Hydraxil review-is it worthy of your skin?


Hydraxil belongs to skin care line specifically aimed at anti-aging therapy to deliver a blemish and wrinkle-free skin. Manufactured on the latest clinical research line up, Hydraxil claims to make your skin with a firm structural texture and contouring at the same time of removing the telltale signs of aging like spots, blemishes, wrinkles with ease and efficiency.

Now that men and women of the current millennium have started taking care of the aesthetic aspect of their skin, anti-aging is the focal point of latest innovations in the skin care industry. For women, catering for their aesthetic counterparts is a daunting one owing to the infinite number of products marketed and the flashy, loud advertisement following them. To choose among the glitter, dazzle, and avoid the scams and swindles is overwhelming for customers.

The following review will present an inspection and analysis of the working efficiency of Hydraxil, another sparkler in the basket to help customers decide if it is a rock or a gem.

The manufacturer of Hydraxil

There was no information available regarding the manufacturer of Hydraxil except that the webpage was designed in German. No contact or customers’ services line was mentioned on the subject webpage, the supplement appears to have emerged from nowhere in particular.

Details about the manufacturer usually add to the authenticity and ranking of a supplement, which unfortunately is lacking in case of Hydraxil.

Claims made by Hydraxil

Hydraxil claims to make your skin more youthful and healthier without expensive and invasive aesthetic procedures. Promising to save you loads of pennies and unnumbered minutes of your precious time; Hydraxil makes your skin wrinkle and blemishes free at the convenience and privacy of your home.

You must have noticed the skin of a newborn in either a hospital’s nursery or one of your own. That is how we are all born with a wrinkled skin of an old man. However, the young skin is all equipped with the power to retain water and moisture gradually attaining a soft and supple texture of a toddler’s skin we love to cuddle.

A younger skin is a rich intermesh of collagen, fat and other connective tissue with an outermost layer, the epidermis that is responsible for keeping it all toned up. The aging process brings a drag to all the functions of skin, starting with tone and elasticity to diminished collagen and our skin takes the form of a wrinkled orange peel with no juice inside it.

As with other organs (and skin is an organ), our skin needs supplementation in the form of moisture and collagen. Hydraxil is one such supplement that undertakes to deliver the specific collagen to our skin and all the accompanied upshots it brings forth. Some of them are

  • Removal of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Erasable of blemishes and  spots
  • An improved skin tone and elasticity
  • A deliverance of shine and suppleness to skin
  • A more firm and smooth feel to the skin

The ingredients of Hydraxil

How Hydraxil does achieve to cater for all these benefits mentioned above. Hydraxil belongs to the skin care line that targets the root cause of an aging skin, the declining levels of collagen in the skin structure.

As the name indicates, Hydraxil works at pumping the skin with collagen supply thereby awarding it with the attributes of a healthy skin. Let us get a little more comfortable with collagen and its functioning.

Collagen is the main structural component of skin responsible for keeping it taught and elastic. In layman terms, collagen runs the main show behind absent wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, laugh lines, double chin and the overall volume of our face. Genetics, environmental agents, and the undeniable aging process can have its repercussions on the total amount of collagen in our body including the facial skin.

Hydraxil is also all about collagen in the skin that is for sure. However,  It is not clear from the website whether the collagen contained in Hydraxil is some kind of collagen booster that stimulates the skin’s natural collagen or is it the one that gets absorbed.

Collagen is not technically designed to get absorbed into the skin, therefore, most of the skin creams that claim to contain collagen that penetrates through the skin to deeper layers do not know what they are talking about.

Hydraxil talks about the whole collagen that improves the moisture content of the facial skin. As the moisture levels are enhanced, the tone, texture, elasticity, firmness, and smoothness of skin are improved.

The other ingredient in Hydraxil is Matrixyl Synthe’6, an active component that improves the strengthening and synchronization of the skin’s natural collagen. The whole process of repair and regeneration of the cells within the deeper layers is accelerated with the upshots of a beautiful and youthful look.

Some of the other agents in Hydraxil are jojoba oil and Shea butter, working in synergy with the potent Matrixyl Synthe’6 to bring the best moisturizing traits of the skin.

The projected outcomes of Hydraxil

The bunch of benefits claimed by Hydraxil is

Increases skin moisturization by as much as 40% in just 2 days

Increases skin moisturization by as much as 50% after one week

Makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible by as much as 60% after four weeks of regular use

The pros of Hydraxil

Some of the points in favor of Hydraxil are

  • An intense moisturizing formula delivering the potent of skincare ingredients
  • A rapid result visible in a matter of days
  • Ease of use
  • Targets the skin troubles at the root level to deliver a long-term result
  • No known side effects yet
  • A discount for first-time customers

The cons of Hydraxil

There are few points that can be labeled as cons of the said product

  • No information on the manufacturer of Hydraxil is provided
  • There are no details about the quantity or labeling of ingredients on the official website
  • No data is available regarding any third party testing and evaluation of the final product
  • There are no independent customer’s reviews available
  • No guarantees or trial offer is put forward by the manufacturer

Cost of Hydraxil

The cost of a 30 ml jar of Hydraxil is about $89. Once you click on the ready to order option, you will be guided to choose among different package deals offering a variety of discounts. A 50% discount on the purchase of 3 jars and a 30% discount on 2 jars are available on Hydraxil.

Our final take on Hydraxil

Hydraxil is touted as ‘better than Botox’ and there is no reason why not if a skin cream delivers the benefits of Botox quality at the privacy and convenience of home. The question remains, however, if it does so.

Hydraxil contains some state of the art ingredients to super moisturize your skin in a matter of days and bring the many acclaimed upshots in the long term as 17% wrinkle reduction, 13% more skin elasticity and 12% more moisture.

The addition of Matrixyl Snthe’6 is one of the ingredients that add credibility to Hydraxil being from one of the latest fads of skin care creams focused on anti-aging. Therefore, if you have an otherwise healthy skin, you could go for the Hydraxil option.

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