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Gundry MD Vital Reds Review – Does it Really Work? (2017 Update)


Are you experiencing low energy, never-ending fatigue, and sluggishness? Do you want to boost your metabolism and become active and alert like before? Are you in search of something that could deliver more antioxidant benefits and help you overcome the weak areas of your health?

The solution is right in front of you – a good quality nutritional supplement. Selecting such a nutritional supplement from a huge supplement market can be a difficult task. You might feel that everything is the same or cannot decide what to buy. This review will tell you about a popular dietary supplement Vital Reds and explain how it can effectively work for you.

Vital Reds is a fine blend of carefully selected ingredients. It is designed to make you feel better by improving your health overall. One of the good things is that it helps you to maintain your weight meanwhile making your health better.

About Gundry MD Vital Reds

Vital Reds is a popular supplement which is associated with the daily dose of good health. It is an everyday supplement which is mild by nature. As it is in a supplement form, you can easily incorporate its recommended dosage in your routine.

The one who has formulated this supplement is Dr. Steven Gundry. He is a medical doctor and an author. The aim to develop this supplement as per manufacturer is to benefit the user with the health upgrade.

This upgrade is not just for one thing, it makes skin, digestion, energy, stamina, and all body functions better functioning. The information on the official website suggests that Vital reds have taken 25 potent polyphenol-rich super fruits along with a blend of natural ingredients. All of it act as one recipe and helps to improve the health and immunity of the user.

Vital Reds is essentially designed for people suffering general everyday health problems. From the dullness of skin to irregular digestion, everything is due to low health status. The herbal formula of Vital Reds is safe, like most natural blends. It helps to make you feel better about your health.

All of the ingredients inside Vital Reds work together as one formula. This is helpful for making the supplement successful in its function. If you start taking it regularly, the good health signs will appear in no time. There is no magical change which you can apparently see, the changes which it brings in you are mostly internal. You will only feel them with time.

For example, you will feel that your skin no more looks dull. You will not feel lethargic in less time. There are no digestive problems i.e. bloating, constipation. Your stamina to work is increased. You are more confident about yourself etc. All of these symptoms are signs which tell that the supplement is working on you.

Expected Outcomes After Using Vital Reds

After using the product for a suggested duration, you should expect following effects to be visible.

  • The natural energy of the body will be elevated to a higher level. It will help to perform everyday tasks, both physical and mental with more ease.
  • The second most obvious effect is improved digestion and increased metabolic rate. The improved digestion will further help to maintain an average weight.
  • The digestive support will further make all related problems go away i.e. no bloating. constipation or irregular bowel movement.
  • The skin will be benefited by the miraculous ingredients. After regular usage, the skin starts to appear bright and fresh.
  • The overall improvement in health leads to a better immunity. It prevents the risks of certain diseases in future.

Ingredients Making Up the Amazing Blend of Vital Reds


Gundy MD’s Vital Reds is an all-rounder dietary supplement that provides benefits for your overall health and promotes well-being, in an all-natural, effective and efficient manner.

The determinants of a good product are the ingredients that constitute it. Following is the list of natural, potent and quality ingredients that Gundry MD has infused in the formula of Vital Reds.

Thiamin: Used in almost every cell inside your body for the production of energy and supporting healthy metabolism, thiamin has been incorporated in the formula to boost your metabolic activity and elevate energy levels.

Niacin: Important for general good health, the key role of Niacin in our bodies is to maintain optimal cholesterol levels, provide support to bones and joints as well as boost brain function.

Riboflavin: Riboflavin plays an essential role in the breakdown of carbohydrates for the production of useful energy.

Vitamin B6: There are numerous health benefits that vitamin B delivers; it includes supporting mental health, boosting immunity, improving skin health, regulating hormones etc.

Vitamin B12: People who feel fatigued and low on energy usually have vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 keeps your red blood cells and nerves in good shape and it aids the body in the production of energy, needed for the functioning of various organs and systems.

Biotin: Biotin is an important vitamin for cardiovascular, digestive and nervous system health. It is also helpful in boosting metabolism as well as physical energy. Biotin is much prized for its proven health benefits for skin, hair, and nails.

Folate: Folate is very important for the growth and development of cells and tissues.

Selenium: Selenium is known to possess antioxidative properties; it supports heart health and improves body’s ability to fight free radicals, stress, and inflammation.

Chromium: Aids body in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Chromium also regulates insulin production, as well as boosts energy.

Pantothenic Acid: This vitamin is extremely beneficial in fighting inflammation and inflammation-related diseases like joint pains, hair loss, stress, anxiety, allergies, heart problems, asthma etc.

The Polyphenol Blend

The unique polyphenol blend of 1,540mg (daily value not established) in Vital Reds consists of, Organic Carrot, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Apple Peel, Mulberry, Black Currant, Apple, Cranberry, Papaya, Mango, Organic Red Raspberry, Acai, Organic Strawberry, Grape Skin, Organic Beet, Aronia Berry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Acerola Extract, Apple Pectin, Grape Seed, Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Plum, Pear, Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Peach, and Berberine HCI.

This polyphenol blend helps in multiple ways. Aronia Berries which are part of the polyphenolic group of ingredients are rich in polyphenols. Aronia berries are highly effective to modify the digestive system and cardiovascular system.

Grapes seed extract provides its best properties to cardiovascular support. According to some researchers, it can even reduce 4% of the voluntary food intake and make you lose weight gradually. Mulberry extract is another ingredient to maintain weight with additional properties for cardiac support. It significantly lowers the low-density lipids and decreases the cholesterol levels.

The Metabolic Boosting Blend

The metabolic boosting blend of 216mg (daily value not established) consists of, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Green Tea, White Tea, Bitter Melon, Turmeric, and Black Pepper that boost the metabolism rate in users and allow them to experience increased energy levels with a better focus and enhanced cognitive function.

Bitter Melon extract (Momordica charantia) which is part of the metabolic blend is a tropical plant. It has a high antioxidant count and provides benefits for detoxification and weight management of the body. It also regulates the blood sugar level. Another vital ingredient is green tea extract which has polyphenols in it but its function is in metabolism. Due to its high activation molecules, green tea burns fats and boosts metabolism.

The Digestive Support Blend

This amalgamation comprises of, Bacillus coagulants, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, L. reuteri that together make 3 billion CFU (at the time of manufacture while the daily value is not established). It also consists of Fructooligosaccharide of 250 mg (daily value not established).

These potent ingredients improve the digestion process and enable the individuals to stabilize their cholesterol levels. Other ingredients in Vital Reds include Citric acid, natural flavors, guar gum, stevia, and silica.

The Probiotic Blend

The blend of probiotics is required by the body for overall health improvement. They have roles in energy elevation, metabolism, mood stabilizing, skin improvement, immunity enhancement, cardiac support, respiratory aid and low chances of diseases. Probiotics are even efficient to reduce the bloating of stomach, gas, constipation and abdominal pain. Some other ingredients include vitamins i.e. Vitamin B complex, which is a natural energy booster.

All these benefits are attained by the extensive formula of Gundry MD Vital Reds. The uniqueness of having this four in one formula makes it one of the most detailed ingredients recipe holder supplements. This information adds points to the authenticity of the product.

Recommended Usage

The users are advised to simply mix one scoop of Vital Reds powder into any beverage of one’s choice like water, iced tea, or juice for maximum effectiveness. It is recommended to drink just one glass a day on a consistent basis. Since the formula is easily digestible, the users can take it with or without a meal, according to their preferences.

Most users have reported experiencing considerable and noticeable changes in their overall energy levels within an hour or a day of their first usage. However, individual results may vary as the most dramatic results were reported after consistent use over the course of 2-3 weeks and so the users are advised to remain committed, dedicated, and devoted during their consumption of Vital Reds and follow the product as directed.

Safety / Side Effects

Gundry MD Vital Reds is made up of 100% natural and safe ingredients and has been carefully tested for safety, potency, and purity at an independent, third-party facility. There are has been no reported side-effects as of now. However, it is always wise to consult a physician or one’s health care provider before buying and consuming any such product.

About The Maker of Gundry MD Vital Reds

Designed and formulated by Dr. Steven Gundry MD who is one of the world’s most prestigious and highly valued pediatric heart surgeons, and the reputable author of the internationally accredited bestseller “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline and Drop the Weight for Good”. All of these books are thoroughly equipped with healthy and smart eating tips and techniques.

He is currently the honorable director of the International Heart & Lung Institute in Palm Springs, CA, and the founder/director of the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara.

Dr. Gundry is an internationally recognized inventor, researcher and one of America’s highly reputed doctors. He has extensively contributed to the recent advancements in cardiac care, revolutionizing the entire heart care industry. He is also the pioneer of the Gundry Ministernomy that is a current prevalent method for minimally invasive heart valve repair.

Dr. Gundry MD has also successfully launched 300 chapters, research articles, and abstracts in peer-reviewed journals on surgery, immunology, genetics, and nutrition, and has also written books about cardiac surgery, and the nutritional reversal of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension.

Vital Reds – Pricing

Gundry MD Vital Reds is currently available at different price points that offer various saving ties to the consumers, with absolutely no shipping charges on all US orders.

For new customers, the most popular and reasonable order is the 3-bottle package. However, repeated and long-term customers can buy the 6-bottle option as it provides a greater saving opportunity by offering deeper discounts.

In addition, Vital Reds does not use automatic billing and so any order placed will be processed as a one-time purchase. Whenever one feels like reordering Vital Reds, just visit the main website, or call the US-based customer support team at (800) 852-0477 FREE.

Mr. Gundry and his team have always worked hard in an attempt to formulate the most advanced products on the market. The users are given ample of opportunities to experience optimal results from the product, completely risk-free.

Quantity 1: $69.95 + FREE SHIPPING

Quantity 3: $199.36 + FREE SHIPPING   YOU SAVE $3.50 / UNIT

Quantity 6: $377.73 + FREE SHIPPING   YOU SAVE $6.99 / UNIT

Vital Reds – Refund Policy

Mr. Gundry has the view that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds and though everyone can benefit from the polyphenols and probiotics in the Vital Reds formula, individual results can vary. So, if for any reason whatsoever, the users are not satisfied with the product they can simply benefit from the 90-day money back guarantee for a full refund with no questions asked.

The company warmly welcomes all sorts of queries, comments, and concerns from its users and so the U.S. based customer service department can be reached seven days a week by calling Monday-Friday, 5 am to 7 pm PST or Saturday-Sunday, 8 am to 4:30 PM PST and the queries and concerns will be addressed right away. The users can also access customer representatives.




    • I’m curious!!! A product so good for u, with no real negative side effects would seem approved by FDA. I realize time can be 1 reason for no approval yet. But, there are definite concerns and questions that can’t be answered quite yet!!! That may not throw up red flags but it absolutely waves yellow banners!!! There are so many things in the last century that was thought to be positive and safe and then found to be dangerous and even fatal!!!

      • Research will reveal that the FDA is in the pockets of BIg Pharma. You can rest assured that Big Pharma will neither “allow” the FDA to okay it or venture into producing it themselves, as all naturals cannot be patented, and no patent, no money. And I’m almost certain that the AMA would not sanction our MDs to use/prescribe the product, as they, too, are “quite fond” of Big Pharma. As you’ll read below, those using the product, for the most part, speak favorably of it, with no side effects. Such is the case with many natural ingredient products — again unpatentable (sp?) – so no encouraged by “them — FDA/BigPharma or AMA.

        • For the most part you are correct Jack, however you are missing on one. Natural products can receive patents if their composition is considered unique. There are several such products on the market that not only carry multiple composition (medical class patents—though natural) but also more peer reviewed studies than any other natural supplements.

      • Just so you know, FDA is not allowed to regulate food supplements and is not in the business of approving them. It’s a big hole in the law that many people take advantage of. The only thing FDA can do is stop them from making unsubstantiated health claims on their labels (note the small print on all supplements), but not on the internet. It has nothing to do with a conspiracy with “Big Pharma” and other bogus accusations. Most people don’t know about this, so there has never been a big push to change the law and the supplement industry makes so much money on them that the last thing they want is FDA oversight. FDA has enough problems to deal with so they aren’t all that interested in getting involved in this mess, either.

        • Thank you so much for stating these facts! I’m very sick of hearing about nasty Big Pharma. Of course there are are tons of money being made in that entire realm. And there are, of course, plenty of natural supplements that can be a boost to anyone’s diet and life, which is another big-money indurstry making a lotof people rich (you never heard about that – I suspect Vital Red CEOs aren’t living “in the red”, either!
          But Big Pharma has literally saved my life three times in the past six years, while two people I know (in my town) had the same medical condition, eshewed “Big Pharma” specifically because of hearing this hype against BP, and went the all natural route, including copious and very costly supplements, likely even Vital
          Reds, carrot juice, coffee enemas, pure vegan diets, etc., and both were dead in one year from the disease which wasn’t in any even slowed – it became more and more vicious, and took them out. One has a young son who watched him deteriorate and die, spouting hateful comments about the crooked medical and drug establishment until he no longer had strength to spout anything.
          I’m for all living “natural” as much as possible, and I eat a really healthy organic diet, including organic animal protein (and no grains or legumes or sugar), and am doing fine, now that the medical world has cured my specific medical problem. Again, thanks for your sane and honest comment!

          • You need to take this in balance Felicity. On the flip side of this coin, my son, daughter and myself would likely all be dead right now if it weren’t for natural sciences. The key here is “sciences”. Products that are produced by medical class research, but fall in the line of natural because they are not using toxic synthetics. Pharma is fraught with corruption, it has its evils, but … I’m with you to say, it has its place and necessity. Natural too, in terms of the industry, has its evils. My mother was in the industry for 40 years and can tell you a lot about those evils. Seems wherever there is money involved, people lose their way. Having said all that, if you find natural products with good scientific back, preferably 3rd party independent studies, I would always go that route before putting synthetics into my body. They were never designed to be there and most credible doctors will tell you they were and are never considered a long term solution. Dr. Fine, one of America’s leading specialists in Parkinson’s disease, sat next to me on a plane out of Vegas a few years ago and stated that not one single drug in existence isn’t toxic. Toxicity is the mortal enemy of the human body. So if the vast majority of conditions are the result of toxicity, what makes us thing treating them with a toxin is going to be effective? I watched my father and my son nearly die at the hands of pharma, and then walk away in less than an hour because of a natural supplement. Yet I’ve seen moments where the natural wasn’t enough, and a pharmaceutical was needed for a “kick start”. So keep that in mind. It isn’t always cut and dry and the secret to a good life is balance and knowing when.

      • Hello, my name is Aria, the Customer Relations Manager here at Gundry MD. The FDA only approves Food and Drugs, Vital Reds is a supplement. However, Vital Reds is still clinically tested to be safe and effective. We only use 100% natural and safe ingredients in our product. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you!

    • I have scanned through a read a lot of these comments and find no comments regarding constant diarrhea. I am a type 2 diabetic and it may be because of Metformin – which I am cutting back to 500 mg daily and regulating insulin accordingly (dr. is monitoring). My gastroenterologist thinks it must be the meds as he can find no other reason. It is debilitating. Sometimes I don’t leave the house for 2 days – or if I plan to go someplace I take enough Immodium to know I’ll be safe for a couple of days – So that’s the main reason I bought this – it hasn’t arrived yet, but some of the comments on B6 concern me, I’ve had that reaction before in the past (so hope it’s not permanent). Anyone had any bowel problems with diarrhea and found any hope with this – I will also be trying to cut Lectin out of my diet as possible after listening to the entire video!

      • Hello Patrica, my name is Aria, the Customer Relations Manager here at Gundry MD. Vital Reds promotes improved digestion in the majority of our customers. However, we always suggest that you consult your primary care provider before starting any new supplement, to ensure no interactions occur. If you have any other questions or comments, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you!

  1. Has Anybody out there tried it? I have been taking it for the last three days and have experienced palpitations and anxiety. I like the energy it gives me. But, wanna make sure that it does not have side effects. Any feedback from anyone out there? Thanks..

    • Meggy, I am sorry you have not had an answer to your question. I have panic attacks and can have palpitations easily also. Maybe you could try a much smaller dose? Hopefully someone will answer you soon.

      • I am using a smaller dose too!!! 4 0z water with 1/2 teas Vital reds… 2X a Day….I am on my 3rd day and have no side effects so far! I do feel something different when I get up in the morning………Better Seeing more energy but I guess I am expecting something to go on with my Brain but Nothing has changed there>>>>>

          • Thanks Jackie – it is 4 a.m. in NJ, and I went to my jar and found the scoop Very helpful I am excited to try Vital Reds as I am a suffering 70 year old with no energy. Sleep alot! Also weight a problem. Lolly

      • Bitter melon extract is known for palpitations and other side effects. Some people swear by it. For me, I took a supplement with bitter melon and had to quit after one month. My heart never adjusted.

        • I usually cook bitter melon as a dish and absolutely love it. I never had experience side effects. I’ve known it to be super nutritious since I was a child.

      • i have anxiety and panic attacks as well and considering trying this product, but worried it will make my anxiety worse. green tea has caffeine, that concerns me. tumeric also worries me too. it’s a blood thinner. not suppose to be on that for long term. would love to hear from those who have anxiety/panic attacks if it made them worse. i have chronic fatigue and sleep problems. GI issues as well. would love any feedback.

        • Hello Anita, Aria here at Gundry MD. We always recommend you speak to your physician prior to starting any new supplement, especially if you have a sensitivity to caffeine. If you have any other questions or comments, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you!

        • I am so grateful that you brought this up! I am a long time sufferer of panic disorder/anxiety. I am always scanning the ingredients for possible triggers. I’m often disappointed…there are so many products out there that sound wonderful, and I am sure they are, but indeed, contains a form of caffeine or something that may increase the heart rate. My body would immediately interpret that as anxiety. Even excercise can do that!
          I do drink decaf green tea knowing that there is still caffeine in it. But I always drink the same brand and know how much I can have.
          This seems like it would be trial and error. Not fun!
          I would love to have the benefit of the berries without the metabolic boost.
          I’ll keep looking.

          • I’m with Kelly! I want everything Vital Reds has to offer EXCEPT the caffeine! We’ve been taking it a couple of weeks now and I’ve been experiencing a racing heart and palpitations. I am very sensitive to caffeine. Couldn’t Dr Gundry make a decaf version? For many of us, this is a problem! I believe in the product otherwise. I really want to take it.

        • I have been using this product for three weeks as of this date 2/17. It has been life changing. The best benefit of all is being able to focus more clearly and being alert.

      • I have been taking it for a month and have had not had any side effects. I feel it has really helped me…off caffeine and not feeling nearly as fatigued. sleeping better and waking up revived.

    • Hi I started it yesterday and I’ve been having palpitations all night and bad diarrhea. I’ve also read some people have had blood pressure fluctuations with this product. I’m very surprised that being the fact the product is deemed safe why would it increase blood pressure to dangerous highs. I would report these issues to the customer service department and see what they recommend, best of luck!

      • Could be that you are having some anxiety over taking this product………Just forget about it and let it work……….That’s the way I was the first day You get anxious and expect the worst but I have no problems so far……

        • That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard!

          If you are having heard palpitations, at the VERY LEAST try a much smaller dose. Probably you should stop taking it and research each and every ingredient and talk to your doctor about it. You might also need to have a physical from a licensed physician if you have not had one recently. Might need to be tested for allergies or food sensitivities (if that’s really different than an allergy).

          Dangerous, ignorant and lazy advice – keep it to yourself.

          • @Leslie Reske – Leslie the FDA does not endorse any natural products whatsoever. I still haven’t personally taken this product but still plan to do so, largely because a client of mine who is a Emergency Room Doctor in Barrie Ontario Canada, told me just yesterday that he’s been taking Vital Reds for a while now and really likes the science behind the product and has also noticed benefit. He also takes the Cellgevity product that I mentioned previously. The Cellgevity product while not “certified” by the FDA, because its a natural product, does carry a certificate of compliance from the FDA because doctor Herbert Nagasawa who is the principle scientist who created it, insisted that it be designed, developed and tested in accordance to double the gold standard required by the FDA for ethicial drugs. A smart move in regard to ethics and business. The product is all Health Dictorate of Canada approved and the only natural product that has been granted label claim in Canada in history. Canada if you’re not aware, next to the EU is the hardest health agency to pass certification. Says a lot. Overall point, if I know medical doctors that are researching natural health, and they approve the science of Vital Reds and take the product, there’s a pretty good chance that this product is safe and effective. The only issue you have to be aware of is that of detoxification. Have you ever heard the term DT’s? That the reaction an alcoholic or drug user goes through when they are in withdrawal. Because there liver (which is low on Glutathione) is attempting to expel toxins, its akin to what you experience with the flu, only typically much more severe. It won’t kill you, though you might think its going to, but is actually a vital progress in recovery. The way to deal with this issue is of two options. Power through it … stay the course and just go “cold turkey” or if its just too severe that you can’t handle, back off the product until you stabilize then go very slowly at it again taking a fraction of the dose and slowly increase over a few weeks. When taking any product that causes detox, drink a lot of water with the product. Water is the medium that flushes toxins out of your body, hi alkaline water is best like Kangen or similar machines that are rated but any clean water is beneficial. If you are experiencing detox, which can mimic flu or even to a degree allergy like symptoms, here’s some important information to remember.

            Toxicity in the body is stored in fat cells, its how the body protects you from those toxins when your liver is to low on Glutathione to effectively process those toxins. ALL drugs (yes I know sometime they are necessary) are toxic, there isn’t a single drug on the market that isn’t, so they are not in the long term going to really do anything for your health. That’s why drugs cause issues to which pharma’s only answer is add another drug, the compound effect will eventually kill you not save you. If you have critical health issues requiring drugs, your focus should be without any consideration, to investigate every dietary and supplemental opportunity you can to allow your body to do what it does NATURALLY with the aim of getting off drugs. Drugs, admittedly by many many medical scientists and practitioners were never meant as a “lifelong” protocol for health, but you have to realize that none of the modalities, natural or synthetic are a “magic wand”. It doesn’t typically happen over night. Some people will experience immediate benefit, some people it will take longer. Without any question … your absolute first course of action in any health issue, is to make sure you Glutathione levels are optimized because it is your first line of defense in all inflammatory, immune response, DNA repair, protein synthesis, oxygen assimilation and ATP (energy) production and function. Without Glutathione, everything else is secondary. Your body cannot assimilate anything unless GSH (Glutathione) is in optimal concentration in your cells. Since we cannot ingest GSH nor cysteine (the primary precursor), we lose the ability to create it as we age … big problem. If we have health challenges (as per 120,000 publications on PubMed), its a guarantee that we are low in GSH production. The only truly safe and effective means of elevating your bodies natural production of GSH is Max Cellgevity. The others are either all completely useless or no where near as powerful. In keeping with the Vital Reds topic. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!! The science behind this product is solid. I’ve verified it in my own research and so have some of the doctors I work with. Considering the number of med and integrative people I’ve heard from talking about it, this week I am going to order it and post my own review. In fairness because I take a lot of Max products for GSH optimization, I don’t expect to see a “huge” change, but I am pretty sensitive to my body as an athlete and formerly due to PD symptoms. On another note, our company, GenePool Sports Inc, is embarking on web broadcasts soon with athletes, medical and integrative practitioners, therapists, trainers and sponsors. Part of our focus will be to cover nutritional research on given technologies. So Vital Reds may make that loop. Personally I would like to see Dr. Gundry pursue an FDA certificate of compliance and Health Canada Certification as well as and most importantly BSCG certification for sport. While polyphenols are secondary to GSH, they are a critical secondary. A general cannot fight a war without an army … if you get my meaning.

          • I was going to buy but went here to read up & am glad I did on 2 counts. 1, I have heart palpitations 2. I take verapamil for B.P. So on # 1 I think two things happen/ Caffeine in Green tea and bitter melon. Now on #2; no grapefruit with B.P. med verapamil. So; am i out of bounds or maybe just take it in smaller amounts.
            AM i on to something or nothing.

          • Thank you for that input. I was appalled anyone would encourage someone to use something that caused heart palpitations…

      • Most people when cleaning up their body they get detox and Herxheimer reactions and it’s normal. When going through this process you can even feel like you are coming down with the worse flu symptoms you have ever had to deal with.

      • Hello Philippa, my name is Aria, the Customer Relations Manager here at Gundry MD. I am sorry to hear of the side effects you are experiencing. These are not normal side effects with any of our customers. We suggest you stop use and consult your physician to rule out anything else that may be causing these side effects. I will be glad to issue you a full refund just for trying us out. If you have any other questions or comments, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you!

        • Hi Aria,
          My interest in Dr. Gundry’s products led me to these comments. While scanning thru some of the customer’s remarks and questions, I noticed that a “Philippa” presented a concern on July 26, 2017.
          I then noticed that you sent a somewhat vague response to a “Phillipa” on January 7, 2017.
          I’m curious (perhaps concerned)…Was this your initial reply to the same “Philippa” who expressed a concern almost a half year earlier?
          Thank you.

    • I have been taking vital reds for 2plus months and love it. I am very sensitive to caffeine or any other stimulant. I have no reaction to this at all …. other than to feel SO much better. I had colon resection surgery a few years ago and nothing has had my system in better shape than this product … not even the stuff prescribed by my colorectal surgeon. I hope this helps. I don’t think anything in it would produce palpitations or anxiety? I called once when I first started to make sure the vitamins I take played nicely with the ingredients and the customer service was great … the girl on the phone double checked and cross referenced the ingredients for me.

      • I read one ingredient that scared me. Sodium Selenite. I’m trying to find out more about that and how much they put in it. From what I’ve read, it can’t be good. Not sure if I should continue to take it.

        • You should always ask your Dr before taking new stuff.
          I’ve been taking it about a month now and I love it. I can tell when i miss a dose. I also had colon resection, several years ago. No worries with issues here. I also have bad anxiety and depression and actually, now that i think about it, have been less skittery lately. Customer service was great when I called. Very friendly even tho I was upset.

        • I appreciate you pointing this out. This is what I found on one website about sodium selenite. Ok, I’m not allowed to copy content or a link, but it was by Dr Mercola.

    • Hi – my husband & I have started and we really like the results. My husband mixes his with cool aid & I mix mine with plain water. We drink our berry juice in the morning with breakfast. Really gives us energy. I will be ordering more. I hope you have good results!! I am a Breast cancer survivor and need the energy and this way I get all the berries in a powder firm. Big thumbs up!!!

    • If you read the case of Conny Ostroski with rosacea comlaint being turned back, you begin to realise that the blood circulation system is improving. All of the complaints I have read thus far in relation to palpatations, high blood pressure, anxiety (???? wow! who’d have thought) are relative to blood circulation. Heck, anxiety may well be related to the improvement of circulation as it resembles side effects related to the higher end of the well being scale.
      If I was feeling those symtoms after taking this product, I would back off. Slowly increase your intake 1 week at a time with manageable incriments.
      I am yet to purchase any product. I am very keen to get it down under!

        • Rob B, I am also a Helen and my partner and I have also ordered it. I was really impressed with what I have read. I have also being doing a lot of research into foods more than products and was shocked that someone had put those ingredients into a product. I’m very keen to get started.
          I would love to hear from anyone that has had really good results with weight loss or diabetes improvement.

    • I have been taking it for 2weeks. I have not had any side effects. I was reading and researching the ingredients and none of them should cause those palpitations
      Do you take any maintenance medications? If you do may its interacting that way.

      Good luck I hope it’s nothing and just something in the moment of life.
      M in Georgia

    • I have been on it four days and no side effects. I have noticed increased energy which surprised me. I have been getting more things done. But I will continue with the 90 day trial and see if this continues

    • I love the way it makes me feel. Lots of energy..no brain fog. But, I’ve only been taking it for 4 days and the nurses at the hospital where I work are advising me not to take it because my face immediately gets hot and burns. Then I got a rash all over my neck, arms, chest.

      • Brenda…the heat, burning and apparent rash will probably be from the Niacin which this formula contains. This is a good thing as it is the blood vessels dilating and circulation improving from the Niacin called the “Niacin flush”. It can be lessened if you don’t take Niacin on an empty stomach but it is not in any way dangerous, only beneficial.

      • I agree with JoD : sounds like a “Niacin flush” ( a B vitamin). I take niacin pills for my cholesterol and frequently experience those symptoms (plus intense itching). She gives a good description of the cause, and she is right, it is not bad, only annoying. And,they have kept my cholesterol level and ratios of HDL to LDL within normal limits as long as I watch my diet. I am here researching opinions on Vital Reds.

      • I understand the concerns that Brenda has. I developed rosacea late in life and that is a problem alone trying to manage. When I started the Vital Reds, my face would get extremely red. I felt I might be allergic to one of the ingredients. Worse yet, I wondered if it was increasing my blood pressure and causing the flushing. I did not realize there was Niacin in the product.

        However, the product has given me endless energy, greatly improved digestion, and I feel great! I do not want to quit taking the product, but do not like the flushing. Not sure where to go from here. I normally fast from 7:00 PM to 2:00 PM the following day. For that reason, I have avoided taking the Vital Reds in the morning. I normally take Vital Reds around 2:00 PM. I was not sure if it would adversely affect my fast. I may try taking them in the morning, and hope the hour commute may help the reddening dissipate before I get to work. I do remember taking Niacin years ago and after a while the I seemed to develop a tolerance and the flushing was not so bad.

      • I would often feel a “hot flash” after drinking the Vital Reds and noticed twice how red my face was, especially if I wasn’t eating more with the drink. Then this past weekend, I noticed a rash on my left breast. I freaked out a bit because of the location and wasn’t sure what it was, AND I had been glazing a LOT of pieces of pottery with a copper/cobalt wash. I was afraid I was having an oxide poisoning rash. Then is started GROWING from a small spot to all over my chest/breasts , diaphragm area and down my left arm to my wrist. I am SO ITCHY! I went to the dermatologist who assured me it was not oxide toxicity. (nothing on hands or fingers). He asked about medications or supplements I was taking. I told him about the Vital Reds. He told me to stop taking them because of the “niacin rash”.

        • Lesa, stopping because of a Niacin flush is the dumbest advise a doctor could give. I would find a new doctor. You can do the research yourself and find many reputable publications—from doctors telling you that a Niacin flush is actually good for you, even though its a little uncomfortable and might “freak” you out. Its nothing more than your capillaries dilating to push oxygen to the skin. The way to avoid the niacin flush, is to simply drink the product over a longer period of time.

          If the effect lasts longer than an hour, its likely not a niacin flush and more likely either a detox effect and may go away over perhaps days or weeks, or you could be sensitive to something in the product … typically that still means a detox issue and it could takes even up to a few months. Your best bet in this case is first to cut the dose down, don’t quit. Then contact me for info on GSH accelerators that will mitigate this issue by reducing inflammation and accelerating the detox process so you get beyond it.

    • You are not supposed to use it if you have high blood pressure; however I went thru being hyper after I started feeling better…..what I forgot about is the Herx detox reaction…..so I took a few days off and cut the dose down and worked up to the full scoop…feeling great now and will rebuy….also it does have caffeine in the thermogenesis blend in the green tea…..so if caffeine is something you do not do well with this may not be for you…..I know about anxiety as I have panic attacks and ADHD…….but for me that passed when I restarted…also at first I thought it was useless…took about 3 weeks to notice the weight falling off and the energy…..do not give up too soon….try taking Dr Schulze or Dr Christopher nerve formula to counter the side effects…..they work better than what the Dr’s write….good luck

    • Hello Meggy, my name is Aria, the Customer Relations Manager here at Gundry MD. I am sorry to hear that you are having anxiety and palpitations. Please always consult your primary care provider before taking any new supplements, especially if you have a sensitivity to green tea extract. I would be happy to fully refund your purchase if you are not 100% satisfied. If you have any other questions or comments, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you!

  2. I read a review on another site that said the customer experienced high blood pressure when on Vita Reds and another comment suggesting not to take the product if already on blood pressure meds.

  3. Connie O.
    This is a true review…I am not writing this and making up a story.
    I was suffering with rosacea. It was getting to the point where each day, my face would begin to get hot and flushed. When I looked into the mirror, I could see my bright red cheeks.

    I ordered the Vital Reds and began using the formula in a glass of water. I have not suffered a rosacea episode since I began drinking this once a day. This is wonderful. My rosacea outbreaks were getting quite uncomfortable.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Connie, I was hoping that you would have responded to the original question regarding the interaction with the product and those on high blood pressure meds. thank you though for the Rosacea review on this product, but do you have any input regarding the igh blood pressure occurences?


      • Hello.

        I do not have anything to say regarding high blood pressure meds.

        I am not on any type of medication, so I can’t add to that part of the discussion.

      • guys, i have had high blood pressure for some time and doing well with dieting yet after the intake of this awesome product, with obviously years of research behind it I am down to a 146/80 and a resting pulse of 69 maybe those of you with such indications can spread the serving out over the day like in thirds and then with a meal. My expertise is a degree in professional nutritional diet and health I am recommending this product to clients.

        • Doug I just tried your suggestion and Cut it down to twice a day with 4 Oz water and 1/2 teas of Vita Red…………The first day I drank it I had a Banging headache in different parts of my head all day…….The next day it was gone So I attributed it to something else ……..Today is my 2nd day with 4 oz……I know I had a burst of energy that fist day!!I will keep you up on the outcome…

        • The past few Months My Blood Pressure was dropping and I was getting Dizzy spells……..I went to the Emergency room twice in July and they said I had a very bad upper repiratory Bacterial Infection…….Was on Medication for 10 days,,,,,,,,,,They originally said I had the flu the first time when I went back then they gave me the right Meds for The Bacterial infection…….My blood pressure was still dropping and no one could tell me why…………Now it is August I am over the Bacterial infection and got on Vital reds //////Blood pressure is normal now………..What the Heck!

      • I am pleased to hear about the Rosacea. I have it too and I am hoping mine clears up too. Over the counter meds don’t seem to work that well and dry out my skin

    • Glad to see this Cleared up for you. My Niece has episodes of Scratching herself due to Histamines and this might work for her! She is 48 yrs old…….I will let you know if it works…

    • Connie, This is great to hear. I’m getting ready to order and also suffer from rosacea, hoping for some results. How long before you noticed a difference? I’ve been using Nerium night cream and it’s helping, (more with wrinkles & born spots, 🙂 so that’s not a bad thing!) but I really believe that rosacea is an internal problem resulting from inflammation. Wish me luck. Michele

  4. Need some thoughts on this product. I have major fatigue but also am highly sensitive to anything stimulating. I can easily get a panic attack or racing heart rate with certain products. Maybe it is possible to buy this and start out very slow???? I did not see how many servings are in one jar. Can someone answer this for me?

    I really would like to see him. Hoping my insurance will cover it.

    • I don’t think there is anything in this product that would make you allergic but you never know .Sometimes some of the fruits that are listed and maybe you could be allergic to one of them…..

    • There are 30 servings in a jar. Your insurance won’t cover it as it is not approved by the FDA . I am prone to panic attacks but I have had no problem. Just increased energy after four days. Desire to do things.

    • this is my 1st time. i do not get any side effects. possible to check with your doctor to see if perhaps it may be interacting with another med or supplement you might be taking.

  5. I received my Vita Reds today. The container has at least 30 scoops. To be on the safe side I guess it’s not a bad idea to start with less than a scoop if you wish . I took it with water and enjoyed the fruity taste.

    • Celine I did try that Same thing Less than a scoop for one serving and take that twice a Day……Works for me.40z of Grape juice and 1/2 scoop of Vita reds and a little water.

  6. Started last Tuesday so this has been my first week. I haven’t experienced the extra boost of energy just yet but noticed that if I only use 8 0z of water it’s too strong and my face begins to sting and I get red blotches all over my forehead and cheeks. It made me a little afraid to continue but I began using more water. I had gastric bypass 5 years ago so I know things go into my system a lot quicker than someone who has not had the surgery. I really want to continue to see if it works for me so I am going to keep going for at least 30 days. Anyone else having weird burning like sensations around their foreheads?

    • Hi, I had a gastric bypass too — how did this work out for you? I have fatigue and need to lose about 30 pounds… need energy. I take the multivitamin they want you to from Gastric bypass…etc.

      • Yeah! I was wondering if anyone knows if you can take a Multivitamin with this Vital reds???// I take A Womens High Potency Vitamin everyday I am on my 3rd day of Reds but I never stopped my Vitamin>>>>>> Wonder if its good to do this…….

      • Hate to say it but I have had to listen to my own advice. First couple days weeks I lost about say 15 pounds. Now it seems like still dropping weight but due to some serious heart palpitations I have also begun spreading my scoop out over the day. I mean after all which of us would sit down and eat that much fruit in one sitting?

        • It isn’t the fruit extracts that are causing the palpitations, it is the metabolic enhancing thermogenic blend ingredients. Thermogenics speed up your metabolism and can affect your thyroid gland, nervous system and heart rate. Green tea has caffeine which is a stimulant. Some people are sensitive to stimulants as they affect your nervous system, which in turn can affect your heart rate. There should be a disclaimer or warning on the bottle about this, especially for pregnant women. I do not have a jar, so I don’t know what the back side says.
          For the woman whose forehead stung and got red. Niacin (Vitamin B’s) can cause flushing if too much is taken.
          I myself would not take this product because I have had problems with thermogenic ingredients before. I would love it if it was made with the other three component blends, and not the metabolic blend. The i would give it a try.

          • I agree with you Veronica about the green and white tea. those teas may cause unwanted stimulation to someone who is sensitive to caffeine even in small amounts. Those are probably the ingredients that give the instant energy feeling. I would try the Vital Reds if the thermo genic properties were separated out. I get anxious naturally and so I need no help from the teas.

          • Veronica…Thank you for writing this post and saving me the time…I decided not to try this product due to the thermogenic formula added, wish it was separate for those who could benefit from the phytonutrients but are sensitive to stimulants. I personally get severe palpitations from green tea, even the decaf variety….

        • For Doug,
          You said you the first couple days weeks you lost 15 pounds? Really? Did you adjust anything in your diet that would cause the weight loss or do you think it is from the drinking the Vital Reds?

      • Hi You all….Thanks for all the comments…I have some skin problems but I wanted to get more energy…I found out that my energy level seems to be less since I turned into my mid 60’s…It has just started feeling lower…even though I went vegan & have slimmed down quite well…in the 130’s at 5’5″ tall is a great place to be…In a size 4 to 6 or a junior size 10 I look so good in mirrors now when I visit any dept store…I love my reflection…I have just started my vital reds & I’m on the second day…I feel better from taking the first day I think although I just started taking Hawaian spirulina a few days now..so the first days have been the two products that I think are working to make me have more energy.

    • That is likely a Niacin rush and is not dangerous. Its actually good for you. Niacin (one of the vitamin B’s) is critical to ATP production which is your bodies natural source of energy, it literally fuels your cells allowing you to function. I utilise special Glatathione accelerators which also facilitate ATP production and reduce inflammation. I’m interested in this product as an adjunct to round out my antioxidant profile.

    • Yeah! Try reducing the dose 2X a Day 4oz water + 1/2 Teas Reds……..Its working for me………You may be able to increase it later that’s what I hope……(I really think its just a mental thing with me about taking a higher dose………) I am sensitive to all Meds too!!!!

    • I mixed 1/2 the dose with water total 4OZ and then I added Cranberry Grape Juice 4 OZ…….Taste Delicious and that’s the way I will continue to take it…I put an ice cube in it……The thickness of the juice kind of Hides the product taste……

    • Hey Elaine I had a gastroplasy 28 yrs ago and I have terrible energy due to lack of good food intake was considering this product ,,,let me know how it goes for you Cheers Brenda Canada

    • There is niacin in it. Niacin can cause flushing and redness and itching. Not everyone will experience these side effects but some may be sensitive to niacin. Google niacin. There are other side effects some may experience as well. Including diarrhea and vomiting. Those are usually at much higher doses though.

    • I experienced tightness back of my head on and off all day. But today, I decided not to take it to see if i still experience the tightness. So far i didn’t feel anything. Tomorrow i will try again to take Vital Reds, if i feel the tightness again then it must be the Vital Reds.

  7. I”m very interested but, I also suffer from hypertension. I have to be very particular about any medications that I take. I currently take medication for my hypertension. Some of the comments listed concern me because blood pressure readings that high can lead to a stroke. I haven’t ordered yet because I would like to read more reviews about the product.
    Dixie S.

    • I don’t know if you have started taking Vital Reds yet but I took my first dose today. I felt my blood pressure go up ( I’m on meds ). 170/89 I guess I’m going to try a half dose tomorrow and see how that does. I hope I can take it. I want it to work sooo bad!

    • He made a video about his product and what led him to create it. The ingredients help fight inflammation within the body, help with energy metabolism, control blood glucose levels, help balance cholesterol levels, ease joint pain, and improve the vascular system, and possibly help with weight loss.

  8. I tried the product for three days and I did not get a burst of energy but I just didn’t feel right so I stopped taking it. Could have been a mild bug, but who knows. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol so I was using it for those benefits. I also brought the info to my NP and she went through it and saw only good responses on her medical websites so felt it was a good idea for me to try. I am giving it another good try today. Best advice is to check with your doctor and if BP is a concern, find a way, probably through your doctor’s office, to have your blood pressure measured every 2-3 days, Your pharmacy or any local pharmacy or medical clinic may be willing to do that. Good luck!

    • I have a Hard time believing that anyone could have the side effects they have in only taking it for three days……Doesn’t seem to be long enough for any effects…..I feel you have to give it at least two weeks. There probably will be a lot of changes in your system . My blood pressure was very low prior to Vita Reds after a Month my pressure seems to be normalizing.

  9. The main observation I have seen in the comments seems to possibly concern the effect of the niacin on the individual person. Often the niacin may cause flushing of the skin, a warm or hot feeling and short term elevation of blood pressure. This is a temporary effect but should be taken as a warning to down size the amount used and to also confer with a licensed medical practitioner to prevent possible medical problems arising from the use of this product.

  10. I took my first recommended scoop today and have been very, very sick with chills (no fever) and severe diarrhea. The only thing I feel caused it is the Vital Reds and I will never use it again and return the container. I have a BP cuff and at first my BP was high and finally down to normal. FYI I take no pharmaceuticals.

    • It’s called a healing response. Show’s it’s working. If you are really serious about healing yourself go to you tube and watch any of the GAPS videos with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.

  11. When a person is toxic they will have a reaction, which can be a cleansing of the body. However, everyone is different. I wonder on those who have reactions, what is their diet? Do they exercise? What is the condition of their health? I took my first dose tonight and feel good. Obviously more time is needed for a valid review. I’ll keep you posted.

    • That’s what i was thinking. Detox can be nasty, but three days of feeling bad leads to a lifetime of good of you keep it up.

  12. Please forward follow-up comments & new posts regarding Vital Reds as I am thinking about ordering this product but rely strongly on personal reviews by consumers like myself. Thank you. Jay

  13. I just took a full scoop in my coffee (8 oz.) this morning. First try. I am wondering if it makes any difference what beverage is used (hot or cold)?

  14. Started Vital Reds 4 days now and I feel great. No nervousness or any problems. I’ll keep you posted as I continue.

    • That’s what I missed I have no Nervous problems Either………You Reminded me…….I thought there was something different……. Maybe it is working to my benefit…….I am not giving up……I am going to give it a MONTH …….I know the Probiotics in it are a greater improvement from the SEPARTE PRO BIOTICS I WAS TAKING>>>>>this is working Much better My bloating is gone and The Movements are very regular no matter what I eat….

  15. Good evening,
    I wanted to put my 2 cents in…I have been taking Vital Reds for a month…It took me about a week to see results but I was pretty run down…I am one that is prone to palpitations and I have not had any….My blood pressure and my sugar have not elevated either…The first thing I noticed is when I wake in the morning I would be sluggish and want to lay down on my recliner for an hour…Not anymore…Once I am on my feet, I am good to go !!! I am happy with that..As a bonus, my appetite has decreased significantly…I can honestly say I have no complaints with this product….I feel better…And, if I would get my happy little self exercising I honestly feel that I will lose weight……so, there you go!!!!

    • That’s Just Great !!!! I feel the same way ONLY I don’t need to lose weight I am very Thin and am hoping that my body can regulate my Thryroid as they claim and I will gain weight…….EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT>>>>GOOD LUCK,

    • The best way to lose weight is to start transitioning to go vegan or eat just whole plant based food….Check online at Dr. John McDougall & read the book “The China Study” regarding the science of why we shouldn’t be eating meat, dairy or eggs & don’t eat much oil that is processed; eat natural whole foods with oil to get your oil as in avocados and nuts…You will lose weight so fast you will be surprised..Your stomach will not want fast food anymore…It will make you want to never eat junk food again….If you eat a junk food you will feel sick to your stomach like I did the other day by mistake….I had a drink & I was feeling hungry & bought a couple of stupid donuts & my stomach went crazy & I felt sick all over…The sugar, oil & junk does this to your body….You might feel bad when you first start eating whole foods but you need to give it time & you will feel much better & lose the weight & lose your pharmacueticals as well…You won’t need the….They are making you sick….

      • Nan thanks for info I gave up meat about 2 months ago after watching a TV programme on the links between processed meats and cancer. I will look up these people to learn more,
        Julia Moore

        • I was a vegetarian verging on vegan and I had a blood test and it showed some abnormalities. I was 20 at the time but no one thought it was important. When I was 40 I was just vegetarian and had blood loss. They decided on a Laparoscopy and found the reason but I needed another operation which was booked for 14 days later. In those 14 days I lost 2 pints of blood and the only reason I allowed them to give me a transfusion was because the blood abnormalities were not allowing me to produce new blood cells. I was told to stop being a veggy and eat organic meat. I have done so and at 70 my blood test still show the abnormalities but my haemoglobin is normal so I have to eat meat. I also take probiotics BUT only ones that are slow release in the gut. Probiotics in the stomach get fried in the acid as they are not any use to the stomach, the bowel needs them.

  16. I’ve been on Vital Reds for 10 days now. No negative side effects. I’m not feeling any more energetic yet but didn’t expect an overnight miracle either from that little scoop. The reason I bought it was for the cholesterol lowering claims. In April my LDL was 158. I go back in October for another screening. If it is significantly lowered then it will be due to the Vital Reds. Any other positive side effects will be a plus!! I also like the fact that there are probiotics in the formula and my digestion does seem better. I searched all over the internet for reviews before I bought it and a big plus for me is this company obviously doesn’t pay for “fake” good reviews or give it away free in exchange for a review like so many other companies out there.

    • Just a quick question for you. I’ve been looking into the benefits of drinking alkaline water. I hear there are effects on cholesterol. Have you done any research in that area to help with that? I’d also like to hear how your cholesterol is doing after taking them for a couple months now

  17. This is my second day, my appetite has decreased a lot! I ordered it for the simple reason of having more energy and the need to be healthier…so, day 2, so far so good

    • Carol My appetite increased on my 2nd Day I am somewhat underweight so I love the change…Sure hope this works for me……. I had a spurt of energy yesterday .I think this works on each individuals own body and it regulates what you need…..I am just guessing!!!! I did have a Very bad headache the first day…….So I am cautious today the 2nd day and I cut it down to 1/2 teas in 4 oz of water TWICE A DAY ……It just may be too strong for me in one dose…..I am not giving up on it as I have no other side effects and the headaches could be from another allergy/I am allergic to Wheat and I did have a Bowl of Cereal!!!

      • As someone who works with collegiate, Olympic and pro athetes in health and nutrition, and working with several high level medical and integrative scientists, it is very very likely, that those who are talking about headaches when first trying the product, are experiencing a symptom of detox. This is actually a good thing, though uncomfortable. Ways to mitigate this issue are two fold. Increase your water intake. Detox is literally antioxidant binding to and rendering toxins (including mercury or other toxic metals) water soluble so they can be passed out of your system through the kidneys. The medium by which your body flushes those is of course water. Most of us do not drink enough. Increase your water intake and you’ll flush faster with less discomfort (typically). The fact people are seeing detox symptoms is actually a positive that this product is doing what it should. There are of course the outside extremes where the detoxification is so intense that you just cannot handle it and have no choice but to back off until you stablize, then gradually increase your dose over a course of weeks.

        A second option which can help the process along much quicker and with less discomfort in most cases, is to get that Cellgevity product mentioned above. Increasing GSH production at the cell level not only help detoxification pathways, it also elevates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is energy, the feel good natural energy you are all looking for. It also is the body’s master antioxidant, master detoxifier, master anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and maestro of the immune system. For those having severe issues .. try MaxATP from the same link above. It doesn’t have as dramatic detox effect, but directly targets ATP production which will offset the detox symptoms you are experiencing. But I would definitely keep up this product for your polyphenols. They are another very important cog in the wheel of health.

        Side suggestion: Do not ever buy any of these products from sites like Amazon. Its down right dangerous. Chinese knock off potential with no real certification from substance control groups or FDA. Where the product might be authentic, its usually obtained illegally through stolen credit cards and then dumped on ebay or amazon. Therefore, you have no money back from the companies respectively. Education for the day 😉 , God Bless everyone in their quest for health, and those crackerjack scientists who come up with real health products.

        • Great Advice! Yes I gave Detox a Thought That’s why I decreased it The next day to 4 Oz twice a day 2 x’s for now//////Until my body can accept it…..

        • Hi Martin,

          Could you please put the link up again under this post for the cellgevity product you mentioned? Sorry I didn’t notice it on the feed but was interested in what you are suggesting for additional detoxing. I am on day 3 of Vital Reds and so far I feel AMAZING!! I have hypothyroidism and I saw this product may help and of course comes along with that….no motivation and sluggish feeling. I do take Armour Thyroid (1/2 grain), but still lack energy. My only side effect of Vital Reds has been more energy and BETTER sleep! I am only assuming the better sleep is somehow due to this Vital Reds supplement because I have severe anxiety and insomnia (also a side effect of thyroid problems) and the last 2 nights have been the first 2 nights in months that I slept the whole night through 🙂 Thanks for your help!

        • I think you are right that Detox Idea!!!! The 4th day I thought I was having pain in my kidney which I never did before……….I was urinating that whole next day often ……..I still took my dose of Vital Reds and drank a lot of Water . I had no more pain the next day in my back area…..So far I think I detox the first day with the headaches/Then the third day I had the back pain .All the symptoms are gone now I have feeling so good every morning I get out of bed at 7AM …For months I was trying to get out of bed at 7:30 or 8 And was still dragging like I needed more sleep…..I feel just great now…..No need for me to stop taking this …

        • I have read all of the above posts and could not agree more with Martin S about the beginning stages of taking any supplement such as Vita Reds is going to have on a toxic body. These are quite normal side effects to a cleanse, the body is dumping toxins into the system to eliminate and can temporarily overload the kidneys thus the headaches and irritating stomach and colon. Drink “good” water during this phase not “tap water” which can be metal dominate at best being galvanized pipe or copper pipe or PVC, know to cause its own host of problems.

        • Martin I am looking for help for a family member with Auto Immune issues CFS possible Renauds etc complex medical history so looking for Ingtegrative Medical Centre prepared to travel.

        • You provide a lot of great information Martin, unfortunatley your long comments comes at a price of your promotion of your product Max Int.

          • Seriously Mantex if someone has a lot of knowledge experience to share and has brought out a product, so what. No one is forcing you to buy or even look at it but how else does someone provide others with the benefit of their knowledge and experience if not for forums like this. You pay to go to a doctor for his knowledge and experience and here is someone providing it for free while your doctor is probably out playing golf or on their boat not prepared to do anything for free.

      • Yep!! The wheat Cereal was the culprit on my Headaches //////////No more Headaches It was my allergy to WHEAT/////As Dr Grndy says WHEAT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  18. I’ve used this product for 10 days now. Don’t notice any change. I’m 65 yrs. old and in good health. I started taking an antidepressant 3 mo ago and gained 10 lbs. I’m hoping this would help. I’ll keep you posted.

    • There are many studies that show antidepressants are worse (even more dangerous) than the depression. Most depression and chronic illness at later stages of life are do to the depletion of GSH in your system. This needs to be created by your body as it cannot be ingested nor can its primary precursor. So to elevate naturally and deal with the depression, your best bet for fastest recovery is two fold. look up and order Max Cellgevity, created by another great American medical scientist, and by the sounds of it, this polyphenol blend. By taking Cellgevity and elevating GSH production you will increase the effectiveness of this product. Cheers.

    • Don’t let anybody talk you out of yout anti-depression medicine! Talk to your provider if you are dissatisfied but please do not rely on a persons comment who is obviously selling another supplement. I wish you well on your journey to wellness and happiness.

    • Try walking for depression or just walking in a large store if you don’t want to walk outside in the winter…or walk in the mall for a short time to begin with…you will see a new found feeling in your brain with exercise that the drug won’t give you…except side effects & more bad…try the exercise..please…Its hard at first but try this…Good luck to you…

  19. Ive been on vital reds for a couple of months. no weird side effects and no nervousness … I’m very sensitive to stimulants. I’ve also gifted my friends and family with excellent results.

  20. I just received my order of Gundry MD Primal Plants. Has anyone taken this? I took my first scoop this morning and feel like I always do. I’m curious as to why I cannot find anything on this product, as well as the product itself, on the web….

    • J Edwards!!!!When you go to the Web page to order the Product If you scroll down you will see all the Ingredients Listed It is Very Interesting and A lot of Natural Fruits

    • Lori W.

      I have been taking this product for 5 days. I haven’t noticed any skin, heart or other bad side effects, However, I haven’t noticed any increased energy that I so need. I have noticed better digestion. Hoping to also get my LDL and HDL in order.

  21. DAY ONE… Just received my first order and tried a scoop with 8 oz of water with good results, no flushing, diarrhea, or other negative results. Keep you posted

    • Perhaps because Sodium Selenite is the therapeutic form for the absorption of selenium, which is a necessary trace element. From NIH page, selenium plays critical role in thyroid hormone metabolism, reproduction, DNA synthesis and protection from oxidative damage and infection. Not sure it that’s the reason for including it….but might be.

      • Wow Thanks for that information as I thought right along that I had thyroid Problems but none of the Doctors would do anything…..They just said you have a slightly underactive Thyroid gland——-I always had trouble sleeping and I know that selenium could help this problem……….. I have been sleeping better!!!!

        • Joyce, yay I am happy you are sleeping better….ME TOO!! I thought it was mind over matter. I am on day 3 of Vital Reds and I feel amazing! I have hypothyroidism and one of the horrible side effects besides feeling sluggish is anxiety & sleep issues. I have been sleeping like a baby the last two nights and it is wonderful!! Do me a favor though go to an endocrinologist and get checked again for your thyroid. Sometimes primary care doctors are not trained in complicated thyroid issues. You need to have your T3 and T4 levels tested if you have not because even if your TSH is in line these other numbers can be way off and you may need to be on medicine. Most primary doctors only test TSH. I am no pro…but I am the 4th generation of females in my family with Hashimoto Thyroid issues, so through the years we have learned a bit. Hope this helps.

          • Thanks Nicole…I just got a new Doctor .I have never been on any Meds with the doctor I had for 30 Yrs. He retired and now this one wants me on Mainteance Program …I am 76 yrs old Only taking Potassium(And that’s from her) I really don’t even think I need it…..But she prescribe two other meds for me and never told me what they were for,,,,,I have’t taken any except the potassium//////I am looking for another Doctor…

  22. Josie Peña
    I’ve been wanted to buy this product has anyone been on it for more than a month I’m fighting fatigue and pain I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis

    • I have fibro and osteo arthritis. I noticed some energy at first. I have so many health issues it is hard to tell. I have bipolar too. I have been on a week.

  23. I’m considering trying this product. Would like to see some follow ups to other posts after you’ve been taking this for a month or longer.

  24. Would love to try this product, i am fighting chronic fatigue and diabetes. Dont have much money for new products so the testimonials are important to me.

  25. Today is my first day! I found it had a chalky after taste. You have to mix it well . It kind of dries out the roof of your mouth and tongue for awhile…It helps to put an ICE CUBE in it before you drink it………..I had a Myocardial Scan with Injections and Stress test in Succession .Lasted 3 Hrs. They thought I had had a heart attach at one time…….So they were making sure my heart was working. The Echo Cardiagram prior showed two parts of my heart were not Moving…………I am hoping this product will help me avoid any Heart surgery….I am 76 Yrs old and take only one medication (Potassium) I get dizzy spells (I think it’s coming from my spine as I have 4 Degeneratve discs.Very bad arthritis in my neck and spondilliosis………I am not sure if this will help my problem but I will keep this site to update everyone, My blood pressure has recently been dropping and fluctuating all over the place …….Maybe this will help regulate it…….

    • Joyce if your doctor prescribed you potassium and 2 other medications it’s very likely that one of those medicines lowers the potassium in your blood. If you take only the potassium it can be very dangerous to your heart if your potassium become abnormally high. From what you just described it sounds like you have heart failure that requires Lasix or furosemide. That drug also makes you lose potassium through urine. So please take your prescribed medications or clarify it with your doctor.

      • Marie ! All my Heart test came out Normal. The heart doctor told me my Heart was pumping just fine and had good blood flow and I had no Artery Blockages! I am 77 and so thankful for that,, I do not take the potassium any more and my blood pressure is ok now…..I had a doctor for 30 Yrs and he retired and this Doctor only saw me twice and prescribed the Potassium……… I think I need a New Doctor…..

  26. I am waiting for someone who has been on this and went to their Doctor and had blood work done to see if their Collesterol had changed???? OR anything had improved!

  27. I took a fourth scoop this morning for the first time and had a major rush of anxiety and heart palpitation . Does this mean I can’t take it or do you think it will get better

    • Deb without knowing what your medical history or physical conditions .. weight, heart related issues, etc etc … there’s no way anyone including a doctor can give you a definitive answer. That said, it is highly unlikely that 1/4 a scoup of anything could give you that sort of reaction, unless there’s something in it that you are allergic too. However, typically food allergies or chemical sensitivities don’t cause heart reactions they might cause respiratory issues, but more likely itching, scratching, choking (due to swelling), hives etc.

      If it was a symptom of taking this product, or any natural product … I’d be that its a detox issue and you have something going on inside internally that needs to be dealt with and your body is “rushing” to utilise the nutrients.

      Do you take any other products or medication? Could also be a contradiction?

  28. Hi I took a fourth of the dose today for the first time and it gave me a rush of anxiety and heart palpitations. Does this mean I can’t take it or will the side affects go away once I am use to it .

    • That’s actually a good thing. It means its cleaning out your digestive tract of all the old waste. In essence another symptom of detox. Make sure you drinking a good amount of water through the day to help flush out your system. It will eventually subside. Also adding a good probiotic can help to ease the unpleasantness.

  29. Today is the 8th day. I have had so much energy this past two days…….I had to literally slow myself down…….I was doing more in one day than I had done in 3 Days……….I just wish I could see a Mental change Like a Relaxant or something /I guess I am looking for the word Motivation???? Wonder if that will change…I don’t know if this is suppose to work on the brain but After all there are blood vessels there too so maybe it will just take time…… Anyone Versed on this subject?

        • LINDA!Well I am only on my first month!! I paid 39.95 And if you are telling me that it is going to cost me 70.00 a month .I am telling you right now I will have to stop taking it. That is certainly unaffordable for me .Also it would be an outrageous Price…….With no real proof that this even works!!!!

  30. I’m considering purchasing this product. I’ve had acid reflux forever and just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis abd tired a lot. Does anyone else have these health issues? Does anyone think this would be helpful? Thank you

    • Patty, I had bad acid reflux too and learned you need to fight fire with fire. I love spicy food and hated the thought of giving it up but the stomach acid would roll up through my thoracic inlet and burn my esophagus in the middle of the night. I read that taking 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar before bedtime is an excellent antidote to this problem. I thought HUH! taking in more acid is only going to exacerbate the problem!
      What I discovered surprised me, ASV can stimulate digestion, and in cases where gastro-oesophageal reflux is caused by a lack of stomach acid rather than an excess of it, apple cider vinegar can help relieve these symptoms.”
      I guess this is why the French eat their salad after their meal.
      But if you have suffered with stomach ulcers then exercise caution and avoid apple cider vinegar, equally, if you suffer from severe heartburn or stomach pains, check with your doctor to rule out any ulceration before starting regular use of apple cider vinegar.”
      I have read all of the above posts and could not agree more with Martin S about the beginning stages of taking any supplement such as Vita Reds is going to have on a toxic body. These are quite normal side effects to a cleanse, the body is dumping toxins into the system to eliminate and can temporarily overload the kidneys thus the headaches and irritating stomach and colon. Drink “good” water during this phase not “tap water” which can be metal dominate at best being galvanized pipe or copper pipe or PVC, know to cause its own host of problems.

    • I have osteo Arthritis/Spondiiisis/Degenerative discs /very bad arthritis in my neck. I see no symptoms from Vital Reds that would make me believe it was making it worse! If anything I am moving more and doing more so I feel a great improvement in my energy with no pain.

    • It would probably be ok for you to take for your Rhuematoid Arth! this as it does work on your veins and arteries…….and circulation if anything it should help you…It’s worth a try….Seeing that most of the products are Fruits & vitamins

  31. Patty, I had bad acid reflux too and learned you need to fight fire with fire. I love spicy food and hated the thought of giving it up but the stomach acid would roll up through my thoracic inlet and burn my esophagus in the middle of the night. I read that taking 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar before bedtime is an excellent antidote to this problem. I thought HUH! taking in more acid is only going to exacerbate the problem!
    What I discovered surprised me, ASV can stimulate digestion, and in cases where gastro-oesophageal reflux is caused by a lack of stomach acid rather than an excess of it, apple cider vinegar can help relieve these symptoms.”
    I guess this is why the French eat their salad after their meal.
    But if you have suffered with stomach ulcers then exercise caution and avoid apple cider vinegar, equally, if you suffer from severe heartburn or stomach pains, check with your doctor to rule out any ulceration before starting regular use of apple cider vinegar.”
    I have read all of the above posts and could not agree more with Martin S about the beginning stages of taking any supplement such as Vita Reds is going to have on a toxic body. These are quite normal side effects to a cleanse, the body is dumping toxins into the system to eliminate and can temporarily overload the kidneys thus the headaches and irritating stomach and colon. Drink “good” water during this phase not “tap water” which can be metal dominate at best being galvanized pipe or copper pipe or PVC, know to cause its own host of problems.

  32. I have severe hair thinning which I started taking a product to help slow down the process. It has been working by slowing it down to less than 1/2 of the hair fall. I also started taking an additional product for regularity as I am chronically constipated and bloated no matter what I eat or don’t eat. It is currently working, but I am still getting checked out as I believe the problem that the constipation has exacerbated. I also found out I have high cholesterol and am always tired and have no motivation for anything. I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine and am tired of taking too many supplements and meds. I also have been on antidepressants for years as well as require a sleep aid.

    Has anyone been taking this product for longer than 4-6 weeks whether 1/2 recommended dose or full dose? I would love to read the concerns that you have had, the transition(s) that you have gone through, and how you are feeling now? Were you able to stop or lower doses of medication and have certain concerns been addressed and regulated?

    Thank you very much. The more information the better.


  33. I would also like to order the vita reds for 39.95 if possible. when I call the 1800 number they say they can only order it for 49.95 plus shipping….please contact me if you can help me.
    Cindy Thomas

  34. I know the first paragraph states “All natural” but I am curious where the fruits are being grown? Who is making sure all of the ingredients are “Natural” and does that mean the same things as organic?

  35. I suffer from fibromyalgia psoriatic arthritis and chronic fatigue. I am 50 years old female. I really am interested in trying it what have tried so many things and wasted so much money. I really like to know if someone who suffers from some of these things and how it works. I know it says 100 percent refund but….

    • TERRI!I have Fibromyalgia and have had it for 21 Yrs….I was diagnosed in when I was 56 yrs old and now I am 77. I have had many doctors want to prescribe medications but I refused…I manage it by only doing what I can do…..I never overdo anything……Never put a lot of stress on your body…….I always suffered the next day…Over time I just started to pace myself and do only what my body was telling me…….. I would take an ibuphophen when I felt Muscle aches and just rested…..Stress can trigger it too so keep calm….Rather than take medication with so many side effects I chose to try it my way .It works for me and the Vita reds helps me too! I think it works on the muscles too!!!!

  36. I just watched the video and I am interested in trying it. Martin Stepanek, I am a nationally ranked masters runner in track and I have been experiencing very low energy and exhaustion. I am curious…you seem to be a big supporter of this product…have you personally tried it? I have read all of the reviews and I’m still not 100 percent convinced. Dianne DeOliveira, [email protected]

  37. It is probably the Chromium that is causing the heart palpitations look up chromium. That is what causes heart palpitations I can’t take anything with that in it

    • The number 1 factor and first line of defense against any virus’, bacteria, fungal infection or low energy, is Glutathione. Low energy of any kind, is a result of Low Glutathione, which reduces cellular production of ATP (Adenosine Tr-phosphate), the natural energy currency of your cell. The thing that powers your body. Everything else is a secondary factor, some more important than others, but secondary. Without high levels of Glutathione all the other secondary factors will have a limited if any effect. They are important, but get the general of your army healthy first, otherwise the army has no direction. Every single athlete (collegiate, Olympic and Pro) we work with, takes the supps linked previously, because they work and that is the feedback we get from them across the board. Then look at bolstering the supporting troops.

        • Yes it is Linda. Cellgevity contains a core component called Riboceine. Its a natural fusion of Cysteine encapsulated in Ribose, which is readily absorbed by the body and protected from the acids and enzymes of your digestive tract and is quickly assimilated by your cells. The compound then hyrdolises, or splits naturally, leaving cysteine fully intact in your cells so they can create high levels of Glutathione. Then your cells use the Ribose to create Adenosine Tri-phosphate or ATP, which is the chemical that allows your body to function. Pure “feel good” energy. Not stimulation or otherwise. If you are sensitive to alpha lopaic acid, milk thistle or bioperine, or any of the other ingredients in the product, you can get pure Riboceine to start with in the product MaxOne from the same company. Riboceine is 300% more effective at increasing Glutathione production at a cellular level than any other compound, even NAC or any medicinal means. There are 22 peer reviewed and published studies, two by NASA on mitigating radiation from space travel .. like seriously. I typically advise people, start with Cellgevity, its the most powerful of all products and has many detox benefits. That said, some people, maybe 1 in 1000 will not be able to tolerate the detox process, for some its just to severe, typically because they have metal/mercury toxicity and don’t realize until the process starts. Most will feel nothing but a little draggy from time to time .. if they feel any detox at all. The vast majority just start to feel better in terms of energy and focus anywhere from a day to a week. The odd person it might take a few weeks. Key to the detox process with this product or with Vital Meds or any other that could cause the issue, is not to quit and to drink lots of clean (non-chlorinated water). Detoxing is nothing more that Glutathione or another lesser molecule binding to a toxin to render it water soluble, so the body passes it out. But… water is the key in “water soluble”. Water is the medium by which your body flushes out toxins. So when you take any product that can cause detox, its a good idea to drink plenty of fresh water. I suggest a full 10 – 12 oz with each dose.

          • Hi Martin! I really appreciate all the information you have provided. Just so I’m clear, you are saying it is a good idea to take the Cellgevity along with the Vital Reds, or before starting Vital Reds? I just received my 1st order of Vital Reds today, and was thinking about starting it this Saturday. Also, since you are very familiar with health/nutrition, do you know if it is safe to continue taking all the vitamins and minerals, including my probiotic, that I take on a daily basis while taking Vital Reds? Thank you for any information you can give. Heather ([email protected])

          • Hi Heather. I wouldn’t have any issue taking Vital Reds with Cellgevity together, in fact I plan on doing so myself. I also take a probiotic so again, this isn’t like compounding supplements that have the same ingredients which might be “too much”. They are actually complementary in many respects. That said, since both have powerful potential as detox agents it might be a good idea to start slowly with whichever you are introducing and work up to full dose over a week or two just to ensure you system acclimates gradually, especially if you are a person who is sensitive to detox. Myself, since I’ve been on Cellgevity for more than 8 years, its unlikely that I would experience any issues and will take Vital Red full dose from day one. Hope that helps. Taking Cellgevity prior to Vital Reds to a degree would have an advantage in that your assimilation of the latter would be enhanced, but it isn’t critical since we all have a level of Gluathione in our system … or we simply wouldn’t be alive.

        • Sorry Linda, I should meant to add, that if Cellgevity is just beyond tolerable .. which is rare, stop taking it for a while and take MaxOne. That will detox, but with less severity because it doesn’t contain any of the other components. The ATP increase from that product tends to overshadow any detox effect by elevating energy. After being on that product for a few weeks slowly introduce Cellgevity again by adding one cap a day. As long as that is tolerable, after a week take one twice a day and so on until you can tolerate the full dosage. Sometimes (more often than not) what some people think is an allergy is actually the body detoxing. You stick the course and suddenly food allergies disappear. My mother has allergies to every food in the book and couldn’t take Cellgevity for the longest time. After being on MaxOne for a few months she started taking Cellgevity slowly as suggested and now that’s all she takes. I’ve seen it at least 100 times including with a former Canadian Olympic Speed Skater.

  38. Hello, where can I purchase one bottle for $39.95 as mentioned in your article? Dr Gundry’s website is selling it for $49.95.


  39. I have been taking vita reds for one month now and
    NOTHING! I’m a bit dissapointed! I have two more months to go but I’m not expecting anything.

      • It doesn’t seem fair as regular users you should have to pay the high price. I don’t think their advertising gimmick of having only so many bottles left is true. If it was that means a lot of customers do without when it runs out. I hate dishonesty.

  40. I have tried vital reds for two months now and have not been experiencing more energy, let alone weight loss. Instead, I have been getting rashes on my neck and shoulder area. I stopped taking vital reds for two days and the rash cleared up. As soon as I started taking vital reds again, within a few days, rashes reappeared. I will be returning the product.

    • Sounds like you’re sensitive to a particular ingredient in the product Veronika. How bad is the rash? Does it last continuously once it starts to appear or only for short periods of time after taking? Do you get hives as a result, like thick welts? Any scratching in the back of the throat or runny nose?

  41. just got my vital reds today. took a glass today no noticeable effect while i was playing golf. i was still tired while i was playing. i will continue tomorrow. no pain or discomfort otherwise

    • I’m seeing a number of people suggesting they are experiencing nothing, even after a length of time. I’m curious. I don’t have any questions in respect of the importance of polyphenols or even the science behind this product, it is important to health, but there are often other reasons for certain conditions. I’ve done a lot of research on PubMed and other medical / scientific journals and have a website where I’ve listed a lot of studies relating to diseases and conditions and associated nutritional factors as published. The excepts of those publications are on the website and can be traced back to each publication.

      If anyone wants that information, you can email me at proscout @ gene pool sports . com take out the spaces. I’m not suggesting stopping this product in anyway shape or form and as mentioned will get on this product myself, however if you aren’t realizing the benefits you’re looking for, there might be underlying reasons why, perhaps another nutritional imbalance that is limiting your nutrient uptake or creating a cellular inflammatory issue. I’d like you to email the condition to my address above with symptoms you experience, and what you have tried. I’ll dig through the literature and reply with relevant clinical studies that might give you a direction to look at. Just an offer, if you are interested to know more about your condition and possible reasons.

  42. I think the green tea component of the vital reds is possible contributor to the palpitations. It is caffeine and a stimulant so it maybe best to cut back on your dose and talk with your healthcare provider. The other thing I would suggest is make sure you elimate other caffeinated drinks or foods from your diet.

  43. My husband takes 1/2 metoporol 25mg plus losartan potassium 25mg one baby aspirin, plus shaklee vitamins. Can he take vita reds ? Have just ordered it.

  44. I am considering this product but waiting for more information from people who have used it for a longer period of time. Most of the comments seem to favor Vital Reds. Also cost is a factor because the Canadian dollar is worth so much less at this time than the American dollar.

  45. I am interested to know if I decide to divide the dosage (2x a day)….will I be too energized to sleep if I take the 2nd half in the evening? I have not ordered yet, my primary reason to purchase is to help me sleep as well as help with digestion.

  46. Hello everyone! I want to try the Vital Reds also. Thanks for all your posts. I have read all of your comments/ problems, etc.
    Is it really possible to get a single bottle for $39.99 rather than $49.99?
    Martin S., You have convinced me about the Cellgevity. Should I try it first and then move to the Vital Reds?

  47. I suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and have a hypo active thyroid. After watching a presentation, I decided to go ahead and buy the product. Personally, I would rather fix my health problems with natural ingredients instead of using manufactured drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. I just hope it works as advertised.

  48. I have been taking Vital Reds for about a week now, and I think I’m majorly allergic to something in it. Within minutes of starting a glass, I start to cough, I get a headache, my nose and ears start to plug up, and my throat starts to feel hot, funny and a little “fat.” I am a singer, and my vocal cords don’t feel right or work right after I drink a glass either. Detox or allergic reaction? Today, had major diarrhea. I’ve been doggedly staying with it – mixing the scoop in two-three glasses of water, drinking it slowly over 30 minutes or so – but I still get exactly the same reactions.

  49. I’ve been taking it for about a month now I absolutely have no side effects I am a singer my throat is exactly fine no problems with that I do have more energy now that I’ve had in the past just went to the doctor the other day my blood pressure is better than it ever has been I have very dry skin some psoriasis hopefully it’ll take care of some of that I still have two months left i’m going to continue taking it till it’s all gone and see how it does with the extra energy I go to the gym now I have lost 20 pounds since I’ve been on vital red I just feel great my old saying was I’m tired of being tired well I’m not tired anymore

  50. I was wondering if anyone here has anxiety and panic attacks? I do but I am on medication for that since I lost my son. And I’m trying to get healthy again for my other son.
    I eat pretty healthy and was going to the gym but it’s been 3 months since I gone. My main goal is to have energy, feel better, and health wise to. I don’t have high blood pressure at all. I know my bad cholesterol was a somewhat high. But I don’t take anything for that.
    My scare is this gonna make me have anxiety or panic attacks? Or with having more energy and my pills being more I guess a relaxer for my anxiety will this mess with heart?

  51. Anybody read of the loss of potency after opening? May need to refrigerate? Opening powder mixes causes me to wonder —- ordered bottle/cans and have not rec’d them yet. Hope the dark berries & metabolism boosters work for me! Glad to have the 90-day return policy.

    Thanks for posting your experiences.

  52. Wow, Ted … did you have a personal experience? I haven’t even tried the product as of yet, but to make such an accusation in regard to anything, one would reasonably expect some sort of validation. Can you substantiate this?

  53. Never felt better in my life. Have taken it a month. Just ordered 3 more.. Am wondering if I can take it in early afternoon also?? Any feedback?? Donna

  54. Hi Martin, I notice you have contributed many supportive comments for this product but in several of them you mention that you have not yet tried the product. I’m wondering why you haven’t tried it and why you are so willing to recommend a product that you haven’t tried yourself? I would love to find a product that provides all the benefits this one claims, but as with many others, I am skeptical as it seems too good to be true. Thanks

  55. Hi Darcy. I’m a bit of science freak and researcher into health and performance nutrition. Have been for many years. I work with integrative practitioners, trainers, athletes (Olympic and Professional) and so finding scientifically backed nutritional products is just something I do. I was researching phyto-nutrients and polyphenols when I came across Dr. Gundry’s product. I’m basing my comments not so much on the product itself as much as Dr. Gundry’s reputation, aside from what you see in his video. If you research him as a physician and scientist, the man has impeccable credentials. I haven’t tried the product as of yet only because I’m so swamped in a new sports, academic and philanthropic sponsorship scouting agency that I’ve just been focused elsewhere. I am not in particular need of the product myself, as I have some of the world’s most cutting edge nutritionals at my disposal as it is, but for our athletes I’m always searching for particular areas of nutritional interest. This just happened to be in one of those areas and seems to be the best, that I’ve found. So pretty soon I will try it and may also have several athletes try it as long as we do not find anything in it that is on the banned substance list, can’t risk that, and in particular I’ll be looking for BSCG or other accredited certification for Olympic clearance. My comments were not directly in support of the product, more to support individuals in their quest for answers and where a product is possibly misunderstood as per a given reaction, based on experience from other similar products, I hate to see people “give up” because they don’t understand a reaction or it perhaps takes longer for one person than the next. Natural health doesn’t work that way. Some see reaction quickly, others may take time, yet other … well perhaps they are in need of other elements. Even in terms of medicine, one drug may help a given person, but have no effect on another, why would nutrition be any different? That said, drugs ARE NEVER a substitute for nutrition and IMHO and based on VAST experience, should always be your first choice of pursuit. So I don’t want to see people ditch on something before giving it a really thorough investigation and also take a serious look at the whole nutritional spectrum. A lot of the so called “studies”, even if valid medical class can often be misleading. You have to know how to read them and how to apply them to your health as part of a larger program. Example, you don’t live on just vitamin C, or just polyphenols, but the latter is one of those elemental components of an over all natural health plan, that has a broader application that just vitamin C. Having said, it is STILL not the complete answer in and of itself. If you look at my previous comments, there are nutritional components that are of a higher order than polyphenols, in fact, are required for your body to even utilise, vitamins, polyphenols, minerals, fatty acids, or enzymes, and in turn, some of those are required to recycle and enhance the function of, for example Glutathione which is actually the most powerful molecule in the human cell. What I’m getting at here is, to look at one single component of the entire spectrum is most often insanity, because our bodies require a balance. To bombard our bodies with one element and neglect the others can throw our systems into wild swings, how people become hypchondriacs. We’re playing backyard chemist, without the lab to actually tell us what is missing and how much we need to achieve “balance”. FYI, to achieve balance, you’re #1 requirement is Glutathione, or nothing else matters. With optimized GSH levels, suddenly your assimilation, synthesis and utilization of all else becomes much more balanced, but you still need all those other elements, it doesn’t negate them. Hope that makes sense. Find balance find health. Simple as that.

  56. I never received it and I called to complain and all I got was the run around and there refused to re-ship the product until I went to the post office and file a claim. If this is the way they stand with their product I really want nothing to do with them. I’m just disputing the charges and letting them hash it out with my credit card company. It appears I am not alone in dealing with their horrible customer service with their terrible rules. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT POTENTIAL BUYER…..”BUYER BEWARE!!!”

  57. Thank you Martin for taking the time to reply with such helpful advise. You have answered alot of my questions too. I have ordered Vital Reds but not yet recieved the product. I think I”ll order Cellgevity as well as I am sensitive to detox. Will let you know how it works for me.

  58. Thank you Martin for taking the time to reply with such helpful advise. You have answered alot of my questions too. I have ordered Vital Reds but not yet recieved the product. I think I”ll order Cellgevity as well as I am sensitive to detox. Will let you know how it works for me.

  59. Vital Reds were great for the first month, it really helped me keep regular and i didn’t feel tired every afternoon. In the 5th week i began to have stomach discomfort along with bloating, this would happen every evening along with chills. I emailed, asking for advice. They acknowledged it but did not reply back. The next day I emailed again asking to return the product and have not received any help. Would love to keep using it but even cutting the dose in half didn’t do enough. Is this where the money back guarantee ends?

  60. I am confused. I watched Dr. Gundry’s video he mentions that lectins are the problem and to avoid them but vital reds contains pomegranate and this is a lectin as is cherries also in the vital reds. Any thoughts on this?

    • All I know is cherries are anti inflammatory. Don’t expect to get an answer out of them. There are many of these products on the market

  61. The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    So if the disclaimer says this, what is the purpose of taking this product?

  62. A lot of people are talking about high blood pressure. I’m on 2 different medicones for high BP and have had no issues. On the contrary, my BP has been very good. The only issues I’ve had and it was my fault. I didn’t like the taste with water or fresca, so I got some glycerin a, figured what the heck…. if nothing else, I’ll get a 2 for 1 and have no more blood sugar spikes. Oh BTW I’m diabetic as well. But I found myself gaining a lot of weight!! It really upset me, so I stopped taking both. I started thinking about it and it was probably the glycerina. So this time I got slim fast and I’ve lost about 8 pds so far. That is why I got the gun dry red to lose weight, so on that I will end and wish everyone good luck.

    • I am about 3 weeks in. No noticeable weight loss. No help with my bowels. One thing I have noticed but not absolutely sure yet is that maybe my inflammation is down. Yesterday I walked for hours shopping. I have Fybromyalgia. I would normally been in really bad pain last night with restless legs but I did not. I noticed today I don’t feel much inflammation and I had a huge Chinese food dinner last night and then dessert after I had fasted the rest of the day after the vital red drink. I was down l lb today. Normally I would gain 3 0r more from the Chinese food. Tomorrow we will see how I feel.

    • Hi Brenda, are you taking medication for both blood pressure and diabetes? I have just started vital reds with the hope it will help with my BP and prediabetes. I am on medication for my BP and my endo wants me to start on Metformin for my prediabetes.

    • Hi Brenda, are you taking medication for both blood pressure and diabetes? I have just started vital reds with the hope it will help with my BP and prediabetes. I am on medication for my BP and hashimotos and my endo wants e to start on Metformin for my prediabetes.

  63. Martin, thanks for all the great info. It is very well written and in depth. where do you buy Cellgevity and Maxone. I have taken Vital Reds for 5 days now and am pleased with the energy and well-being I am feeling. However, I think I must take the 1/2 tsp dose twice a day as it has made my bowels pretty loose (although getting better). Any comments to this will be appreciated.

  64. I have almost finished my first month. The only thing I have noticed is less inflammation with my fibro. But if that continues it still will be worth taking.

  65. I’m thinking that with all that has been posted here, the most reasonable thing to expect would be a response from the man who developed this product, Dr. Gundry. But as I have not seen a single response from him leads me to believe he is hiding something or needs to hire someone to respond on his behalf. The most beneficial posts have come from Martin Stepanek who has taken the time to explain more about what these products are meant to do, and what might be causing the side effects than the developer. Also, Martin don’t you feel that if this was such a good product it would be endorsed by the FDA and maybe some scientific journals?

    • I am with you on that. All these gimmicks out there cost a fortune. I have not noticed much except lower inflammation and I can get that from Tumeric! It tastes great though

      • Linda, that doesn’t make it a gimmick. The mistake most of us make is in looking at any one component of nutrition as a “cure all”. That doesn’t exist. You can’t eat just tumeric and survive, you can’t eat just Vital Reds and survive. The fact you’ve seen a reduction in inflammation is a good thing because 90% of all disease stems from cellular inflammation caused by toxicity. The fact you’ve experienced a reduction in inflammation suggests you’re body is actually doing a better job now of detoxifying. We have to stop looking for an instant solution. We don’t become toxic, overweight or ill “instantly”, so we can expect reversal off conditions instantly either. Eat a well rounded diet high in fiber, polyphenols, vitamins etc and supplement with a “full spectrum” complement. Why the latter? We’ve all heard the adage that our foods today do not contain the same nutritional value they did 50 years ago .. its true, but more importantly, there are certain nutritional molecules that do not traverse the digestive tract nor absorb effectively. So combining the two … supplementation in today’s world is a necessity, but don’t play chemist and think one particular molecule is the answer to all, not even GSH in my previous posts, which is KING for documented reasons, can completely stand on its own. Take a holistic approach to both diet and supplementation.

  66. I have hypothyroidism and anxiety of which I take the following medications: .88 mcg Levothyroxine (for Thyroid), .5 mg Alprazolam (3 x a day) and 20mg Fluoxitine (both for anxiety/panic disorder). Is it safe to start Via Reds while taking these medications?

    • Sherri, this is like asking … can I take these medications and eat. Polyphenols are nutrition, nothing more. That said, they are in concentration and yes some nutritional molecules, even food, can react with given medications. In my experience with people being told “don’t eat this or that with a given medication”, its counter intuitive to good health. To avoid the reactions, start very very slow. A fraction of the dose. Drink plenty of clean water with and after the product. So lets say your take 1/5th the dose first couple of days and you feel ok. Then up your dose to 1/4 for a few days and see how you feel. Since you’re starting slow, don’t expect miracles in the first day, know you’re going to have to take it for a longer period before you can actually evaluate its effect on you. When my father started taking Max Cellgevity to combat his PD, it took him 8 months before he was off all medication. Not suggesting such as your course of action, that’s something you have to evaluate personally and with your doctor, but there’s always the possibility.

    • If you already have anxiety I would not be taking these as they are sure to make you more nervous and anxious with the ingredients like green tea and white tea extract which basically is like caffeine .

  67. I am a nurse practitioner and have been practicing for 40 years. I have always believed in alternative medications/modalities and have encouraged my patients to do the same, but only after conversing with their medical provider. I am currently researching Vital Reds and Cellgevity and plan on purchasing both. I have numerous health issues i.e.; fibromyalgia, hypothyroid, clinical depression, six herniated vertebral discs, osteo-arthritis, elevated cholesterol, anxiety, menopausal, and I am 65 years old. So wish me luck and keep me in your prayers…I will keep you posted

  68. Day three- a lot of increased energy and able to focus better. Only side effect is slight insomnia — have had trouble falling asleep. only taking one scoop as recommended

  69. Is it safe to take while pregnant? I am taking my first dose right now. I have talked to my Obstetrician and she said yes but I m still skeptical. Has anybody else taking while pregnant or does anyone know if it is safe?

    • It says right on it not to take while pregnant so I wouldn’t. It also contains caffeine so I would not take it while pregnant. It doesn’t state how many mg of caffeine either.

  70. Did anyone go to his terms of service page? I glanced through it but one statement that stood out was this!
    “California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm if those products expose consumers to such chemicals above certain threshold levels. We care about our customers’ safety and hope that the information below helps with your buying decisions.
    We are providing the following warning for products linked to this page:
    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

    • Another question,one of the first things Dr Gundry says is no wheatgrass…..I thought wheatgrass was suppose to be so good for you? I was all set to order because it sounds so good, but the wheatgrass also sounded so good, I have tried that too with nothing noticable. I know there is no magic pill, but supplementing your nutrition seems reasonable to me. And yes, I know it takes time. I’d really like the above explained though!

  71. Another question,one of the first things Dr Gundry says is no wheatgrass…..I thought wheatgrass was suppose to be so good for you? I was all set to order because it sounds so good, but the wheatgrass also sounded so good, I have tried that too with nothing noticable. I know there is no magic pill, but supplementing your nutrition seems reasonable to me. And yes, I know it takes time. I’d really like the above explained though!

  72. Well, this review failed to answer the main question….does it really work? It covered pretty much everything else, what is in this, dosage, etc., but not whether or not it really works.

    I can read through the comments & that will tell me whether it works or not for some of you.

  73. Hi
    Am diabetic2. and take Medicean for it and for blood pressure and for Cholestrol
    Can I take the vital red do you think it want be drugs interaction with it

  74. Hi , I have just recived my first order , i am yet to start taking it so can not comment as yet. my concern and anger is that when i ordered my first jar i was then offered the 3 jar special for £115 pounds sterling, i orderd the 3 jars, however i was also charged for the single jar of £57, and then i was not told i would have to pay a dutie of tax as i am from the united kingdom, this was a further £58. the total cost rose from £109 to £234. i feel that i Have been conned of more than double my origional purchase price 🙁

  75. I’m so glad I am able to see the list of ingredients in this product. It literally saved my life, since I’m deathly allergic to mangoes and the black pepper is also on my list of “things to avoid at all costs”. This product sounded promising, but I’ll have to pass on it … I’ll live longer that way.

  76. UPDATE: I have been on vital reds approximately 50 days now. Although I love drinking it I have seen no noticeable results worth paying the price. I am really tired of these companies making so many claims and then want to sell you more and more of their products.

    • Linda, be careful how you state things. Just because a product doesn’t produce results for you specifically, doesn’t mean it doesn’t for others. Health, as with medical applications, are not always cut and dry across the entire spectrum. Look at how many people have posted positive reviews. Your issue, may be related to something other than what this product can support. If you look back through this forum at some of my earlier posts, I’d be willing to bet, it covers why you are not experiencing the results you seek. Also keep in mind, not everyone’s physiological make up is the same, so response times can vary dramatically. Even with drugs, not every drug, works for every person.

      Did you know …. and I’m talking from information forwarded by a good friend who is a cardiologist, that when a pharmaceutical company or medical university is conducting a study, if they see positive results in just 30% of the participants, its considered “statistically valid”? What about the other 70%? Medical scientists know that not every compound is going to be a universal cure or treatment, in fact, it never happens.

  77. I have just started on the vital reds, I am mixing 1 scoop in to my smoothies, this consists of 3 different fruits and natural yogurt along with some spinach. this equates to 500ml, I take 250ml on a morning and the other 250ml on a night, your oppinions would be appreciated.

  78. I would love for this to be helpful but I’m a little afraid of the warning he has posted on his Terms of Service page. Has anyone read it? Its states that there is a chemical in there that could cause cancer or birth defects.

    • A review of the ingredients and their natural ingredients disclaimer on the same page tell me that the product is safe. The statement you refer to seems to be a “California” thing which is likely just a legal requirement for all natural supplements. I would suspect this is due that no natural supplements are regulated by the FDA … an agency that isn’t exactly trustworthy to begin with since their interest is in pushing synthetic chemicals.

      Short answer is every ingredient, even the “additionals” appear to be naturally derived.

  79. This does not read like a neutral detached reviewer but a paid endorsement. It so had to get at the truth on these supplement because so many are paid to lie post outrageous propaganda pieces.

  80. Hi , i am two weeks in and i have had no improvements in any way or form, i am disapointed but will carry on as i do like the taste, thats something i suppose.

  81. I was initially put off in the video by his response to the “heart patient no one would touch”. If this man’s diet and weight loss had made such an improvement in a relatively short period of time why was his choice to rush into a quadruple by-pass? A continuation of what the patient was doing combined with overseeing his progress would have been less invasive An alternative (still costly but less so) would have been the insertion of stints? Great that it got the doctor thinking about nutrition, but still wonder how much he was influenced by the dollar sign?

  82. I have just learned about this product, and my concern is that I have a pacemaker and am on a low dose of blood pressure medication because of the pacemaker. Has anyone had this situation and taken this product. I’d like some feedback.

  83. Why is there milk in this product? It wasn’t mentioned once in the tutorial. MY cardiologist told me NO more milk or dairy.
    There are other ingredients I’m sus about. There were no warnings about niacin flushes! Was niacin even mentioned? Is there caffeine in this product ? I notice a lot of people have heart palpitations. The more I’m reading about it , I’m thinking it’s a scam !

  84. This product has ingredients like white tea and green tea extract and if you have a sensitivity to caffeine or have any type of heart arrhythmia or anxiety problem DO NOT TAKE It! This will not level out after taking it for a while as some might have mentioned. You could end up in the ER. This should be mentioned on the disclaimer other than just saying “consult with your doctor”… this is poor marketing and bad business.

    • Anne, its not poor marketing and bad business. First off the actual website tells you to consult your physician before taking. What’s ok for one might not be for another, as with drugs or any supplements. People need to use a little intuitive reasoning, not panic out because of every little thing they see. Trace amount of caffeine from naturally sourced green team or white tea is highly unlikely to cause sensitivity issues in even those those with sensitivity issues. It just depends on the content level. It it doesn’t say on the bottle, contact the company and find out how much before taking, but don’t try to instill panic in people. I’ve seen people with allergy issues to other products I use, start on those products in minute doses and gradually work up as the “detoxify” and wouldn’t you know it, once their body’s have gone through a thorough detox, their sensitivities miraculously disappear along with their allergies. I’m one of those who had chronic allergies—even life threatening and that was my personal experience.

  85. Hi
    I have been taking vital reds for 3 days now and feel really good. I actually have diagnosed intermittant atrial flutter and atrial fibrulation but haven’t had any issues or symptoms of any arythmias on the vital reds so maybe it just affects some with palpitations. I am noticing diarrhoea though on day 3 it has got really bad. I have no actual sensation of cramps or nausea or feeling unwell in any way and wonder if this is just my body adjusting. I am not really confidant of leaving the house as in leaving the close proximity of a toilet today but have some errands to do and I return to work from annual leave in a couple of days so need to decide if I should continue with the vital reds or not. Has anyone else had this and did it clear up and if so how long did it last. Thanks

    • Hi Karen, that actually can be a detox related symptom … well sort of. Often also happens when you start a balanced fibre diet. You are likely assuming correctly to the “adjusting”. Such adjusting can be a few days or even a couple of weeks. Sometimes an adjustment of diet can make a difference but without knowing your daily dietary routine I couldn’t make any suggestions.

    • Hi! This is common in the first few days but will get better. I was fine by day 4 or 5 and never returned. I think it’s the detoxing properties. Vital reds is honestly the best thing I’ve done in 10 years. I had suffered miserably with many health prob that no one ever found any answers to. Suffered w extreme depression after post partum depression, was hospitalized once an almost didn’t make it out. Now I went from 14 medications to 3. Lost 65 lbs, am never depressed anymore although w my life situation I should be and I am more motivated and have more energy than the last 15 years of my life! Stick it out- I promise you will be happy you did!

  86. I listened to the video that Dr Gundry made for Primal Plants. He stated that probiotics usually don’t make it beyond the stomach to be properly absorbed in the intestines. How is this product different to properly absorb the probiotics?

  87. Hi from Perth Aus. I’ve been taking this for about a week and definitely notice a difference in energy. I was definitely put off by the hype at the end of the video and actually almost didn’t order it for that reason. But the rationale and science behind it convinced me and I’ll continue to use it for 3 months at least. Does anyone know if it should/can be kept in the fridge? ( esp in our hot weather!)

  88. I am a nurse of 52 years and have seen Dr. Gundry’s video on Vital Reds and read the reviews of many participants. I am 80 and have Hypertension, Reflux, have no energy. I am not a pill person but am interested in having more vitality. I enjoy working but have to take a long nap every day. Anything I can do to help my body using natural means I am looking for. Is this a money making scam, are these claims given true, and are the refunds sent as willingly as advertised? I am so against fraudulent business.

  89. Hi, I have been taking this product for 2 months now, I have had no benifits whatsoever, no extra energy, my dry patches of skin ar no better, my stools have become very loose, which is certainly not a bennifit, I am very dissapointed. i think it is time to see if the money back promise is also a load of rubbish.

    • Neil, just because it wasn’t your solution, doesn’t mean it was a load of rubbish. It just means it wasn’t the right solution for your issue. Nothing is a cure all, such a beast does not exist. Your issue is obviously related to another deficiency other than polyphenols, or you could be in a slow deep cleanse (detox), which I’ve seen take as long as months. Everyone’s physiology and circumstances are a little different. That said, in 98% of cases, if you do not see a positive change within the first month, there’s like a larger issue at play. In what you’ve described, I normally see results begin within a week to a month maximum. So read through my previous posts if you want the answer.

    • By the way, something to think about. One of my customers, is an emergency room doctor here at our local (regional) hospital. He’s not only a natural health client of mine using products that I work with for our athletes, but he’s also a regular user of Vital Reds and loves the product. So if you want to investigate your issues and find solutions feel free to email me your situation, what drugs you take as result, diet and I’ll give you some feedback.

      • Hi Martin, I think i am proberbly looking for something that is not available/possible, i am 52y/o and a very active person, in very good health, I race mountainbikes and I carry some painful injurys due to the nature of the sport. but i am always looking to improve my phisical condition, i have come to the conclusion that i do not need to improve my overall phisical condition as i am in pretty good shape for my age. I decided to give the vital reds a try and drop some of my long term remedies that i consume, things like flax oil, hemp oil, tumric, spirulina,chlorela,q/enzyme, all being natural vitamins. However I do not feel any better or worse for dropping these from my diet and replacing them with the reds, which suggests my healthy diet is naturaly enough for my personal and phisical requirements. the reds may work for others and i did not say it was rubbish, the rubbish claim was concerning as to weather the money back guaruntee is true. Kind Regards, Neil.

  90. I wanted to order, but I am a little concerned. Read through all of these comments, haven’t seen much on weight loss or help for diabetes. I have a lot of weight to lose and I wanted some good nutrition to do it with. Anyone been on this Vital Reds long enough to see results? Also Dr.G said it would help joints. Anyone have results?

  91. I have been taking it for 3 months now and feel great. My BP actually is much better. It also has helped me with energy and my digestion. It is a great product.

  92. This product has not worked for me in anyway, And now the time has come to check if the refund stands up to there claims that purchases will be refunded with no problem, well for starters no one is answering my Emails. Does anybody have any ideas. I do not realy want to
    make a long distance call as this could make the vital reds an even greater cost consuming mistake.

  93. I too will be testing out their refund policy to see if they live up to it. I purchased just based on Dr Gundry’s video but suffered a reaction, which consisted of palpitations, tight chest and feeling ‘spaced out’. I tried 3 times, with 1/4/ or half doses, hopeful for things after what I had heard. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence initially but the 3rd time was terrible, it if had got much worse I may have had to call a doctor. Goodness know what would have happened if I had tried the full dose in one go. I have no history of medical issues, no medications, no allergies to caffeine or other ingredients and I checked first with my doctor. It was NOT anxiety (I saw one of the comments above), I was very positive about taking the product and expected good things.

    After experiencing my reaction, I looked around to see whether anyone else had had problems and found this website. I wish I had seen it before, I definitely would not have ordered. Like most things, I think people react differently and I’m sure it works well for some people with no problems at all but it certainly seems there is a subgroup of people who do not respond well. In the future I will certainly do better research before ordering anything, especially from a different country. i am in the UK and had to pay an extra £18 customs / royal mail fee on top of the $59.99 already paid just to get it from the UK border to my house – bear that in mind as a possible additional cost if you are considering ordering from the UK, i don’t know if it is applied in all cases. We’ll see how the refund process goes, I’ll report back here because it is important for people to know that it is genuine before ordering if this post is for genuine, honest reviews.

    • Hi Sylvia, i will keep you posted on my outcome, i payed over £100 pounds more than the original purchase price, aprox £50 dutie and £50 on an extra jar i did not order, in English, they have had my eyes out 🙂

  94. Within 72 hrs of taking Vital Reds I’ve experienced extreme bloating. To the point where my belly got really big and noisy. I was at work feeling embarrassed of all that happening. I had to run few times to the bathroom. I wasn’t having diarrhea just incredible gas. I wrote customer service that my belly bloated and felt very uncomfortable. Instead of losing weight I gained 3 lbs. I got an email response from their wellness-expert saying that the bad bacteria dying inside was causing the bloating. Hmm …. interesting for couple of reasons: 1) the product promises the opposite of bloating 2) I am on a healthy diet for a long time now, just aiming to shed few extra pounds. Is anybody else getting same adverse reaction? Please tell me I’m not losing my mind. I respect Dr. Gundry a bunch and this is not meant to be negative. I am just looking for an explanation. I’ve ordered some activated charcoal on Amazon to control the side-effects and stopped taking VR altogether.

  95. UK customer here. Just received 3 x vital reds.
    UK Customs add 20% for VAT, don’t forget so 3 x pots cost me £120. VERY VERY expensive, probably prohibitive I would suggest.
    Palpitations in short rushes. Otherwise no beneficial effects to date (1 week).

    Disappointing overall.

  96. My Gundry MD arrived ten days ago, It was fine for the first 5 days it was fine I felt good , I’m a mailman I have a 5 miles walking route, but the last four days I’m being having headaches so I increase my water intake to see if this just go but Im planning in stop this supplement for a while, firstly because I have never experience such kind of ache symptoms before, yes a casual headache once every couple of months but not a straight four days. Has any body experience the same?

  97. I have only recently started taking vital reds and I like to try something for 3 months before I comment on results. I ordered from the UK, and I had to pay £81 sterling in customs and VAT. So if you are ordering outside the USA bear these extra charges in mind.


  98. I’m going on my second week and I have notice an increase in energy, also friends and co-worker’s have commented on my skin “Your skin is glowing”. I’m not as hungry and sweets are longer something I crave. I give it a Five star!

  99. I’m into my second week of Vital Reds. I also use the Primal Greens. I haven’t noticed any issues from the caffeine from the teas, but will take my BP tonight to see if there’s any negative change. What I have noticed, and I want to thank all those that posted such informative information here, is a Niacin flush. Had no idea what that was until reading everything here. Initially, I was drinking the blends throughout the morning, but over the past few days, I’ve been drinking it all at once first thing in the morning. Yesterday after getting out of the shower, my face was completely flush and I had a rash on my chest and down my left arm. I rubbed calendula cream on the areas and the redness went away. My face was flush again this morning, but no visible rash. Tomorrow I will go back to drinking it throughout the morning with food and see if that makes a difference. I must say though, my skin does look better after just a week. Haven’t noticed anything else yet, but it’s only be a little over a week. Thanks again for all the helpful info!

  100. I’m on day 5 of taking Vital Reds. I haven’t yet noticed any difference in my energy or sleeping better but it’s too early to say. I want this product to be all that Dr G claimed in his video so I’m trying to give it a full 3 weeks before asking a refund. What I am having a hard time with is the nausea I experience every morning when I take it!! I’m talking MAJOR nausea, completed with breaking out in a sweat and salivating and having to lay down for it to pass..usually about 45 minutes. This has caused me to lose one morning of work this week, then I have been waking up earlier to take the Reds and allow the nausea to pass before leaving for work. I then belch for most of the morning. By noontime, I’m fine. Any suggestions??? I take it on an empty stomach with juice, as suggested. I wonder..is it as effective if taken with food?

  101. I just started taking Vital Reds. With in 10 mins I had hot flushes wash over me and I too became extremely nauseous. My stomach became distended and my skin started itching. I don’t even think I was this ill when I had morning sickness with my pregnancies. It’s awful. I really want this product to work. I’ll keep trying maybe it will pass in a week or so.


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