Green Mountain CBD review – Is it out of the ordinary?

Green Mountain CBD is another version of a CBD preparation with the claims of all natural, high-quality deliverance at an affordable price.

CBD is one of the 85 cannabinoids present in the specific species of medical marijuana called Cannabis Sativa. The second half of the present millennium has observed diverse therapeutic indications for CBD preparations but unfortunately, CBD has not attained a legal status in many regions.

Top-Rated And Trusted CBD Brand of 2017

The reason being, which is commonly postulated, CBD is such an effective element in alleviating so many medical conditions that it could literally put the pharmaceutical industry out of business. However, that remains only a theory because certain states have legalized its use.

Similar to its diversity as a therapeutic agent, CBD is formulated in different forms and this may account for its range of indications. CBD is produced as hemp oil, capsules, tinctures, Vamp preparation, topical formulas, and edible dietary supplements and so on.

Green Mountain CBD is dispensed as encapsulated dietary supplements and edible salve. The following review will scrutinize the source, processing, ingredient content and efficacy of Green Mountain CBD products so as to make it easier for the customers to make a decision about its purchase.

About the manufacturer

The origin of the Green Mountain CBD lies in the picturesque region of Vermont’s the Northeast Kingdom, the Hardwick farm. Green Mountain CBD is a joint venture of two entrepreneurs, Alejandro Bergad (CEO) and Jacob Goldstein (President) who were local to this area of the US.

Alejandro gained his experience in the hemp industry after working as Chief Agricultural Officer in some hemp farms for more than a year. Going solo, he decided to collaborate with Jacob, who was running a successful business of environmental friendly painting and cleaning company in Burlington. Together, the two of them joined hands and decide upon contributing their set of experience and knowledge to build up the Hardwick hemp farm and process the yield into affordable and quality efficient products.

Top-Rated And Trusted CBD Brand of 2017

About the Green Mountain products

Green Mountain CBD has presented their yield in two forms

  • Capsules in 1800 mg and 600mg CBD strength
  • Edible salve in 300mg CBD strength

The CBD dispensed in Green Mountain products is the ‘Vermont hemp’ that simply implies that the manufacturers of the specific CBD product are registered with the agriculture agency of Vermont. In 2013, legislation was passed by the Governor, Peter Shumlin that allowed the cultivation and production of Hemp in the state of Vermont without the hurdle of Federal regulations. This allows for the registration and identification of legit farmers enabling them to grow hemp as a fiber, food or seed oil source.

Each capsule delivers a 20mg dose of CBD whereas the edible selection delivers the same amount per ml or each serving. The edible slave is for consumption of the CBD in other assortments that call for the incorporation of coconut oil. It can also be preferred over capsule formulation. The edible salve comes with a measuring spoon so that an exact amount of one ml is served.

Green Mountain CBD is also a great product for the pets at home but caution is advised regarding the dose as the edible formulation may some time to get absorbed and yields result in your pet.

Top-Rated And Trusted CBD Brand of 2017

The claims announced

The manufacturer of the Green Mountain CBD hemp pronounce the following traits regarding their products

  • Simple and all natural ingredients
  • Purity is guaranteed
  • The source of hemp is ‘organic’
  • Yield took up from owners’ farm
  • Whole plant extract is used
  • The solvent base used is organic coconut
  • Products are lab tested for quality insurance and consistency of the yield
  • Absence of any harsh solvents or Co2
  • The capsules used for packaging are vegetarian in nature

Let us analyze these claims

The ingredients of Green Mountain CBD products are simple enough with hemp and organic coconut oil.

The purity of the extract is verified by the lab analysis; access to the reports is present at the official site.

There is no certification of the hemp being produced as organic but the manufacturer has provided evidence of growing and harvesting the hemp crop in the controlled environment of a greenhouse as the local weather of the Vermont allows for a very short cultivation period.

CBD is extracted from different parts of plants and the extract obtained is utilized for varying requirements. However, some of the producers use the ‘whole plant extract’ to ‘deliver an entourage effect’. This is explained by the fact that if an isolate is used, the consumers are left out as regards the benefits of CBD hemp. According to some details published in a post at Project CBD:

“But single-molecule CBD is less effective therapeutically than whole plant CBD-rich oil extract. Scientific studies have established that synthetic, single-molecule CBD has a very narrow therapeutic window and requires precise, high doses for efficacy, whereas lower dose, whole-plant, CBD-rich treatment regimens are already showing efficacy for many conditions among patients in medical marijuana States…

Green Mountain CBD is a whole plant extract conveying an entourage effect, meaning that the different compounds and the terpenes content in the extract act synergistically with multiplying each other’s potency and efficiency.

Then the manufacturer touts their product being incorporated into organic coconut oil. There are two reasons for this incorporation

  • As an extraction agent
  • As a carrier base

The details behind this incorporation render the extraction process simpler with fewer expenses and effort spent. It also yields a pure extract of superior quality and that is the reason why the Green Mountain CBD products are available at an affordable price for all kinds of customers.

The hemp compounds are fat-soluble, thus, coconut oil makes the extraction process an efficient and competent one with enhanced bioavailability of the compounds in the body. Moreover, coconut oil acts as an excellent binding agent and performs as a superior carrier base owing to its fat content. The CBD extract is directly absorbed into the intestinal lymphatic system, bypassing the first pass metabolism system of the body, thus resulting in CBD blood levels that are thrice the amount than when the extract is delivered via a non-fat base. Coconut oil itself is regarded as one of the healthiest fats with many health benefits.

The manufacturer has tried to gain the confidence of its customers by offering a link to all the lab analysis and miscellaneous details on the official web page, which is a testament in itself.

Cost and availability

Green Mountain CBD is available in three convenient packaging

  • 30 Capsules with 20mg of CBD dispensed per capsule
  • 90 Capsules with 20mg of CBD dispensed per capsule
  • Edible salve with 20mg of CBD dispensed per ml of serving

The cost per capsule is $1, with the 30 capsules at $30, 90 capsules at $90 and 30ml of edible variety at $30.

Conclusion on Green Mountain CBD

Green Mountain CBD products speak volume of the commitment and efforts being put in by the enthusiastic founders, both of whom have put their smartest labors to bring out a product that delivers quality and efficiency worthy of your wallet. However, if you are opting for the specific CBD products as an alternative treatment plan or already undergoing some conventional drug therapy, a consultation with your physician is necessary.

Moreover, while considering the CBD option for your pet, when it can be an aid to regulate many physical and behavioral features of your pet, remember that the incidence of pets coming to veterinary clinics in the US is on a rise because of overdosing with the cannabis compounds. Therefore, to avoid the risk of toxicity and overdosage, always consult with a qualified veterinarian to discuss the most appropriate course of treatment.

Top-Rated And Trusted CBD Brand of 2017


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