Healthy King CBD review – Does it Work?

Update Jan 2019: Healthy King CBD is not our recommended CBD supplement. Instead, We Recommend Ocanna CBD, To Learn More About Ocanna CBD, Visit The Official Site

Healthy King CBD is a cannabinoid supplement formulated in the form of gummy capsules from a non-GMO source of organic hemp.

For some past decades, endocannabinoid system has emerged as playing a vital role in our health and every health issue is presented to be sheltered by the superior benefits of CBD, a cannabinoid present in industrial hemp, a plant variety of most prevalent of recreational drug, marijuana.

However, hemp should not be confused with marijuana, though both of them belong to same plant species but with slight differences in the class.

Marijuana yields a ‘high effect’ owing to a high concentration of THC compound while the hemp variety contains a high content of CBD along with many other cannabinoids and the consumer of CBD is spared the side effects of typical THC yield.

Why slot in CBD supplementation in your life? CBD is one of the most researched and scrutinized theme of the current millennium, the reason being a hoard of benefits the compound delivers for the up gradation of human health status.

Just as the use of marijuana is widely prevalent globally, the production and sales of CBD compounds are also soaring under the supplement category. There are ways to distinguish a superior quality CBD product from its opposite in order to make a purchase worthy of your pocket and health. The following review will analyze Healthy King CBD in the same context.


The manufacturer of Healthy King CBD

An attempt was made to find the background info on Healthy King, the acclaimed manufacturer of the subject CBD supplement. A good amount of information is accessible on ‘Health King’ and ‘Health County’ but none whatsoever on ‘Healthy King’. Apparently, the company is behind the sales and marketing of only one product that is the CBD gummies.

It is absolutely essential to know the credibility and authenticity of the manufacturer of CBD supplement that you are taking because there are many organizations that exist only on paper or some online site with a packaging facility in the backdrop but that is it. Being a consumer or a caregiver of a patient, it is imperative to the whole process of health and well being that a superior quality hemp product delivered by a genuine and reliable source should be purchased.

Claims stated by Healthy King CBD

There are certain claims made by Healthy King CBD as

  • A miracle pill
  • A 100% natural
  • Clinically validated
  • Organic yield
  • Full spectrum product
  • Legal in all fifty states of the US
  • Beneficial in cases of chronic pain, epilepsy, heart disease, stroke victims, chronic painful conditions etc
  • Helpful in neurodegenerative conditions, psychosis and depression, cancer therapy etc

Is it a miracle pill? Well CBD can actually be advantageous and of assistance when delivered in the purest of forms and in the precise quantity. However, most of the companies are working only to generate profits without delivering a significant dose of CBD in their products.

The answer to the query ‘what should be the exact quantity of a potent dose of CBD’, depends upon the specific condition you are dealing with. Normally, a CBD product is judged based on the ‘strength’ and ‘purity’ of the dispensed supplement.

Strength is indicated by the concentration of the CBD used in the product and is usually labeled in percentage or mg on the product. In the case of Healthy King CBD, the supplement gummies carry a concentration of 300 mg of full spectrum CBD.

The purity of the product is largely dependent on the manufacturing ethics and morals of the company. If obtained from an authentic source, which is validated by an independent third-party evaluation and carrying certain certifications as cGMP etc, the product can be trusted for its purity.

Specifically speaking for Healthy King CBD, they claim that their supplement is devoid of any synthetic filler, chemicals, and pesticides, however, the manufacturer fails to present any support for their claims. To simply state, that the product is made in the US is not a guarantee enough if not backed by any certifications.

Similarly, as for their claim of being sourced from an organic yield, Healthy King carries no certification of being an all-organic product.

The benefits of CBD are clinically validated and continued research is still underway. However, the manufacturer has failed to provide any attestation for the efficiency and working of their individual product.

A full spectrum CBD product refers to a pure hemp product that contains all the cannabinoids present in the original hemp plant and their collective outcome is termed as an entourage effect. Healthy King CBD is claimed to belong to the aforementioned category.

Quite recently, the FDA has warned the customers against purchase of any CBD product that claims to

  • hold a legal status in all 50 states of the US
  • be rich in CBD content for ‘the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of diseases’

“Consumers should beware purchasing and using any such products,” the FDA says.  “It is important to note that these products are not approved by FDA for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.”

CBD is labeled as ‘an unapproved new drug’ according to FDA that states that

“Companies are misbranding the products and issuing false claims to consumers, often these products do not even list their ingredients on the product label”

“In some cases, the companies could not even spell “cannabidiol” or “inflammation” correctly”, the FDA, notes.

Healthy King CBD claims to be ‘legal in 50 states of the US’ however, it does not claim to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease condition. Rather they have very smartly used the word ‘help’ regarding the benefits of their CBD product and we know that CBD does indeed aid in managing the signs and symptoms of many medical conditions.


Cost and availability of Healthy King CBD

Healthy King CBD is available via their online site after the customers have registered themselves with the company. The purchasing details are accessible once customers have provided the required details.

Conclusion on Healthy King CBD

Form customers’ point of view, lack of details regarding the manufacturing company and the authenticity of the manufacturing processes leave some skepticism behind. There are some other points to ponder over this specific product as

  • no details about the ingredient label
  • no guarantees rendered
  • there are no independent third party evaluations of the product
  • there are no certifications available for the manufacturing facility of Healthy King CBD
  • the contact address of the company cannot be reached

The FDA warnings for the consumers of CBD suggest taking a cautious approach while purchasing any CBD product. We find that specific warning to be of use in case of Healthy King CBD on some grounds

  • Healthy King CBD has taken up a name that resembles very closely to some authentic health-related sites yet it has no record of its existence except for the site of this particular CBD product.
  • There is not much verification for a product that is misspelled on the official site

“It is one of the only CBD supplements on the Market Today that is Grown in America, Processed in America, and is Non-GMO”        (

  • Finally, the customers’ reviews are identical to the dot to few other reviews found on some other CBD product sites except for the trade name


My wife of 46 years has never slept soundly, over-active brain activity is how I would describe it, and that can’t be healthy! I searched and read up on the CBD available from the Healthy King – purchased 1 bottle for her and it has been GREAT for her… I can’t believe how well it has worked for her! She has been sleeping soundly every night since she started taking them, and that is with one capsule only an hour or so before going to bed.

Her aches and pains (not counting me) have also improved considerably. That is more than either of us expected! It works! Anyway… I’m back to order more today because it truly has been a blessing for us. Thank you to the Healthy King!”

The final words on Healthy King CBD, why go for dubious when some authentic names are available in the market.

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