How to get rid of acne, overnight?


Acne, zits, pimple, breakout, you call them by any name but they pester you the same and have the tendency to appear at the most inconvenient of times too. Whether you are a teen with an important presentation in the class or an executive with an imperative client meeting, these breakouts know no limits and can deflate your confidence with their onset. Acne is synonym with the uninvited guest arrival that comes to stay just when you are leaving for a party with your friends. Imagine the frustration; everybody has come across this kind of stubborn acne once in his or her lifetime.

These breakouts are not similar to the acne in their character. Usually single in number, they will often appear on the forehead, nose, and chin areas. They have the capacity to grow in size within minutes, with a red inflamed area around them. The skin areas that fall prey to these zits are usually taught with less of muscle, so the inflammation has nowhere to spread but to take the shape of a pimple and the more resistance there is, bigger is the size of the breakout.

However, we have natural solutions to this stubborn mess that is home based and will help you mediate the untidiness on your skin to a clear solution.


Honey is a natural antibiotic and since acne results from an overgrowth of bacteria within an open pore or hair follicle, honey penetrates deep down the skin to cleanse it of any bacterial invasion. Apply directly to the affected area and leave it on to wash it in the morning for a less inflamed skin.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another ingredient that is almost, always available at home and is nature’s best astringent with added anti-bacterial properties.

Apply directly to the spot, your skin should burn a little but do not tolerate too much of it and dilute the juice if necessary. Leave it on for an hour and wash away.

Baking Soda

There is no limit to what baking soda can do around your household. It is also an amazing solution for your skin problems including any kind of a pimple. Almost every domestic unit seats baking soda because it is cheap, inexpensive, devoid of chemicals. It is used in a variety of ways from cooking, baking, and cleaning etc.

It acts as a defoliant for our skin at the same time, reduces inflammation. The best way to use it against acne formation is to make a paste with warm water and apply to the affected area. Wash it away after an hour to reveal a clean and clear skin.

Egg whites

Egg whites act as an astringent that scoops away the dirt particles and infective agents from deep within the skin. Owing to its protein content, it removes any excess oil build up on your skin to retard the acne development.

For best results, separate an egg white from the yolk, whisks it a bit, then apply to clean and dry skin in a layer. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes or until it dries up. You will immediately feel the tightening effect on your skin. Egg whites draw the excess of oil and impurities leaving your skin smooth and soft. The proteins of the egg whites help repair any localized damage to your skin (inflammation, redness) and help even out the tone of your skin.


If you are not allergic to aspirin, then your medicine cabinet must have it. Aspirin not only wards away-unwanted headaches but act as a great remedy for acne.

The salicylic acid in the aspirin is the same ingredient used in many anti-acne skin regimes, so save yourself some pennies and apply the paste of crushed aspirin to your acne prone areas. The aspirin paste will reduce inflammation of the skin as well as dry up the zit.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a magical potion for diverse skin ailments including acne.  It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, also acts as an astringent to remove excess oil from the skin. For a speedy removal of acne, apply Aloe Vera gel onto clean skin, leave it overnight and wash it in the morning with warm water. The results will be obvious enough to be repeated as required.

Mint leaves

Love gardening and adore vegetables? Then you must have a pot of mint plant in your garden. Besides making a great mint tea or lemonade, mint leaves, bring freshness to your skin by cleansing the skin pores.

Finely chop a bunch of mint leaves, mix it with a little yogurt to make a paste and add oatmeal (powdered form). Apply the mixture to acne prone skin and leave it for ten minutes or so, wash away with warm water and see it to believe it.


Do you have a sensitive skin and cannot apply the lemon, vinegar or baking soda to your acne? Try putting a paste of water and cornstarch to your acne, specifically for extremely inflamed skin. Cornstarch is a proven gentle ingredient for your skin that eases acne without irritating your skin.


Garlic has chemical constituents that make it a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent. It’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help your skin fight the free radicals and bacterial contamination.

Peel a garlic clove and crush it. If you have a sensitive skin, you might want to add some water to the crushed garlic otherwise, apply the crushed garlic as it is to a pimple. If you can bear the burning sensation, leave it on for a few minutes until it dries up or leave it overnight. Wash it with cold water. You can dilute the garlic paste with rose water to avoid burning sensation, wash it off after fifteen minutes or leave it overnight for acne that is more stubborn.

Garlic can be used with Aloe Vera gel. Squeeze a few garlic cloves to extract the juice, mix the garlic juice with about two teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel and apply to the acne prone skin. The Aloe Vera will soothe your skin reducing any inflammation and redness with benefits of garlic juice. Leave it on overnight or for fifteen minutes and then wash.

Milk or Yogurt

Milk with its lactose and fat content is a great nutrient for your skin. It not only balances the ph around the pimple-affected skin but also helps in relieving the skin of any redness and inflammation. Yogurt has some beneficial bacteria that not only do wonders for your gut when you ingest it but also balance your skin chemical balance.

Apply a tablespoon of milk or yogurt directly to your skin. Let it dry and then apply a second layer and more so it becomes a kind of mask. Adding honey to the milk or yogurt will enhance the efficiency of the mixture. Leave it on for fifteen minutes or so and wash.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another great ingredient for acne. You can apply it undiluted on to the acne directly for a speedy result or dilute it with water or Aloe Vera for a sensitive skin.

Either way, tea tree oil, work wonders by delivering its soothing and disinfecting properties without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It can also be added to honey and applied with a cotton bud. For an efficient zit removal, use pure tea tree oil and not products containing it.

These remedies utilize ingredients that are readily available at home and you do not have to run to a pharmacy in the middle of a night. These have also been proven effective in delivering results without being a strain on your wallet. On top of all, these remedies are time effective and that is what we are all looking for.



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