Health Ranger Select Organic Goji Berries- The high antioxidant boost

Goji Berries is an amazing gift of nature that is also sometimes called wolfberries. They have been used in Chinese medicine and Himalayan medicine for hundreds of years. Not only they have health benefits, but also, they taste great.

Goji berries may be difficult to get especially when you live in an area that doesn’t have fresh berries available. In that case, you can purchase canned goji berries, which taste the same and provide all the said benefits.

Health Ranger Select brand supplies one of the healthiest supply of goji berries for those who are careful about their diet. This is a review to evaluate the canned goji berries packaged by Health Ranger Select.

What are goji berries?

Goji berries are a fruit of a medicinal plant from China. There are many traditional remedies involving goji berries to treat eye, liver, and kidney ailments. These berries have a vibrant red color and they have a slightly sour but sweet taste.

As they only grow to limited areas, the major supply to the world is in the form of dried goji berries like raisins. Adding goji berries to your diet will make you healthier and with strong immunity.

What is inside goji berries?

The nutritional information about goji berries is as follows.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Zinc

Goji berries are also rich in antioxidants, which is why they naturally enhance the immunity. All 8 essential amino acids are also found in goji berries. Surprisingly, it also has a high amount of protein, which is very unusual for a fruit.

The type of carbohydrates in goji berries is complex. It means they will slowly increase the blood sugar and help to reduce the risk of sugar crash later.

About Health Ranger Select Organic Goji Berries

As the name indicates, it is a supplier that ships organic goji berries. It is an online vendor that only facilitates direct order. There is no shop for this website. The product Goji berries is one of the many products by Health Rangers Select.

It is available in two types of packing. One is a 16oz pack and other is 40oz can. There are no other sizes available for now. But you can order any of these in as much quantity as you want.

The website also has an auto subscription program, through which it sends you your desired quantity. The earliest time to receive this delivery is one week or one month. You can choose the auto delivery option for maximum nine weeks or nine months.

Health benefits of goji berries

Goji berries provide so many health benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • It boosts the immunity.
  • It protects from flu.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It saves the body from oxidative stress.
  • It improves the skin texture.
  • It improves the eyesight and overall eye health.
  • It maintains blood sugar.
  • It increases testosterone level in the body (in men).

Precautions before using goji berries

Goji berries are healthy but it is better to consult your doctor if you already have a medicinal condition or low immunity. Not all suppliers of goji berries are reliable. There are some companies which may bring side effects due to the added preservatives.

Also if you are on medication of any kind, using goji berries daily may interact with the medicines.

Avoid goji berries and never try them on your own if you have any of these situations. Consult your doctor before adding them to your diet. The cases which need special attention for goji berries usage are as follows.

  • Those, which have, low blood sugar.
  • Those, which use blood thinners i.e. warfarin.
  • Those, who are patients of high blood pressure.
  • Those, who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Those, who are allergic to berries.

One should watch the quantity of daily goji berries intake. Despite the health benefits, it is not a good idea to stuff your stomach with an enormous amount of goji berries.

For example, only one-fourth cup of goji berries fulfills 340 percent of your vitamin A intake. If you happen to overdose goji berries. You may risk yourself got vitamin A toxicity.

How can you use Health Ranger Select Organic goji berries?

Once when you receive your order, you can try using goji berries in different forms. You can use them fresh or dried. You can eat them fresh or sprinkle them like raisins on food. Add them to your breakfast in cereal or yogurt. Also, you can make a juice, tea or smoothie out of it.

As a part of recipes, they taste great if you cook them with lean pork or turkey. This combination may sound odd but it is a yummy idea. Also, the vitamin c of berries will help you to absorb the iron from meat that you are taking with it.

A daily recommendation is two or three servings of goji berries. If you aren’t sure if you are allergic to goji berries or not, try a test before adding them to recipes. Eating goji berries is generally safe for health but some people may feel mild digestive problems after first time eating goji berries. This is the only side effect that you may get if you have never eaten them before. It is not recommended to eat goji berries if you have any chronic digestive or gastrointestinal issue before consulting the doctor.

The best about Health Ranger Select organic goji berries

  • These are 100% organic goji berries
  • USDA Organic
  • They are kosher certified
  • They are non-GMO and Vegan
  • They are verified for zero heavy Metals

 Availability and orders

Health Ranger Select Organic Goji Berries is available online at the official web-store of Health Rangers. The price of this specific product is affordable. The website offers time-to-time discounts which you can avail to buy the goji berries at a much cheaper price.

The website ships for free in 48 states of USA if your order is over $49.00.

Should you try goji berries from Health Ranger store?

If you are looking for a nutritional boost with taste to make your everyday food recipes yummy, goji berries are the best to try. Buying from Health Ranger store ensure you best quality goji berries with timely delivery and free shipment for orders over $49.00.

The price is affordable. Goji berries are generally more expensive than other fruits. That’s why you may feel that the price is a little high for the quantity. But the thing is, this product comes with manufacturer’s guarantee.

So you should try buying goji berries from Health Rangers at least once. You can always subscribe to auto-delivery later. Click here to read more about the benefits of goji berries.





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