Ideal shape Review – is it an ideal choice

Ideal Shape is a food supplement company targeting weight loss with its numerous products like shakes, snack bars and weight loss drinks and plans. There are a number of companies that pride themselves in providing quality products to help achieve desired results. Many works and some lack in one aspect or the other.

Weight gain is a multi-factorial process and the approach to weight loss has many faces. One of them is a calorie-restricted diet but then these diets are tarnished for their side effects such as digestive problems, vitamin deficiencies, food cravings, and starvation. The root cause of all these troubles is an imbalance between different food components that have a long-term downfall. A healthy food option that fulfills the caloric requirements and satisfies your taste buds without ripping off your body of the essential nutrients is an ideal choice.

 The Ideal Shape claims to shape you with all benefits included, let us have a sight see of their offers and analyze their competence regarding the ingredients, results, customer satisfaction and of course affordability.

Different products by Ideal Shape

Ideal Shape shakes

You can attain the ideal shape specific to your body by Ideal Shape’s shakes, which are available in different flavors. These meal replacement shakes are different from other replacements in the fact that they contain ‘Hunger blocking’ agent that help you keep your appetite under control, named SLENDESTA. The Ideal Shape shakes also have as their ingredients many vitamins and minerals with less than 1-2 grams of sugar with gluten-free formula (except for the cookies n cream flavor). One serving of the shake provides an approximate of 100-110 calories. Ideal Shape shakes are a blend of three components specifically aimed at weight loss

  • Whey protein
  • Fiber
  • Slendesta, the potato extract

We tried to strain some information on Slendesta, which is an addition to meal replacement shakes only in Ideal Shape. Slendesta is a potato protein extract. According to a research, a study published in International Journal of Obesity in 2010,

“The Protease inhibition using protease inhibitor 2 in a mini drink at a dose of 30mg, as used commercially, had no functional efficacy on a range of behavioral and physiological appetite and intake control measures”

The other ingredients in the shake are Bromelain, Papain, Maltodextrin and enzymes as protease, lipase, cellulase and lactase.

Whey proteins and fiber have a filling effect so they might help to curb hunger for some period. Although the main appetite suppressant, Slendesta, has no scientific backing to its hypothetical effects on satiety hormones, the Ideal Shape shakes have a very positive feedback from customers as regards the weight loss and appetite-lowering feature. This may be attributed to Inulin it contains, a kind of starch that has a cholesterol lowering property and is used for weight loss and constipation.

Some of the customers did give negative reviews on the consistency of the shake where others improved the same by an addition of flax seeds or coconut milk; we think that is a subjective quality of the shake to which anybody can respond differently.

The cost of Ideal Shape shakes is approximate $1.33 per meal and comparing it with some other meal replacement shakes as Shakeology and Isagenix, $4.33 and $3.64 respectively, Ideal Shape is the cheapest of them all. What we like is the low sugar content of the shake and its ability to keep one’s hunger cravings under control.

Ideal Shape Bars

A balanced weight management program caters for three main meals and two snacks in between. The meal replacement shakes are answers to your main meals but what about the in-between snacks. Sure, you can munch on a celery stick or carrot, chew on a bunch of almonds or currents, but you will agree that they leave you craving for more and, our taste buds in sympathy with us. The Ideal Shape fills your snack spot with healthy and nutritious calorie controlled bars that keep the hunger cravings at further bay.

The Ideal bars provide a 150-calorie count with the additional vitamins and hunger blocking Slendesta. The bars not only come in different flavors to suit your taste buds but provide 10 grams of proteins, all bound with VitaFiber that has a satisfying consequence on your gut.

The Ideal Shape bars have a very strong customer support for its appetite-satisfying upshot but some complaints about the dry nature of the bars and its gritty feel made a small proportion of customers disgruntled with the product. Again, the taste is a subjective quality and the majority of content customers and 4-5 star reviews compel us to give it a green signal. The cost of Ideal Shape bars is about $14.99 for their variety box (containing different flavors) and as you add up the package deals, you cut down on the cost.

Ideal Shape Boost drinks

How much simple water can you consume in a day or stay away from carbonated or energy drinks? Ideal Shape has combined the goodness of energy drinks and modesty of plain water in their Ideal Boost drinks that energize you without the guilt of gulping sugared fluids.

The Ideal Boost blends the metabolic charging of green tea and caffeine with the vitalizing authority of B-complex vitamins. How it may control your cravings is by the joint action of Slendesta and Fibersol that quench your thirst and help burn some extra calories too. It also contains raspberry ketone that is the latest fad in weight loss research. All the ingredients are backed by scientific studies, the details of which can be found on the official website.

The Ideal Boost comes in a packaging of 30 sticks that can be used anywhere, anytime. The average cost of the drink is about $1.5 without the burden of an excess of sugars on your body.

We have found the combination of green tea, caffeine, raspberry ketones, and Fibersol, Slendesta and B-complex vitamins unique to Ideal Shape Boost drinks. Positive customer reviews are a big plus for Ideal Shape Boost drinks. Energizing with weight control management and appetite supervise, this boost drink is a big yes from our side.

The Ideal Shape offers its products in a 30, 60 and 90-day combo of shakes, bars, and drinks for a complete weight loss ritual at almost half the original cost. In addition to that, they have a supplement range covering

  • Collagen support,
  • Ideal Greens Superfood blends,
  • Ideal Burn,
  • Ideal Block,
  • Ideal Trim,
  • Ideal Omega and
  • Ideal Probiotics range

Adding together its products in the form of Ideal Plan, the company also shares its collaboration with Lindsay Mathews, a certified nutritionist, to guide its customers through a preplanned schedule for weight loss. Integrating the meal replacement shakes and bars with a nutrition guide, the Ideal Shape makes it possible for you to make the best use of its products in the most effective manner.

Overall, the verdict from many customers and us, is an all go. The appetite suppressant feature of Ideal Shape products and the outcome evident by testimonials of the customers is prompting enough for purchase. However, if you are not satisfied in any way, your purchase is covered by a 30-day refund guarantee.         




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