How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and inevitable. No matter how lean u were before pregnancy or which diet or workout you used to follow, once you are pregnant you are certainly going to put on some weight.

The normal weight gain for women on average is 25 to 35 pounds but this may vary for underweight or overweight women. Although weight gain during pregnancy is normal, many women are stressed out about how they will shed all those extra pounds after delivery and get back to their pre-pregnancy shape.

Women who start out at a normal weight should not worry much about the pregnancy weight as they can easily lose it within a couple of months.

 Get On Your Feet

Many women are so drained after long hours of labor and delivery that they seem to take as much rest as possible. That is perfectly okay, because the body also needs some time to heal. But as soon as you think you have regained some energy, get on your feet and start by walking a few steps. Gradually increase the number of steps you walk every day or increase the distance you can cover. Walking everyday will keep your metabolism active and prevent further weight gain.


Mothers who breastfeed their child burn around 500 to 800 calories a day. It means all you have to do is breastfeed your child and lose weight while sitting in one place; no workouts required. Breastfeeding alone helps moms to lose all their baby weight. But beware; do not eat more thinking it will help in lactation. The body produces milk on its own and the amount of milk produced cannot be increased by devouring food. It will only increase your weight.

Eat Healthy

Although breastfeeding alone can help mothers shed their pregnancy weight, but it should be kept in mind that all of that weight can mount up again when you switch your child to another diet and do not watch what you eat. Eating healthy is essential for losing weight after pregnancy. Women should start eating healthy from the time they get pregnant and continue it even after delivery. Avoid foods high in carbs and empty calories like sugary food, chips, sodas etc. Make fruits, vegetables and lean fats part of your diet as they help with digestion and can aid losing pregnancy weight.

Moreover, consume foods rich in vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium and iron as they can help replenish your body’s lost nutrients and boost energy.

Consume Green Tea

Women striving to lose weight after pregnancy should consume at least three cups of green tea every day. The healthiest beverage on earth, green tea is known for its effectiveness in losing weight. Loaded with antioxidants like catechins and EGCG green tea boosts metabolism and stimulates thermogenesis which burns fat and helps with weight loss.

Do Postpartum Exercises

The first six weeks after delivery are considered a healing phase. Therefore, it is unwise to rush to the gym and start strenuous exercises right away. But once the healing phase has passed you can start strength and cardio workouts to lose weight. The most effective post-partum exercises include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, planks, squats and kegels. Moreover it is also advised that new mothers should wear belt or crepes around their waists while exercising to tone their abs muscles.

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