Gundry MD ProbioClear review, a step ahead in acne care


Gundry MD ProbioClear is an anti-acne treatment that combats acne with its powerful combination of salicylic acid and Probiotic technology.

A clean and clear skin is everybody’s yearning but as teenage approaches, our body undergoes a series of hormonal changes and one of the attributes of these changes is acne or ‘breakouts’. The kind of acne that accompanies the arrival of puberty usually settles down with the continual hormonal surge. However, there are some of us, with whom this nuisance tags along into years beyond teenage. If the breakouts are managed and taken under control as early as possible, the after effects as scarring, blemishes, are better coped and finesse to one’s skin can be achieved.

There are many over the counter preparations that claim to help control acne and blemishes but owing to varied skin types, not every preparation is effective for all skin types. There are numerous remedies for acne and quite recently, the use of Probiotics as a topical application is gathering awareness among researchers and interest among the public.

Gundry MD ProbioClear is one such preparation that makes use of the latest groundwork done for the treatment of acne and the present analysis will evaluate its effectiveness towards the particular issue.

Who is Gundry MD?

Dr. Steven Gundry is a known pediatric heart surgeon and author of a bestseller book, “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution”, an addition to more than 300 articles and abstracts on surgery, immunology, genetics, nutrition, and lipid investigations. He delivers his services as the director of International Heart and Lung Institute in Palm Springs, CA. He founded the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs in 2002 and later in Santa Barbara, as well, where the patients are taught how to live a healthy lifestyle by adopting better choices.

One of the particular fields that Dr. Gundry specializes is the field of HOLOBIOTICS that is the core of all his supplement designs. Now, what is that?

Holobiotics is a term that defines true health that can only be attained if our body system is in a symbiotic relationship with the trillions of microbes that occupies our body and our surroundings.

These microbes are a combo of good and bad, with a ratio that favors the beneficial ones. This ratio is sensitive one and can be easily disturbed with bad lifestyle choices especially regarding diet. Dr. Gundry proposes and actually implements this theory in his interventions, whether orally administered or applied as a topical one. This is exactly the case with Gundry MD ProbioClear where the topical use of Probiotics makes it possible to fight acne

The mode of action of Gundry MD ProbioClear

The Gundry MD ProbioClear is a topical cream that aids you in combating breakouts and acne via its triple action

  • Fight acne on contact and keep it from recurring
  • Delivers a smoother finish to your skin for a younger, radiant look
  • Leaves your skin with a soft finish to conceal any marks or blemishes for a final glowing look

What is interesting to note is that the application not only controls acne but it also clears the skin of any aftermath of acne, thus acting as an anti-aging therapy at the same time. Yet the cream or lotion is gentle enough to maintain the integrity of skin structure and does not cause dryness or peeling effects that most of the anti acne creams are infamous for.

The active ingredients of Gundry MD ProbioClear

The primary active ingredient in Gundry MD ProbioClear is Salicylic acid.

The product has a long list of ‘other ingredients’ that are not very active, mainly comprising of chemical and synthetic products. The only component of significance in this list was “bacillus ferment” that is a source of bacterial protease enzymes that helps in loosening of cell cohesion at the time when it stimulates the digestion of keratin protein in the epidermis simultaneously.

For the sake of discussion and reader’s interest, a little knowledge of salicylic acid and acne combo is presented. Salicylic acid is one of the primary ingredients used in an anti-acne regimen and you will find this name on various anti-acne products.

Salicylic acid helps control abnormal shedding of skin cells that is one of the main causes of acne development. Salicylic acid helps unclogs pores and prevent skin breakouts. However, it does not have any effects on other acne causing factors as sebum production nor it acts as an anti-bacterial agent, thus its continual use is obligatory for acne control.

To find out it’s working as an anti-acne agent, a thorough glance at the latest in the field of Probiotics and acne control is offered.

Probiotics and acne control

Probiotics can be called gold dust for our gut and recently this status is upgraded for our skin too. Cosmeceutical companies have started using Probiotics in their products that are meant for topical use and it is true for anti-acne care line. Dermatologists recommend topical application of Probiotic containing products as anti-acne regime and for some good reasons too

  • Acne is a result of excessive shedding of skin cells and resulting clogging of skin pores. The process to the development of acne is completed with excessive sebum production and superadded infections. Topically applied Probiotics act as a protective shield against the inflammation causing bacteria and keep the balance of the skin at healthy levels.
  • Probiotics are actually strains of good bacteria that are known for releasing antimicrobial substances that act against the bad strains and keep the inflammation away.
  • Topical Probiotics act as calming agents when applied topically.

Thus, the protective, anti-microbial and calming properties of Probiotics aid in relieving acne and breakouts. The American Academy of Dermatology Expert advice in this regard is

“While more studies are needed to identify the most beneficial aspects of Probiotics and determine whether topical or oral Probiotics yield the best results, I think we can expect to see some cutting-edge Probiotic products for acne and rosacea in the near future,” said Dr. Bowe. “Until then, I would recommend that patients with acne or rosacea see their dermatologist talk about adding foods with live active cultures, such as yogurt, to their diets or taking an oral Probiotic supplement daily. Although I don’t envision Probiotics ever being used as a stand-alone treatment for acne or rosacea, they could be used as an effective combination therapy with prescription medications or over-the-counter topical treatments.”

“Whitney P. Bowe, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, and adjunct assistant clinical professor of dermatology at State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn”.

“One small 2010 study published in the journal Nutrition found that acne patients who consumed a Lactobacillus-fermented beverage for 12 weeks produced less sebum (oily secretions) and had fewer acne lesions” 

Probiotics taken orally have a protective role against acne via the skin-gut-brain axis; similarly, topically applied Probiotics are making their mark on relieving acne via a more direct action.

“In a recent pilot study, a 0.2% topical of phytosphingosine for 8 weeks reduced pustules by 89%. Another study on a Probiotic lotion found it reduced inflammatory lesions by more than 50% over the placebo lotion”

What we like about Gundry MD ProbioClear

  • A product line that enjoys the supervision of a renowned doctor
  • ProbioClear makes use of latest research combining it with conventional therapy line
  • No requirement of using other anti-acne treatments while using this product
  • Gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin
  • Can be used by individuals of all ages
  • A one-step solution to acne trouble
  • Only two applications required per 24-hours
  • Instant results for fine wrinkles, lines, and blemishes
  • Acne starts fading away within hours of application with maximum clarity achieved in 2-3 weeks
  • A 90-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction, with no questions asked, even on used items

What could be improved about Gundry MD ProbioClear?

  • Customer’s testimonials and independent customer reviews are not available
  • No third party testing or independent laboratory testing is available for reference

 The cost of Gundry MD ProbioClear

The cost of Gundry MD ProbioClear is about $99 but there is an online offer at their official web page and bulk discount available too. The costing of the product is as follows

Single jar $49

Two jars $86

Three jars $120

Our conclusion

Gundry MD ProbioClear is reviewed to be an above average anti-acne regime, which is

Simple enough in its application

Gentle enough for all kinds of skin

Yet effective enough to control the breakouts of acne.

Its advanced combination with Probiotic agents makes it a superior choice among its counterparts. You have nothing to lose except for breakouts and blemishes, if not satisfied, then there is the money back guarantee for an extended period which not many products offer. Therefore, it is all a go from us.


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