexual stamina and boosted drive
  • Better control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • An enhanced cognitive performance with a sharper focus
  • Improved mood and behavior
  • Regular sleep patterns
  • A strengthened immune status

Advantages from a customers’ point of view

Some of the plus features are

  • A non-prescriptive formula
  • Equally effective for either sex
  • Natural pro-hormone agents, it is not a steroid nor does it contain any steroid
  • Ease and convenience of use, with discretion
  • A carefully formulated formula with precise ingredients, no risk of overdose
  • “A 100% natural dietary supplement allowed under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, overseen by the FDA”
  • A cGMP certified product
  • A pre-production testing of the raw materials is undertaken with ‘certification of analysis’ available at the site
  • Every batch of the product is labeled with the batch number and expiry date
  • No known drug interactions or any risk of Mad Cow Disease
  • Legal and safe to use by athletes, does not contain any synthetic versions of the growth hormone
  • An improved energy and vitality within first 2-3 weeks
  • An improved appearance within three months, a duration covered by a guarantee
  • A 60-days money back guarantee that covers the minimum time period required by the product to show its results
  • Delivered to your doorstep with absolute confidentiality

Any contraindications to use

Children cannot use it

Absolutely a NO for pregnant and nursing mothers

Individuals with a diagnosed disease state should consult their physician first

Take home message

GenF20 Plus offers a natural, safe, convenient and affordable solution if you want to take control of your passing years and bring back the youthful vibes and vigor of earlier days.



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