Inferno Tactical Lighter- A superior electric lighter


Survival is very important for every human being for that you ought to have 3 important things, a knife, compass and a lighter these three tools have their specific purposes which aid to survival, these items are important for variety of reasons but lighter among them is the most important tool.

Lighters have played crucial role throughout the history because it is the most approachable and convenient way of carrying warmth and fire, it could be used as signal help in cases of emergency when it comes to wilderness this is the most important thing. We can’t ignore the fact that people need it for various purposes smoker need it to light cigar or cigarette, if a person needs to light candle then lighter comes to rescue or for adventure purposes like you need to burn hemp wick, wooden sticks and bonfiring.

On the other hand lighting match stick is not safe at all because when it spark it may lead to fire accidents due to heavy wind blow which stimulates the fire, just imagine you are stuck in jungle and you need to light any substance immediately and all you are left with is a single match stick either you give your best shot or bear with the misery, horrible, isn’t it? So for the optimum solution engineers have put their best efforts to bring a substance which will look after all your needs for tricky situations in form  of  Inferno Tactical Lighter ,The problem of many lighters these days is they use butane gas and this gas is very flammable and just a simple start and it triggers flame, it has so many side effects which can result in chaos and inconvenience over the period of time the butane gas danger is increasing so some better safe alternative was much needed.

About inferno lighter

 Inferno Tactical Lighter is electric butane free lighter that works more efficiently and is best option for those who wants to stay away from butane gas, the design is sleek and stylish and it is gaining popularity among lighter enthusiast. The main purpose behind making  this lighter was to built something that was safe for everyday use, so many experts have put their expertise in creating a product which not only works better than traditional lighters but visually is more appealing too, by taking butane gas out of the equation the consumers will experience peace of mind and maximum satisfaction.

Majority of people who are looking for new lighters have second thoughts about inferno lighters whether it would facilitate them as regular lighters or not after all, butane lighters have had loyal consumers, but this lighter has all features of traditional lighters and has merged with new technologies to give away best results.

The two features which make Inferno Tactical Lighter   superior first being it is made out of classic material, the sleek and stylish design is made with craft grade aluminum, it is more durable and long lasting as compared to others,  secondly it uses electricity instead of butane gas for the safety conscious people.  It gets started by just one touch and it creates its spark because this lighter works so efficiently that people after using this lighter won’t miss their old ones.

How does it work?
Regular lighters rely on butane gas which is quite harmful and it is carcinogen that causes cancer, this can affect user’s health and lead to many diseases, that is why inferno lighter is being suggested.

This lighter relies on electricity instead of using butane gas it is activated through a small button on the side of the lighter when you turn on the button current is produced at the top of lighter instantly and then you can light paper, cigarette and other things according to your need, The website claims that since this product is chargeable so you don’t need to purchase lighter over and over again, it’s cost effective.


– This lighter is eco friendly
– It has high power battery
– It is rechargeable
-It has long time battery duration lasts more than 90 hours
– It is safe to use
– It is windproof and waterproof completely
– All the elements being used are non toxic
– It has facility of USB port
– It is completely free from harmful substances
– It has stylish design and attractive look
– No dangerous butane chemicals
– It has flameless light
– It doesn’t require liquids to replace
– One touch, dual beam lighting
– Wide space to lighten the stuff
– It is cost effective
– It is suitable for all weather conditions

Why is it chosen by adventurous people?

Adventure is fun, but you need to tag along durable and long lasting stuff with you. It’s quite popular among people who love adventure because of its reliability and durable battery. It will help you in times when you need it most when you are on picnic or lost in wild remote areas, it will help you find your way in some of the craziest nights.


Since it is newly launched so it does not have many reviews or customers feedback, that being said the manufacturer cares about their customer’s satisfaction regarding the product and the website is currently claiming it to be the best seller which adds to its reliability.

How is it cost effective?

It will help you in saving your money because the ordinary lighters needs to be refilled frequently with butane gas which is not only expensive but harmful too. This lighter is very convenient to charge and has unbreakable features; it is very convenient to charge with its given USB with flameless electric beam.

Where to buy?

I t is available on the official website; currently they are selling the product for $56 with discount. Here is the pricing detail.

– 1 Lighter:  $56
– 3 Lighters: $117
– 4 Lighters:  $169
– 5 Lighters:  $145
– 10 Lighters:  $260
– 15 Lighters:  $375
– 20 Lighters:  $400

Customer service contact

You can contact customer service for any suggestions, complaints or concerns. Call them at 844-756-0640 or email

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