Healing Protein Chocolate – a sweet fix for providing maximum health benefits

To support body for achieving ultimate health benefits protein is undoubtedly a great solution. Either for having a super cool muscular body or losing weight protein is must. Apart from this it has numerous other benefits. whey protein helps us in getting back to shape it, boost our immunity, increase lean muscle mass, it cuts recovery time and heals wounds faster. Disdain

What is healing protein?

Healing protein is whey protein is the milk part of protein which is simple, light and digestible. It is filled with unbelieve qualities and has a hard to resist flavor. In order to make it even better Dr. Josh Axe has struggled to bring non-GMO protein that is a great source for fibers and improves the functionality of system.

Healing protein is free from all sort of preservatives and chemicals perfectly protected from bacteria.

This is the pure source of protein somehow which is decreased during exercising or in heavy activity. The reduced protein effect of leptin effects hormone which is in charge of increasing fats in body.

Never the less whey protein also benefits increasing master antioxidant which is the production of glutathione, that is found in every body cells which promotes to eliminate free radicals and rescue the cells from damaging.

These particles usually take part in the mitochondrial process. Taking healing protein also takes the body at safe side and fight from free radicals and prevent from disease such as cancer and aging diseases of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Whey proteins unbelievably has been found extending life span of a person, this miracle protein supplement assist an average lifespan about 12%, thus incredulously it adds up 10 years in a person life run.

chocolate shake

This protein hands up in boosting body immunity system in such way glutathione boost in effecting manner and strikingly all other antioxidants like vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A which helps in healing dietary toxins. As results an ideal choice to fight illness and from disease on circular level.

How healing protein works?

The 20gram of this protein per serving and one or two scoops daily can cover about one-third of daily protein requirement. This significantly elevates and supports metabolism. Healing protein increases strength and builds muscles. it also very effected protein to balance in regulating appetite hormones Ghrelin and Leptin which reduces cravings and unseasonable hunger, also improves stabilizing blood sugar when taken with a high level glycemic index meals and it provoke the production on insulin preventing stagy spikes in blood sugar levels.

Healing protein chocolate

The best part about healing protein is its natural chocolate flavor. It has cocoa powder’s natural extract which makes it a flavorful drink. It is the form of pasture-raised cows from New Zealand. Chocolate is also a natural healer it lessens stress and builds strength. It is also important for building immunity.

Chocolate is also helpful for radiant skin and balances the cells. It also purifies blood with in return provide oxygen to skin cells. This replaces dead patches of skin cells from face and replaces them with new one. Due to this generation of cells acne, blackheads and clogged pores are eliminated.

Who is Dr. Josh Axe?

He is a DNM, DC, CNS is a medicinal doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist. He has a passion for helping people, he comes with excellent solution for many diseases.

Dr. josh started his Exodus Health Center in 2008, after that his success grew and he became one of the most renowned person for his functional medicine clinics worldwide. Dr. Josh is known by his name axe and has his own website. His official website www.DrAxe.com has many health related articles and are quite beneficial for people.

He is also a physician for many professional athletes and they are quite certain about dr. axe treatments.

He has also worked with the Wellness Advisory Council and Professional Swim Teams in 2009. He has worked with notable swimmers, including Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay. He is known for providing nutritional guidance, necessary for sustaining health and musculoskeletal work on the athletes to increase their performance.

His work experience includes real time interaction with athletes and he has also been a trustworthy support for 2012 Games in London.

Not only he has interacted personally with people but his writings have an interaction with the people too. He is the author of many famous books including The Real Food Diet Cookbook, The Secret Detox and Healing Leaky Gut. In these books are preserved information required for ideal health solutions and an instant pathway towards building immune system strong. Not only this he has media limelight for him too. Being interviewed by many famous hosts and health shows people on CBS, FOX and NBS.

Apart from this he is also the founder of burstFIT. He also enjoys making vegan friendly receives with his wife.

How to consume healing protein chocolate?

This protein could be consumed in any drink, its taste can be helpful for making shakes, smoothies or simply in water. It is a perfect combination of chocolate plus goodness of protein which instantly stimulates bodily operations and provides unmatched energy levels. This 20grams per pack of full portions of protein is to be consumed twice daily with every meal in liquid or drink of choice. Mix the powder with 8oz of liquid. This is easily prepared with less than a minute and best time to take is breakfast as this is best for a jumpstart.

Price of healing protein chocolate

Healing protein chocolate $39.97 (actual price is $50.97). this is the super offer and a person saves $11 (22% discount offer).

Not only this ordering a pack of 3 a person gets free shipping and 10% off on the original price.

Benefits of healing protein chocolate

It is soy, wheat, gluten free, growth hormones (rBGH), antibiotics or pesticides free.

Healing protein chocolate is cold processed not hot.

Cows are grass-fed not grain-fed.

It has Low Carb, No fructose or other synthetic sugar.


Without any husk or other preservatives this product is fit for everyone either men or women at any age. Upon intake it has no side effects or feelings of heaviness or nausea. It is a smooth blend by Dr. Josh for having excellent health benefits.

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