How to Burn Calories Fast, Six Best Ways Revealed

Going for a summer break to Hawaii but having second thoughts about it because of the love handles around your waist? You are one of the special ones to be the bridesmaid at your cousin’s wedding and the slight bulge at your tummy is threatening to show out off the pretty dress you are going to wear at the occasion? On the other hand, are you one of those champions climbing up the promotion stairs at work and realize that the pounds on the weighing scale are also taking the ascent with you.

There are many ways to shed off the extra fat, some achieve short term goals and some take a slow and steady pace, some are too cumbersome with sweaty hours at the gym while others make you starve and crave for food. The healthier approach to losing some extra pounds is to skip the roller coaster ride through different methods and maintain the body metabolism at the maximum all times. If you are burning calories even at rest, that would be the laziest of all methods but the brilliant one.

 Do not work hard, work smart

Though our genetic makeup, age and to some extent gender decides the metabolic dial of our body, there are ways to boost up the metabolic rate to avoid that extra flab around our waistlines. While the genetics and other factors are in Mother Nature’s control, our body is in ours. It will turn out to be as we treat it. Our physique is finesse between our diet, the physical activity, and the mental health. To burn more calories in a smart manner, consider these simple alterations in your lifestyle to gear up the metabolism train.


  1. Skip the crash diets, seize your breakfast

Different kinds of crash diets are a fad, especially with the younger lot. What needs to be understood is that by skipping the meals and snacks, your body utilizes the proteins as an energy source and the result is a muscle loss. The muscle loss, in turn, leads to lower metabolic rate. You might lose a few inches in a week or so but as soon as the diet period is up, the starving fat cells, receiving a starvation call during the crash period, start storing fat at a speed. In order to keep your metabolic rate at a high, you must take small meals at regular intervals of time. So keep on munching healthy, keep some nuts at your workplace or a fiber packed cracker. You will find yourselves less hungry at mealtimes, try it.


  1. Add a healthy serving of proteins to your meals

Though carbohydrates and proteins provide the same amount of energy when utilized by the body (four calories per gram of either), but proteins, being more complex in structure than carbohydrates, take a longer time to be digested. Thus, proteins consume more calories to be finally broken down and consumed by the body. To put it simply, if you replace some of the carbohydrates with healthy, lean proteins like fish, lean beef, chicken, turkey, beans, you will be adding to the metabolic scale. Poach some eggs with sausages and you are good to go until snack time.


  1. Maintain hydration

Our body is more than seventy percents water and it requires water for all the metabolic processes going on at the cell level to the organ. This means you are burning more calories when your body engine is fueled with water. A study research showed that people consuming eight glasses of water a day had their metabolic rates at a higher level than who drank four glasses or less. The unbeatable plus of water, it is a zero calorie drink that keeps the fluids in your body healthy.


  1. Pump up those muscles, step up the workout

To get more out of your exercise regime, take up some strength training steps to build up your muscle. This course of action will give you a strong physique but will accelerate the metabolic rate to the maximum. Well toned up muscles are active even while you are resting so you are burning calories while having a snooze on your sofa, incredible physics, isn’t it?

If you are not an enthusiast about picking up weights, step up your aerobics by adding a little jog or short bursts of a brisk walk.


  1. Add a little spice

Spices not only bring about a zing to your food but can actually increase your metabolic rate. Put a little dash of chilies to your soup or pasta and fire away the metabolism.

  1. Black is big, green is clean

You heard it; sipping black coffee takes a big cut on your calories. Coffee contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The caffeine in the coffee speeds up our resting metabolic rate by three to eleven percent and we know, higher the rate higher is the calorie burn down. Caffeine stimulates the release of epinephrine from our brain into our blood and acts upon the fat cells to melt them away and be utilized by the body. One gram of fat provides nine calories as energy, so more fat mobilized from stores, up goes the metabolic rate and down comes the figure on your scale. The chlorogenic acid slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, which are the main nuisance behind the tires around your waistline.

Adding two to three servings of green tea during the twenty-four hour period will boost up the metabolism. A study report published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition presented the results that green tea raises the metabolic rate by 4% over a 24-hour period. “Three to five cups of green tea can help burn an extra 70 calories per day, adding up to seven pounds a year …” Adding a bit of cinnamon powder to your green tea will bring out its flavor and pace the metabolic rate further up.

All of the above mentioned may seem small trimmings to everyday rituals but they bring about time-honored results by targeting the main locomotive behind all energy expenditures, our metabolic rate. Smart work, chic results.


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