Health Benefits Of Cinnamon


Cinnamon was once titled as the most valuable spice in the world. Its popularity was mainly because it was new to the world. Although cinnamon has always been part of traditional medicines, its fame was highly gained when it reached to the west. Not many of us know what cinnamon brings to us. Adding a little cinnamon flavor to our routine recipes will not only enhance the flavor, but it will also make it better for the health. Following are seven best health benefits of cinnamon which are also proven by scientific research.

  1. Cinnamon For Diabetes

It may not sound believable, but it’s true. Cinnamon helps to manage and control type two diabetes.  It reduces the high blood pressure and significantly controls the blood sugar. It is also helpful in insulin resistance. The mechanism of its work mainly involves the muscle cells to remove sugar from the bloodline. This sugar is converted to energy, and in this way, it works better than the actual medicines.

  1. Cinnamon For Cholesterol

Diabetes is cholesterol mostly affect together. But if you don’t have diabetes but still suffer from cholesterol, you should add cinnamon to your diet. Using cinnamon improves serum glucose level and decrease the fasting glucose. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol. It increases the good cholesterol which is HDL (high-density lipoproteins).

  1. Cinnamon As Anti-Microbial

Cinnamon has potential to be the antimicrobial agent. Be it against bacteria, fungi or anything else; cinnamon helps against all. In Middle Ages, cinnamon was added to the food to prevent it from poisoning. It includes savory and sweet both recipes. It’s not necessary that you add cinnamon to your food. One can also use cinnamon as a part of ointments and creams for the open wounds. However, if any disease is making internal inflammation or infection happen, cinnamon is the right thing to add into food so that it can work from inside.

  1. Cinnamon For Cognitive Boost

In a world where every third person is suffering from depression and stress, there is a dire need of something which can give an overall cognitive boost. Fortunately, cinnamon helps in this condition. It contributes to repair and regenerate brain cells. Cinnamon further improves the nervous coordination between cells and helps against memory and concentration issues. It is significantly helpful against common diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Cinnamon For Cancer

Cinnamon is a super food which has natural anti-cancer properties. If you add only a little bit of cinnamon to your diet, it will prevent the chances of cancer by the maximum. This is a well-studied effect which has been proven by the experiments on animals. It first makes the growth of cancerous cells slow and eventually kills them. However it is not a treatment therapy, it only lowers the risk of disease.

  1. Cinnamon As An Anti-Inflammatory

Internal inflammation is a common outcome of various diseases. The reason could be any, but the solution which works best for all types of internal inflammation is one, that is cinnamon. Systemic inflammation is a vital sign of chronic diseases. If you take cinnamon in your diet, it will prevent this to happen. Cinnamon helps against all types of pains including a headache, migraines, chronic body pains. It can even help in diseases like arthritis and joint pains.

  1. Cinnamon For PCOS

Cinnamon is very helpful for the women who are suffering from PCOS. It is a polycystic ovarian condition which affects the majority of the women worldwide.  As cinnamon helps in insulin resistance, it helps to maintain the weight which is otherwise increased due to this problem. It also contributes to control menstrual pain and heavy bleeding which is another common problem. With all this support for the women’s health, cinnamon reduces the risk of reproductive health issues in females such as endometriosis, menorrhagia, and uterine fibroids.


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