His Secret Obsession by James Bauer – Gimmick or Genius?


His Secret Obsession is a comprehensive guide book written by James Bauer that teaches you what goes on in a man’s mind when it comes to relationships and how to use it to make him feel obsessed with you. The relationship can be sensitive, complicated and difficult at times, and so in order to overcome and avoid such situations, relationships may need some working out.

This book empowers you with the art of lure and attraction including few critically important tips that can make all the difference when it comes to making your beau obsessed with you.

If you are looking to learn tricks and methods that can enlighten you in real sense on how to improve your relationship, then you should seriously consider His Secret Obsession. And if you want to learn more about how this book can help you in developing and maintaining a strong relationship, then read on.

What is His Secret Obsession?

This book is designed to help women understand that certain words and mere phrases can make their relationship strong, and even save one. These phrases are related towards building attraction, unlocking secret desires and recognizing what he wants in the relationship. This book talks about male psychology in detail also and lays out the phrases that trigger specific emotions.

The real brain behind His Secret Obsession is James Bauer, who is a relationship coach and he also penned the bestselling book What Men Secretly Want. Here, James shows highly effective psychological techniques that are powerful and proven to make a man devoted and obsessed with your love.

Is your man starting to lose interest in you or the relationship? Read this book then to learn these simple tips, secret expressions and psychological tricks to trigger Hero Instinct, which is a male biological drive that has huge influence over men’s desires such as sex, hunger, and thirst.

When you trigger this Hero Instinct and activate it successfully, your man will find you more attractive and tempting, and even harder to resist claiming you as his one true love.

The author has written a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you learn how and when to activate this male instinct drive. If you struggle with understanding your male partner, the best way to go forward is by knowing male psychology that will equip you with advance knowledge of what makes him upset, how to make him more engaged with you and when to maintain some distance.

His Secret Obsession book contains everything you need to know about male psychology and ‘Hero Instinct’ drive. If you are interested to find more about it, then it is recommended to watch the video on the official website.

Techniques included in His Secret Obsession

Here are 7 techniques (or signals) highlighted in the book that can prove highly beneficial and effective for any woman.

  • Technique 1: Relationship Material

It is basically a checklist to ensure the longevity of the relationship. Once you apply the quality of relationship material, your man will be afraid of losing you.

  • Technique 2: The Private Island

This technique will help induce and trigger emotions in your man to make him feel like you are the only person he loves in his life. This technique will teach you a scientifically proven method that will determine if he will ever marry you or not.

  • Technique 3: The Ex-Back Signal

This signal is especially intended for those girls who have been through break-up in the past but still love their ex-boyfriend and want him back. This book explains the four important stages after which your ex would crawl back begging you to come back.

  • Technique 4: The Glimpse Phase

It will show you how you can make your man yearn for you just by small things like stopping yourself to him to build his interest for you.

  • Technique 5: The Damsel In Distress Signal

This technique will tell you about man’s protective instinct and how you can use it to your advantage so that you remain the center of his undivided attention all the time.

  • Technique 6: Silent Action Signal

Here the author will show you how to activate the hero instinct in men. Once you activate it, you will become very hard to resist for him.

  • Technique 7: I Own You

This signal will make you the only person your man confides to. After applying this technique, he will open up and share his secrets with.

Advantages of His Secret Obsession

  • User-Friendly and Self-Explanatory

James Bauer is a best-selling author, and he is well-versed in creating a pleasant and easy to comprehend guide. This book is also designed with easy and step-by-step instructions. You can easily follow the guide, and there is also an option to contact customer support in case of any questions.

  • Written By Expert

His Secret Obsession is authored by James Bauer who is a relationship coach and dating expert. Thousands of people and couples have praised him for helping to solve their relationship issues.

  • Value For Money

With this guide, you save a lot of dough as typically the relationship experts charge hundreds of dollars on hourly basis usually only reserved for one-to-one session. All you have to do is get this guide once and it will keep benefitting you for whole life.

  • Effective on All Kinds of Men

Women sometimes find it hard to understand men. The good news is that these signals highlighted by James Bauer are guaranteed to work on all types of men. Understand Hero Instinct helps you instantly build a positive and productive relationship with him.

  • 60-Day Money Back Offer

This book comes free of any risk of losing money since every single purchase of His Secret Obsession is backed by 60-day money back policy.


  • Results May Vary

Contrary to James claims about Hero Instinct working on all men, there can be no absolute guarantee of success as there are such diverse factors that can at minimum affect the success. In order to ensure positive results, you need to learn these techniques and apply as accordingly mentioned in the book.

Final Word

Life is a beautiful gift and love is one of the most beautiful things about life. Love is worth making effort for and making it stronger and everlasting. What makes this book worth buying for is the fact that all the secret tips, techniques and expressions are all laid out for you inside this program.

There are probably tons of guides on relationship and dating available online and in retail stores, but His Secret Obsession is a unique program that reveals the secrets of building a strong relationship with their male partner with the help of their ‘Hero Instinct.

Inside this book, you will find tested and proven methods of winning his complete love and loyalty. Many women who have used these signals from the book are convinced that this book has helped them create strong relationship. This guide is aimed at providing you with complete knowledge and skills set in order to develop a strong bonding with him.

With people vouching for this program online, it is quite evident that His Secret Obsession is one of the best books in regards to relationship programs for women. Plus, purchasing this program is completely risk-free since it is guaranteed with 2 months’ money back offer that further adds to its credence.




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