Ideal Protein Shake Review – How well does it work?

What is the ‘Ideal Protein Shake’?

Ideal Protein Shake is a weight loss brand that includes ‘food-like’ products that act as meal replacements in the form of drinks, puddings, whole meals, snacks and much more. They should be coupled with a complete diet and regime.

The company promises optimal weight loss results if all the products are rightly used. If you chose to lose weight the ideal protein way you’ll be made to intake high protein and low-calorie meals full of necessary nutrients which will help you control appetite.

The 18 Shake Diet is rated best by many experts. It teams up appetite suppressing meal replacement shake and a metabolism booster which users call a beneficial combination for lasting weight loss results.

Protein is largely complex molecules that play many vital roles in a human body. Protein is essential for building muscle mass. It makes up about 15 percent of a person’s body weight.They help structure, function, and regulate tissues and organs of the body.

They are composed of amino acid in the form of a long chain that forms a protein. It is very important to include the right amount of protein in your diet to lead a normal healthy lifestyle. Eating the right proportion of protein is greatly important because if you consume too much of protein rich foods, excessive amounts of fat will be diminished from your body.

About the Diet

Ideal Protein diet is a four phase directed diet to aid weight loss process. You can lose fat without losing any muscle mass with the help of protein rich diets. It does not only mean taking high amounts of protein but in taking the right amount. The ideal protein weight loss program provides your body sufficient amounts of protein with low sugar content.

It is a thorough diet program which provides packaged foods that are high in protein and low in carbs and fats. In this way, eating fewer carbs will stimulate your body to burn fat for energy. No need of eating tasteless foods to cut down fats. Now you can get tasty, healthy and nutritious diet food from Ideal Protein. But not to forget that everybody is different, hence bringing variable results from person to person.

The high protein, low carb approach in diets is very popular these days. So to start the Ideal Protein program you will have to visit their local clinic physically and get yourself enrolled in the 4-phase diet program. A weight loss coach will be assigned to you who will watch your required body needs and guide you on your way to weight loss. Then buy the packaged meals designed for the first phase of the program. The Phase One program will provide you with 1100 calories a day.

There is a total of four stages to the Ideal Protein Shake Program. In the first phase, you have to eat three Ideal Protein pre-packaged meals with one self-prepared meal a day which has to be low-carb. You will have to stick to this stage until you have met your goal 70-80 percent.

Stage two is comprised of less number of Ideal Protein pre-packaged meals per day and more number of self-preparatory meals. This phase will require you to meet your goal 100% in order to move on to the next phase successfully.

Now phase three reintroduces carbohydrates and fats steadily. You will reduce down to one Ideal Protein meal a day.

Phase four comprises entirely of self-made meals. So now all the food you will intake will be prepared by you and not packaged. Because you made it to the final phase successfully.

Here’s a selection of nutritious yet appetizing meal types provided by Ideal Protein.

Classic Morning Selections

The Classic Morning Selections includes breakfast foods like maple and apple flavored oatmeal, cheddar cheese and bacon flavored omelet mix, chocolate chip pancake mix, and fine herbs. These meals are made nutritious by adding a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals.

Popular Desserts

This selection includes a variety of tempting desserts being low in carbs and high in proteins. Desserts sold are chocolate caramel flavored mug cake, raspberry gelatin mix, vanilla crispy square and raspberry mousse mix.

Meal Replacement Drink

This popular protein shake mix is designed to replace one meal a day. Available in three flavors- strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. This low carb drink contains 18 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbs (4 from sugar) making the total calorie count of 110. This meal replacement shake contains a number of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and thickeners. The protein used is of cheap quality. You cannot buy this drink separately as it is a part of the diet program.

The Dark Side

Despite being the most popular weight loss program the Ideal Protein has a number of drawbacks as well. The rebound effect of people putting back weight on was reported quite a few times. Studies show that when a person goes a calorie limit diet, he/she ends up piling more weight than in first place.

Ideal Protein’s sugar elimination approach is not right 100% because the body needs natural forms of sugars from healthy sources like fruits that one can’t miss out due to a large number of minerals and vitamins it brings in. With so many adverse side effects due to additives and fillers a person feels doubtful about it in long term use. Another issue is that the overall cost of the diet program is very expensive that to being a short term weight loss aid.

Customer’s Opinions:

Here’s what a few customers have to say,

“The owners, Judy and Renee, are very supportive and were realistic when helping me set the goals for my plan.”

“Ideal Protein Shake is a big investment — of your $, your energy, and your willpower.   But when followed correctly, it works and works both safely and fast.  After just a couple of months, I lost almost 20 pounds of fat without any lean muscle loss.  No other diet gets results like this.”

“My wife and have been on it for six months, and it costs us $300.00 – $400.00 a week on average. Very effective, but very expensive. I lost 100 Lbs., and my wife lost about 40 Lbs.”

“I can’t seem to come from the diet. Whenever I try to I gain weight back like crazy. I lost all my weight 30lbs and have gained back 5lbs per year. I can’t seem to lose the weight I’ve gained back. I go on it lose the 5 and proceed to gain it right back. I think my metabolism is so slow because of this diet.”


Don’t forget to keep in mind that you’ll be in taking less than 1,000 calories a day with the Ideal Protein diet program, which could be insufficient for some consumers. A number of users reported difficulty working out due to less energy and constipation caused. Moreover, you can even cook keeping in mind the low-carb and high protein elements food yourself without having to pay a dietitian or purchase packaged dietary food.

Buy preparing such meals yourself at home you can even get rid of the added preservatives and side effects associated with the program’s ingredients. In spite of Ideal Protein’s claims, you might regain weight as soon as you re-introduce routine calorie intake and carbohydrates into your body. So, do take time, analyze and keep all of the above in mind before considering this program. Last but not the least do not start any weight loss program without consulting a physician.

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