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Body necessitate vitamins for proper physical and mental development. We require vitamins in a certain amount either as supplements or through the food we consume, but due to disproportion of nutrients, we lack them. vitamin C is hence a water soluble type and is essential for body as it provides complete protection to our immune system, eliminates risk of cardiovascular diseases, controls serious functioning of many organs, it has remarkable anti-aging properties and is helpful for treating eye infections.

Vitamins could cause allergy when its intake exceeds the required amount, not only this it has few allergens in it as well, even many expensive supplement fails to provide the non GMO vitamins to us.

For the first time in history of nutritional blends Health Ranger has created world’s cleanest vitamins for optimal well-being conditions. Nutrition Rescue is a complete range of vitamin C; ground form of vitamin C, capsules of vitamin C and ground form of sodium ascorbate. These are non GMO and free from all sort of allergens and additional chemicals.

The rescue range is available in its truest form to treat malnourished worldwide. It aims to provide people who are nutrients deficient. It caters the proper balance and goes into direct into bloodstream for the absorption of oxygen and other vital components from the food we eat. It improves digestive track and increases metabolic rate.

About Health Ranger

The brain behind Nutrition Rescue is Mike Adam, he is a Health Ranger according to him, “We source the cleanest, non-GMO vitamin C from the United Kingdom and offer it to quality-conscious customers. Every bottle that’s purchased generates another bottle of vitamin C that gets donated to someone else in need. Through our new Nutrition Rescue initiative, we aim to bring you the world’s cleanest, non-GMO vitamin C.”

According to him, his team has been working to provide a better future for people who are deprived from nature’s resources.

What is Nutrition Rescue?

Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue is a Non-GMO Vitamin C scientifically known as Ascorbic Acid. Many of us will be thinking about its specialty, well its key feature is that it is the most refined and bioavailable form of natural vitamin, with a mild citric and sour flavor, which is similar to the mixed fruit punch or cocktail. Without any artificial flavor or preservative, it is 100% CHINA-FREE and a pure vitamin source.

Vitamin is spliced carefully with biotechnology which is necessary for keeping GMO out. this process is done with complete clinical precautions and under high quality and is manufactured in the United Kingdom. This supplement after verification of strict quality check is then distributed. Nutrition Rescue could be dissolved in water, slush, juice or smoothie for a refreshingly healthy orientation.

According to makers of Nutrition Rescue, “Our vitamin C is created through a natural, non-GMO process of fermentation and synthesis that starts with plants as the originating source of raw materials. The type of vitamin C “synthesis” used in our product is a completely natural process that’s also followed by plants which produce their own vitamin C. “Synthesis” means to combine from different parts to create something new. This is exactly what plants do”.

Health ranger is one step ahead in their business, they are not only providing people a great and healthy supplement, they are also focused on the humanity (donation/charity) work. With each order placed, a free donation bottle is created for unprivileged people round the globe. These are then given away free of charge to the people who don’t have access to these.

Their mission statement, published on their official website is, “Through Nutrition Rescue, I aim to bring you the world’s purest, 100% China free, 100% non-GMO vitamin C products that are laboratory verified for purity. You simply won’t find a more superior form of therapeutic vitamin C anywhere on the planet.

Through our donation program, we also aim to put vitamin C into the hands of people in need, no matter where they live. One of our first goals, in fact, is to donate vitamin C to victims of chemotherapy and botched cancer treatments. Because their immune systems are compromised, they need the most help of all.”

Vitamin blend

Nutrition Rescue has 2 forms of vitamins; ground and capsulated. This medicinal propriety combination is present in pure formula (ascorbic acid) and refined formula (sodium ascorbate). Both of them are highly recommended by people to elevate their vitamin level and get the goodness of gluten free formula.

  • Ascorbic acid: it is a naturally occurring antioxidant compound. Moreover, it is a water-soluble vitamin and is used to low levels of vitamin from people who lacks it. Deficiency of vitamin C could cause scurvy, which increases muscular pain and weakens bones. Usually red patches appear near joints. Vitamin C is vital for the growth of body, it the binary requirement for the maintenance of skin care, tendons, teeth, gums, bones, and dilation of blood vessels. Due to its antioxidant properties it makes the building of tissues easier and quick. It also reduces recovery time.

it is also beneficial for treating eye problems.

Doctors recommend vitamin C to be taken through water once or twice daily. Nutrition rescue have a serving of 4.4 oz. (126 g) ground form of ascorbic acid and 60 capsules (500mg per capsule) each bottle.

The taste of ascorbic acid is similar to strawberries dipped in citric acid vinegar. A person could either of the forms as directed by specialist or they wish for.

  • Sodium ascorbate: it is the bioavailable form of vitamin C (refined form to be precise). Our body doesn’t produce sodium ascorbate of its own it is therefore taken externally from the food source, vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, cantaloupe, tomatoes and red bell peppers. In fruits like oranges, grapefruit, strawberries and kiwi. Those who have inaccurate eating habits could fall prey to the insufficiency of it. Sodium ascorbate shields our system from dangerous free radicals and constantly shuts down the production of different cancerous cells. It has neutral Ph.

Sodium ascorbate is available in powdered form only. Each bottle has a total serving of 4.4 oz. (125g).

Price of Nutrition Rescue

Single bottle:

Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue Non-GMO Buffered Vitamin C Powder (125 grams) is available for $19.95.

Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue Non-GMO Vitamin C 60 caps (600mg each) is available for $ 14.97.

Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue Non-GMO Vitamin C Powder (125 grams) is available for 19.95.

Savers pack:

Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue Non-GMO Buffered Vitamin C Powder (125 grams) (3-Pack) is available for $ 59.85 (instead for $74.85).

Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue Non-GMO Vitamin C 60 caps (500mg each) (3-Pack) is available for                   $42.66 ($59.1).


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