High blood pressure is a dangerous health issue which leads to major health emergencies like heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney damage or dementia. High blood pressure happens when the amount of pressure in your blood vessels increases more than it is required for your heart to pump blood around your body, it puts extra strains on your heart and arteries, resulting in the risks of stroke or worst; Heart attack. But taking simple precautions can save you from falling into hypertension.


Nature has blessed us with hundreds of fruits and vegetables that are full of health benefits. Almost, every disease or health issue can be dealt with the help of natural substances. Only if you know their right use at right places, maintaining a healthy body wouldn’t be a tough job.


Lemons can be helpful in hypertension as you know the blood gets thick causing high blood pressure but lemons can soften the blood vessels, making them flexible enough that the blood flows freely, getting the high blood pressure in control. Lemons are also effective in reducing the chances of heart failures, due to the presence of an antioxidant Vitamin C, Lemons have the power to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals which is a common cause of heart attacks. Consuming lemon juice daily can be really helpful in keeping a healthy heart. In case of high BP patient, it is recommended them to drink a cup of warm water with a half lemon juice every morning before breakfast. Avoid salt and sugar.


Patients of hypertension SHOULD eat bananas on daily basis. It is that one incredible fruit which is rich of potassium that keeps the sodium level moderate in the body so that it doesn’t cause high BP. Eating two bananas daily would definitely show you positive results in your health because it is not just good for controlling high BP but great help in other health issues like Cardiac problem, bones problems, stomach and muscles etc.


Cayenne pepper also known as interchangeably Capsicum is good in resolving high blood pressure. Capsicum can actually work in creating and detoxifying blood. Since Cayenne pepper is a rubefaicent medical spice which can remove harmful toxins from the blood preventing from arterial plaque, it helps in smooth flow of blood in the body. As much cayenne pepper is good for blood and its flow, her effects on heart are the same too. It provides heart support by strengthening its energy and improving its functions.

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper over your fruit or vegetable salad or add a pinch into your favorite soup and multiplies their health benefits.


These seeds are also high with potassium and dietary fibers content, resulting in lowering the high blood pressure. Fenugreek seeds can be consumed in morning timings for better results. We just that you make a powerful paste of Fenugreek seeds and eat it twice a daily. To make the paste, you just need to boil one or two spoons of fenugreek seeds in water for two minutes only and drain out the excessive water the blend them into a paste. Following this remedy for one or two months will provide you with a strong protection from hypertension.


  • If there are early signs of hypertension, exercising can help greatly in eliminating those signs and retrieving health, free of High BP. Regular exercising, at least for 15 minutes is really helpful in dealing with high blood pressure and reducing its effects on your health. Best and easy exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and cycling aren’t just good for controlling blood pressure but also very effective in the prevention from heart disease as well as other health issues.
  • Lessening alcohol consumption is important for keeping your blood pressure in control. There should be a moderate amount of alcohol consumption like not more than a glass or two in a day, depending on your age. Too much of alcohol may also reduce the effects of the medication you take of blood pressure.
  • Everybody knows that smoking kills and hypertension is of the results of smoking as well along with the other health issues like heart emergencies and risks of cancer so it is better that you start working for getting rid of smoking.
  • Avoid taking caffeine if you have high blood pressure problem. Not all may face the complications of taking caffeine in BP problems but most of the people have noticed that their BP gets out of control after caffeine consumption. And it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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