GOLO Review – How Does Insulin Regulation Help To Lose Weight?

This article is a review of a popular diet program which is named as GOLO. You will find details, ingredients, side effects and all the relevant information on purchase and order. All the facts are summarized in best possible way in straightforward and meaningful words.

What Will This Review Tell You?

This review will evaluate the product GOLO for their claims, as written on their website. The review will have following things.

  • Details about Golo
  • Working with Golo
  • Components of the weight loss plan
  • Ingredients of the supplement prescribed in this plan
  • Significance of the product as per information
  • Suggestions

Okay, let’s start by discussing the product.

All About Golo

Golo is a diet plan which has special customized meal plans along with user guides. It contains a dietary supplement which is named as “release”. This is to be incorporated in routine along with the prescribed diet plan. The diet plan is set for 30 days, however, it can be extended for 60 or 90 days too. Golo has an official website of its own which suggests its formation in the year 2009. Dr. Keith Ablow is the creator of this plan.

What Is Golo Diet Plan?

Golo diet plan is monitored by Dr. Albow, as described earlier. He is one of the bestselling authors as per NewYork times. Dr. Albow himself is a graduate of John Hopkins School of Medicine which qualifies him to be an expert in medicine. Golo diet plans are carefully set plans by Dr. Albow and his team. All the members of his team are qualified doctors. The means are designed on one base which is to reverse the insulin resistance. When it is reversed, weight loss is initiated through rapidly increased metabolism.

How Does Golo Diet Plan Work?

As per the official website, the program is based on the mechanism of insulin. It is a weight loss plan by controlling and managing insulin. The president of Golo is Jennifer Brooks who is a nutritionist herself. So a weight loss plan directed by a nutritionist will be of some value.

According to general health surveys, 86 million Americans have a problem of insulin resistance. This condition is a significant hindrance to losing weight. when you are sick, the body is not metabolizing food, neither losing weight, often times it causes a stressful condition.

By insulin, the thing which comes to your mind is “diabetes”. However, this program has nothing to do with diabetes. The reason how is insulin linked with the program is explained on the website. It says that ideally, any human body doesn’t produce less or more insulin.

The production is accurate as per need. There is no abnormality in the functioning and maintenance of it.  In diabetes, these natural balances are disrupted. Insulin cannot be produced in the body so you have to take it externally. Golo helps to regulate the natural mechanism of insulin as per the calories which you are eating.

Golo’s diet plans have some recommended exercises to follow. First, you take a supplement and it makes your insulin level average. Second, you take up the recommended diet with exercise. It’s not a crash diet but a controlled diet plan. The exercise which is recommended by the Golo expert panel is not something unreachable. It is popular High-Intensity Internal Training (HIIT).  It not only loses weight but also make you active, fit and energetic.

Sometimes, bad food choices or irregular eating patterns disturb this level. A control mechanism,  such as Golo will help to maintain a perfect balance. The estimated time to see results is as less as 7 days only. But remember 7 day is not a claim for the ideal output. You have to use it for at least 1 month and maximum 3months if you need more weight loss.  Losing weight is accompanied by stress removal, fitness, stamina, and energy boosting.

Important Note

The manufacturer of Golo says that if you are already a patient of diabetes type 1, don takes this supplement on your own. It might hinder with your insulin levels. Always consult your health physician before making a decision for Golo.

What Is Release Supplement?

It is a dietary supplement which is advised to be used in the diet. It is available in soft gel capsule which is easy to take. It gets absorbed in the stomach in no time. The ingredients of this supplement are organic flaxseed oil and other herbal products which are significantly famous for weight loss properties. Eating this supplement daily will optimize the insulin production in your body.

What Is Metabolic Fuel Matrix?

The Metabolic Fuel Matrix is a part of Golo diet. It is a meal plan which is carefully formulated as per metabolic rate. As they are highly calculative, it is easier to have a record of your calorie intake. This balanced meal plan leads towards energy boosting without causing fat deposition.

Golo Roadmap

The Golo Roadmap plan is a complete set of behaviors, patterns which lead towards changes in health and metabolic rate when you adopt them. It has tips and additional information on it. It also provides you with the common problems, hindrances, and hurdles which may hit you during this process.

The complete set of GOLO

Who Has Developed Golo?

Golo was developed by Dr. Conard Smith and Mariaan Du Plessis. The 30-day plan is ideal for weight loss, weight management, and insulin efficiency. You don’t actually have to diet but to eat controlled diet. The creators have combined a supplement, diet plan and recommended exercise to make this plan work for you.
Additional Point

Although the program is designed for only 30 days which make 1 month. Mygolo.com is a website which is more like a discussion forum of people linked through Golo. One time purchase gives you a free 12 months membership of the Golo members club. You can read threads, share information and talk to other members regarding your weight loss progress or target.

What Is Inside Release Supplement?

The supplement “release” is thought to be the first step towards this weight loss plan. Following is the list of its ingredients, as obtained from the website.

Ingredients                                     Quantity/ Capsule               Miscellaneous
Magnesium                                      60 mg                                Banaba Leaf Extract
Zinc                                                5 mg                                    Rhodiola Root Extract
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide)   30mg                             Gardenia Fruit Extract
Zinc (as zinc oxide)                       5mg                                    Barberry Bark Extract
Chromium (as chromium Nicotinate Glycinate) 70 mcg       Salacia Bark Extract
Proprietary Blend                           405mg                              Apple Fruit Extract

You have to take the capsule before a meal. The ideal time to take medicine is 30 minutes before the meal. Take plenty of water with it. You can also take the fruit juice. However, the use of alcohol or any alcoholic or frizzy beverage to take a dietary supplement is not recommended. Do not use the capsule if it is broken, opened or damaged.

Directions To Use The Supplement

According to a user review, the weight loss worked very effectively. An estimated effect output is written in the uplisted chart. 

How Much Is Golo For?

The price of Golo has different packages to offer.

If you have to buy it for once, you have to pay $39.95. If you intend to buy more than one month supply, it gives you a discounted price as following.

2 Month Supply- $69.90 Instead of $79.9

3 Month Supply- $89.85 Instead of $119.85

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

The website tells that there are no side effects. Not even minor adverse effects are reported by any user by Release supplement. It is a completely safe formula. However, if you still worry about the side effects, the ingredient information can be checked for the possible side effects.

According to the popular medical website such as WebMD and Examine.com, the most common side effects would be an upset digestive system. It usually goes away without any medicine. However, WebMD says that zinc may not be used without consulting a doctor. The website of Golo has no comment on it. So for personal safety, if you are already on any medication, always consult your doctor before taking Golo as it has zinc in it.

Is It Clinically supported?

Golo has a complete list of trial summaries available on their website. It says that the products been clinically tested for the effectiveness and was released only after a highly positive response rate. The details of these studies can be achieved from the website.

The Final Word

So all these details suggest that Golo is a scientific-based weight loss plan. It is supported by a qualified team of doctors, the company is founded by a consultant nutritious. There are clinical trials to justify the effectiveness of it.

There is not as such scam information or suspicious promise made by the manufacturer. So overall it can be effective if followed properly. It is a cost-effective plan and would work for most of the people. If you are on diabetes medicine or any other medicine, be careful to take a decision. Consult your doctor and make a choice. For more details and orders, visit the official website.

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