Ground Ceylon Cinnamon by Simply Organic – Pure and Natural?

History and Origin of Cinnamon

Cinnamon spice was first discovered by the Portuguese traders back in 1518 and became a culinary staple globally. Cinnamon is most popular of all spices. It comes from the bark of an evergreen tree.

Cinnamon possesses a sweet, spicy and warm cologne that adds pungent sweetness to your favorite desserts and baked goods. It also adds depth to the flavor of savory dishes. Cinnamomum cassia is grown primarily in China and Indonesia.

It is a reddish-brown and pungently sweet cinnamon, while the Cinnamomum zeylanicum from Sri Lanka and India is mild and buff-colored. Cassia is usually preferred for its intense flavor and color.

Ceylon also known as true cinnamon is obtained from Cinnamomum. Verum, grown in Sri Lanka. It’s very mild in taste and tan in color. Cinnamon is a renowned spice due to its wide-ranging health benefits.

It can be utilized in homemade remedies for skin care regimens, cooking and other purposes to capitalize on multiple health factors. This spice has the ability to promote heart health, can be used to reduce any type of harmful reaction, enhances cognitive abilities, reduces diabetes and the list is ongoing.

 Brand Impression

Simply Organic is an all-organic brand from Frontier Co-op™, offering an all-encompassing range and selection of certified organic spices, seasonings, and baking flavors while supporting the organic agriculture worldwide.

Simply Organic provides the optimum quality of all-natural spices and seasonings while donating one percent of its sales to the organic culture and education.

By providing the best available organic seasonings and donating one percent of sales to organic agriculture and education, As the logo speaks, simply Organic really offers “Pure.Simple.Joy.”

At Simply Organic, it is made sure the consumers receive the organic spices and seasonings straight from the field to your kitchen. Simply Organic provides the goodness of organics by growing and managing the spices in a right and ecological way.

Simply organic has partnered and collaborated with farmers to provide purely organic and high-quality spices to cater all your culinary needs. It contributes to the world’s agriculture each time you purchase a Simply Organic product.

You can support the organizations that are growing, educating and providing organic goods through the fund collected by Simply Organic’s 1% of sales. A total of $1.4 million has yet been donated around the world and going on.

Simply Organic aims to make the organic food accessible to you for the health and well- being so eat right to live well.

How does Simply Organic make its Ground Ceylon Cinnamon worth it for you?

Simply Organic is a brand that is known to provide its consumers with the healthiest and purest form of cinnamon. This 2.45oz container has 100% pure and organic spice and nothing added.

Simply organic sources it right from the Cinnamomum plant which is chosen after a lot of careful considerations for optimum quality, taste, and aroma. Cinnamon is the “spice of life!”

Ceylon (Cinnamomum Verum) is a cinnamon inherent from Sri Lanka but grown in India, the East and West Indies and Central America. The cultivated spice grows 8 to 10 feet in height and looks like a shrub rather than a tree. It is sold in the stick form.

Cinnamon is extracted and made from the bark of a tree called evergreen tree containing a blend of sweet and spicy constituents that are capable of enhancing the flavor of food when combined with any.

Proficient Uses of Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used in diverse ways in many countries. It is incorporated in desserts and drinks and in Asian countries to enrich the taste and aroma of curries. Let us tell you in how many different ways can you utilize cinnamon to benefit your health with.

-Following are the efficient ways in which consumers can use cinnamon.

  • Desserts such as cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies
  • Vegetable and meat curries and gravies
  • Meat and fruit stews
  • Sauce
  • Beverages such as caffeinated drinks, shakes, and hot chocolate
  • Can be used for medicinal purposes like the treatment of diabetes, as a repellent for sore muscle cramps

Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon Distinguishing Features and characteristics

What makes it different from other brands cinnamons is the fact that it is Ceylon Cinnamon which is known as the “true cinnamon” and can be used for multiple purposes.

  • No animal testing
  • Non-irradiated
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Non ETO

These features stated above prove that the consumers are provided the finest and truest quality of cinnamon as compared to other sellers. No artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals or any sort of harmful ingredients are used in any ways to preserve its color or aroma. The Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon is the sole ingredient derived from the bark of the evergreen tree itself.

Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon Price Review

A 2.08-ounce jar, which is approximately 59 gram is priced around $9.89. This sounds expensive but one thing that we need to realize is, time and labor put in processing and packaging a natural product always costs more because the outcome is organic.

The price might not seem encouraging to many folks but its all-natural source and organic form ensure optimum quality of cinnamon ever existed. It undergoes no chemical procedures that alter the main product.

Visit the official website to obtain more information on the uses of cinnamon and the methods of its production used by the company Simply Organic.

My Final Verdict

Unlike the cassia cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon has plenty of uses and benefits. The process undertaken at Simply Organic is free of any type of preservative. Hence proved, that it provides its consumers the highest quality and purest form of cinnamon.

The end product that the consumers get is of the finest quality and purely natural making Simply Organic’s Ceylon Cinnamon worthwhile. It already is a spice known for its wide ranging health benefits and being able of getting it in its organic form is a cherry on the icing. It can be used in a number of ways for both medicinal purposes and culinary uses.

One can create and enhance flavors of both sweet and savory goods with a dash of cinnamon incorporated. It is very beneficial for health purposes to cure and control ailments. Simply Organic’s Ceylon Cinnamon is worth a shot and you will not regret the price paid.


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