Happy Mama Prenatal Gummies Vitamin Review– Mamas Breed Happily Now

About The Happy Family

Happy Family is a leading premium organic food brand launched on Mother’s Day 2006. It has a complete line of nutritional foods for the growing babies, toddlers, kids and now moms as well. Happy Family adds optimal nutrition, probiotics, plant-based DHA and Choline for brain growth and eye health to its products.

Happy Family has consistently grown and is recognized for its dynamic team and innovation, winning Food Processing Magazine’s R&D Team of the Year. Forbes named it as one of America’s most promising companies; and most recently, Shazi Visram, CEO and Founder of Happy Family, was named a member of the Young Global Leader Class of 2013 by the World Economic Forum

Happy Family believes that every baby and mama deserved to be happy.

Happy Family is proud to be growing with the launch of its new Happy Mama Prenatal collection. This collection is designed for and aims to nurture the mother and baby. Happy Family is the first organic baby food brand to develop into the prenatal category.

The Happy Family aims to change the trajectory of baby’s health by providing nutrition through the mom from the beginning of her pregnancy. Happy family aids both mama and the baby to intake essential nutrition required.

Baby’s health and wellness are defined from the first day of baby’s growth inside the womb till two years and forever. So it is crucially important for the mother to keep her vitamin intake full.

Shazi Visram, founder, CEO and chief mom of Happy Family Brands said,

“We’re thrilled to be the first organic baby food brand to expand into this category and continue to help moms and babies live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. Happy Family’s mission has always been to positively impact children’s health through nutrition and now with the Happy Mama Prenatal line, we are partnering with Mom to provide the essentials for Baby from the very beginning of the journey through the First 1,000 Days.”

The vitamins come in the form of tasty flavored jellies designed to provide the new moms and pregnant women added nutritional aid their body needs in order to carry and nourish a baby. These gummy vitamins are a pack full of good quality fish oil that makes it easy to get the extra nutrition needed while being a mother. And the best part is, that unlike other fish oil supplements, these prenatal gummies do not give a stinky fishy aftertaste.

About the Happy Mama Prenatal Gummies

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to ensure that they are in taking extra nutritional support to keep their baby healthy and strong. The premium quality fish oil in this supplement aids breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women to obtain that extra nutrition needed while nourishing the baby in the womb and while breastfeeding as well.

These prenatal gummies are very convenient for daily intake. They come in tasty fruity flavors such as lemon, berry and orange flavors. New moms require a healthy and sufficient dosage of vitamin D3 in their diet for the development of healthy bones. Happy Mama prenatal gummies contain 150% of the daily recommended value crucial for the bone development purpose.

Happy Mama Prenatal Gummies Working

Women can intake these vitamins both while pregnant and be breastfeeding. Women require extra energy and nutrition to boost their bodies after giving birth and to breastfeed healthily.

Another added benefit of these gummies is that consumer can intake fish oil without the unpleasant taste and burps as a result.

Ingredients Behind

The Happy Mama Prenatal Gummies are composed of nourishing vitamins with added benefits that provide additional nutrients pregnant Moms need, but may not always get from their diet or prenatal multi-vitamin alone, including:

Omega-3 fatty acid: The abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids in brain and retina help in developing and growing baby’s brain health and functionality. Most nutritionists recommend the intake of at least 300mg of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) per day during pregnancy to maximize brain function and potential.

Choline: It is a part of the B-vitamin complex that helps support Baby’s brain and eye health. Choline also supports healthy liver function, muscle movement, metabolism and boost energy levels for new moms that are needed the most.

Calcium: It is the must-have supplement for both mom’s and baby’s bone health while in the womb. Lack of calcium can cause impairment to Mom’s bones during pregnancy and while breastfeeding as well.

Vitamin D: It is one of the essential minerals that promote calcium absorption in the bones for healthy growth and repair. It is crucial for bone and teeth development.

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA): This supportive ingredient helps joint and heart health.


All the nursing mothers and pregnant women should consider trying these prenatal vitamins Happy Family happily manufactured. These yummy gummy vitamins contain omega-3 fatty acids essential for potent brain and bone growth and development.

Breastfeeding moms are more prone to be deficient in vitamin D as a lot of their bodily needs are being comprised because the baby takes away her nutrition. By taking these gummies the deficiency will be reversed benefiting the baby and mama both.

It is difficult to choose prenatal vitamins from such a large variety but happy mamas gummy prenatal make it easier to choose due to its attracting gum form and fruity flavors.

Happy family has provided the most convenient form by making these prenatal in gums so anyone can intake no matter where and how occupied.


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