ICT Protocol Review – Should you buy this Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail?

Are you concerned because you have started forgetting things, lately? Are you afraid your memory isn’t as strong as it once used to be? With dementia and Alzheimer’s affecting a number of people all around the world, each year, it does seem alarming when one starts experiencing similar symptoms. Forgetting names, difficulties in remembering phone numbers and addresses…this not only frustrate an individual but also makes it extremely difficult for them to carry out their everyday work.

But hang on for a second! What if we told you there was this incredible nutritious drink that could prevent the loss of brain cells, which ultimately resulted in the loss of memory and forgetfulness? What if we told you that this vitamin beverage could help you combat the signs of Alzheimer’s and keep this condition at bay?

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The ICT Protocol is a daily vitamin drink that helps in improving memory and slowing the progression of early Alzheimer’s disease. This amazing dietary supplement is the brainchild of Dr Glenn Rothfeld who carried out an extensive research to finally come up with a solution for those suffering from cognitive diseases. In his bestseller book, the Atlas of Natural Cures, Dr Glen has revealed a secret recipe of a cognition-boosting cocktail drink that is known to effectively help people suffering from dementia and loss of memory.

This article helps you take a closer look at this astounding product so you can find out everything that you should know before buying it.

About the Product

The ICT Protocol is a dietary supplement drink that is specifically created to maximize cognitive health and prevent individuals from memory collapse. Specially developed for Alzheimer’s patients, the ICT Protocol cocktail helps in preserving memory as well as the ability to think and perform everyday tasks.

Dr Glen’s Atlas of Natural Cures is an e-book with more than 500 pages. It is treasures of “brilliant medical insights” that can help people cure a number of diseases with the help of natural remedies. The book contains useful information on various diseases that can be treated by using natural methods of healing. The book is full of natural ingredients and secret recipes that can cure almost any kind of disease. However, the Atlas of Natural Cures is primarily marketed for its Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s reversing remedies.

ICT Protocol is one of the natural cures from Glen’s famous book. It is a blend of medically proven and research-backed ingredients that can help people who are suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s. ICT Protocol is a revolutionary, a breakthrough research from worldwide famous Dr Geln Rothfeld. Even the scientific studies have shown that a daily dose of this nutritional drink can preserve those brain cells that Alzheimer’s disease patients lose quickly.

Experts believe that this breakthrough invention of Dr Glen is a real step forward as it is the first scientifically proven treatment which can be given to patients with mild memory problems who are at risk of developing full-blown Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is not an easy condition to live with when you are unable to recall important information. It makes a physically healthy person live a life of disabled people. An Alzheimer’s patient becomes a liability on his family as well.

People who have watched The Notebook or Still Alice can imagine how terrifying it is to imagine living life with Alzheimer’s. Patients totally lose their memory and their ability to recall. They even have difficulties finding a way to the toilets even in their own house.

Is ICT Protocol Really an Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail?

According to science and medicine, a beta amyloid plaque isn’t the real cause of Alzheimer’s. In fact, it is only one of the symptoms of this dreadful disease. Amyloid Plaque is a condition in which the naturally occurring amino acids, found in our bodies, start building up around the nerve cells. These buildups eventually become toxic and affect the neurons and brain cells negatively. While doctors might tell patients that it is the buildup of these amino acids that is causing their memory to collapse, but according to Dr Glen it is only a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

The real cause that causes Alzheimer’s is starvation and nutritional deficiencies. The author reveals a list of vital nutrients that are crucial for optimal brain function and how the deficiency of these vitamins can result in cognitive decline and memory loss.

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The doctors might not share this information with their patients as they are bound to prescribe contemporary medicines produced by these big pharmaceutical companies. Their lobbies are so strong that they simply don’t allow anyone to reveal the possible cures of even the most deadly diseases in the world. Ultimately, the patients are only advised to rely on these symptomatic medicines for the rest of their lives so these pharmaceutical businesses can make sizeable profits.

But thanks to Dr Glen Rothfled, who has worked out an amazing nutritious supplement for the brain. It feeds the brain all the key vitamins and minerals it requires to function normally.

How Does ICT Protocol Work?

ICT Protocol formula is based on vital nutrients. It aims at correcting nutritional deficiencies that result in cognitive disability and brain degenerative diseases. The core of this revolutionary Alzheimer’s reversing formula is the inclusion of MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Since Dr Glen has proven in his book that nutritional deficiency is the root cause of Alzheimer’s, therefore he deems it pivotal to fulfill body’s needs of the various nutrients it required in order to function at its best. The ICT Protocol supplement contains vitamins and minerals but they cannot work alone. The MCTs ensure proper absorption of these brain supporting vitamins in the body to yield maximum benefits and efficient results.

The formula also boosts the supply of oxygen to the brain which is of utmost importance as otherwise, the neurons can simply die off, in the absence of oxygen.

Cocktails Recipe

The ICT Protocol Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail can be prepared by using natural ingredients rich in vitamin B, vitamin B6 and B12. It also includes foods that contain folic acid. Combining all these amazing ingredients together, users will be able to prepare a vitamin beverage, which can aid the brain to recover from degenerative diseases, such as dementia, memory loss, brain fog, and Alzheimer’s.

Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid have been proven by science for their efficacy in reducing the levels of a special protein in the blood known as Homocysteine. Increased levels of homocysteine result in dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The formula of ICT Protocol delivers a burst of nutrients to the brain to support its health, reverse Alzheimer’s and provide you with promising results.

Final Word

Dr. Glen Rothfeld has an experience of 41 years as a general practitioner Waltham, MA. He has a background from Harvard fellowship. He is also the medical director of the well known Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine in Massachusetts.

Glen has authored a number of bestselling books related to health and fitness but it is the Atlas of Natural Cures that gave his success new heights. He is much credited for his astounding work that helped countless people improve their health by using his natural remedies.

ICT Protocol is yet another successful product from Glen Rothfeld. He has worked out this amazing formula, which is prepared form only natural and proven ingredients. It treats degenerative diseases in a natural manner and it saves people from expensive treatments and chemically modified medications. ICT Protocol is an effective Alzheimer’s reversing cocktail that shows effects in very short time. It is safe for use as it is free from any side effects.

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