IntelliWhite CoolBlue Teeth Whitening Device – Detailed Review!

IntelliWhite is a new non-prescription teeth whitening device that offers a comprehensive solution to get the best and brightest results for the teeth. Teeth are considered one of the most important and prominent parts of our body that helps define us. One can’t deny the significant role of a good set of teeth behind a beautiful smile. Just as our face and our body require proper conditioning and toning process, it is equally important to take care of our teeth with regular cleaning and toning process. Good and clean teeth also ensure good mouth hygiene and health. This teeth whitening formula is recommended for people who are facing problems in their teeth due to dirtiness and yellowness, and is considered one of the most reliable teeth whitening supplements available in the market.

IntelliWhite is a system designed to whiten teeth in a similar way as utilized by the dentists but at a much cheaper cost and with few adjustments to ensure safety of use for ordinary people at home. It is one of the leading names in the industry and the formula is well known for its many benefits to the teeth. It is also one of the easiest-to-use whitening kits that ensure the users experience complete whitening effects. The formula creates maximum gel-to-tooth contact and that is what makes the supplement stand out in results from the rest. Many users have shared their positive experience of using IntelliWhite and particularly stress on the ease of the application method. All whitening products including brush-on whiteners require diligence and following instructions carefully as prescribed by the manufacturer.

What is IntelliWhite?

IntelliWhite manufactures a line of teeth whitening applications for home use that helps to achieve a brighter smile with the help of high quality and completely natural ingredients. And while the supplement is made easy to be applied by individuals at home, the product comes with a complete set of instructions and warnings to help achieve maximum results. From important meetings to those dinner dates, one may rely on the beautiful smile to seal the deal. Now it’s easier to keep the teeth bright and radiating with this teeth whitening program that applies 14% hydrogen peroxide concentration to whiten teeth. It offers a precise and inclusive application and also includes mouth guard that makes it easier to use.

Product Overview

  • Whitening Gel .12 fl. oz.
  • Amplifier Gel .40 oz.
  • 25-count box cotton Bleach Bumpers
  • PM Restore brush
  • Power adapter
  • Mouth guard
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year limited warranty on activating light

Main Benefits of using IntelliWhite

  • White Teeth

The primary goal and advantage of this teeth whitening supplement is to promote whiter and brighter teeth. The formula works to achieve whiteness in a short period of time without having to go through tedious process.

  • Avoid Teeth Problems

The teeth whitening supplement is especially formulated to combat against stains and inflammation in the mouth. It also helps to reduce sensitivity for users by utilizing a precision brush applicator with proper care.

Features of IntelliWhite

  • Contains 14% concentration of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Helps to whiten teeth and remove stains.
  • Provides a thorough and precise application.
  • Special formula stays in place and reaches between teeth.
  • Brush-on applicator keeps the gel away from gums.
  • Formula contains no alcohol.
  • Mouth guard holds back lips for easy application.
  • Designed to whiten upper and lower teeth simultaneously with even distribution.

Ingredients of IntelliWhite

  • IntelliWhite CoolBlue Amplifier Gel – .40 oz.

Propylene, Silica, Zinc Oxide, Propylene, PVP, Water, Xylitol, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sucralose, Flavor

  • IntelliWhite CoolBlue Whitening Gel – .12 fl. oz.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin, Carbomer, EDTA, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin, Flavor


  • It is advised to consult a professional dentist in case of any kind of gum disease or untreated dental cavities.
  • Products that contain peroxide are generally not recommended for use under 12 years of age.
  • In case of irritation such as inflammation or redness, discontinue the use and consult a dentist.
  • Teeth whitening products usually don’t change the color of the fillings and other artificial material for restorative use.
  • It does not affect dental gold, porcelain or other ceramics. However, it may slightly affect the color of dental amalgams or cements.

Customers Feedback

“I have to say this is the best product in the market for quick brightness. It was very easy to use and I imagined it would be good option for my sensitive teeth. I have been using IntelliWhite for over a year now and the results are always great. My teeth have never been whiter and brighter before. It works instantly and my teeth have not never been sensitive.”

“I took before and after pictures of my teeth when I started using IntelliWhite. There was a huge visible difference. My teeth are not badly stained but significantly whiter and there was no sensitivity while using at all. A bit awkward having to hold open my mouth in the expander but it works really well to whiten my teeth. I love it and recommend.”

“IntelliWhite works so quickly and so well without any sensitivity to my teeth. I noticed improvement right away. I love my new white and bright smile. A real whitening solution for sure. It was definitely worth a try and I would recommend this product highly.”

“Very easy to use. I love my smile and the boost in my confidence. I have used other IntelliWhite products also and I love them. My teeth are even whiter and it takes less time too. So I’m very happy with the results.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the teeth white?

Teeth whitening is a chemical process that occurs when the whitening contents oxidize with oxygen. This chemical process makes the teeth white by bleaching the enamel and dentin, which is a hard tissue inside the enamel.

What to consider before teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening process usually does not affect root filled or holed teeth, but it is advised to consult a professional dentist in case of unfilled cavities. Use teeth whitening pen for greater precision. Pregnant women should avoid using the product.

Is it possible to whiten only one tooth?

You can whiten one or a few teeth at the dental splint. Place gel only in the tracks of selected teeth. It is common for people to opt for whitening front teeth only as they are more visible.

How white will the teeth be?

The results of teeth whitening depend on a few factors such as original whiteness of the teeth and the frequency of teeth whitening treatment. It changes up to 4.6 shades of teeth whiteness in 25 minutes.

Where to buy IntelliWhite?

IntelliWhite has a wide range of teeth whitening products and has a huge online presence. Many high end beauty stores and different commerce websites like HSN are selling the product. One can visit the official website of the product to place an order and also learn about the product. To place an order, simply fill out some required information and make payment using one of the online methods available like credit or debit card. Once the order is placed, it takes about 3 to 5 days to be delivered to the doorsteps.

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