Isolator Fitness Review– A Detailed Analysis

Isolator Fitness is a US based company which manufactures health and fitness related product. All these extra equipment for health may sound unnecessary for many people but it really helps in maintain a healthy life. This is not a very popular company so people are not familiar with it or its products. This review will provide help to understand the products better.

What is Isolator Fitness?

Isolator Fitness, as described earlier is a company which was developed by David Vollmer Jr. in 2009. It is originally located in the USA but its products are reaching across the globe. The company was originated on the concept to help the customers with easiest approaches to maintaining the health. All the products are made in the US which means they follow a reliable production scheme. There is an official website which provides all the information on products, company and the purchase plans. As per description over the website, the motto of the company is “help all people to feel empowered to reach their health and fitness goals and to live the life they want to live.”


Why Are Health And Fitness So important?

Health and fitness are two most primly concerned areas these days. The concept of fitness doesn’t necessarily mean to lose weight, spend hours at the gym and attain a zero size or muscular body. It means to develop a healthy lifestyle which has maximum benefits for your body and less negative impacts.

Over the past two decades, the food habits have changed a lot. Initially, people preferred simple food and even simpler lifestyle. The concept of unhealthy eating, junk food, and oily food has been endorsed by communication and social media. All the unhealthy foods are presented in such an attractive way that you cannot resist to eat it. The additional unhealthy food items include fat, sugar, soda, processed foods, baked food, frozen and semi cooked recipes. These irregular eating habits can initiate health problems such as Hormonal imbalance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, anxiety, depression, obesity, metabolic, digestive problems and cardiac problems.

The second worsening effect is induced by lack of physical mobility. When you are sitting idle and there is no actual movement, your body will become used to it. The result is unwanted fat and obesity. To make a healthy lifestyle work for you, you must add physical activity in form of anything in your routine.

Which Products Can You Purchase?

Isolator Fitness offers various health-related products available on the website. The choice to buy them is as per personal requirement and choice. These products are categorized as per general groups. Each category has a wide variety of similar products in it. If you know what you want, you can directly go to the specific section among produces, if not you can explore the website. Some of the top rated items are enlisted as following with brief details.

  • IsoBags (Special Meal Preparation Bags)

These bags are not ordinary bags, they are meant for fitness conscious people. If there is someone who wants to eat clean which is healthy as per his own diet regime. It helps to maintain the general fitness goals of a person by allowing him to store food in it. it has so many compartments which help to organize the meals. In a time of need, they can simply take it out without any confusion and eat.

  • Isolator And Cuff Edition Fitness

This is an exclusively designed equipment which id designed to be used by the workout maniacs. These are straps which are close as latest devices. The user puts on these straps to his hands and wrists. Wearing these straps will provide extra strength for a workout. It will maintain the integrity and firmness of muscles, making them ready for exercise.

  • Iso Pasta

As the name indicates, this is pasta, the food which is made with special recipe and ingredients. as pasta is a favorite food of many people. the weight watchers fear for it being so fattening for them. this special pasta has a low scheme of carbohydrates and more protein content which makes it a favorable food even for the people on diet. As per information on the website, it has 30 grams proteins and 7 net grams of carbohydrates per serving which is far less than actual pasta. It requires significantly less time to prepare it as compared to the routine pasta. Overall, it is a helpful food ingredient.

  • Meal Preparing Containers

These containers are specifically made to make and store the good for weight watchers. The containers are made of the premium quality material which is safe for human use. These containers easily fit inside IsoBag and you can count and pack you whole day meals in just one cooking attempt. It is helpful to combine them with the special bag so that you can carry it everywhere.

Extra benefits

  • These containers are stackable into each other which saves space.
  • They are BPA free which means they won’t add any extra chemical in their food.
  • These containers are crack-free.
  • They can be used for heating in the microwave.
  • You can easily wash it in your dishwasher along with other dishes.
  • You can store the hot meals in this container.
  • You can even freeze food in these containers.
  • Red, orange, blue, green, purple and golden color available.

What Is The Price Of These Products?

Each item has a different price. The price of best seller products as per their general category is written below.

Meal Prep Bags

  • Isomini- $29.99 per unit
  • IsoBaf- $59.99 per unit
  • Isocubes- $49.99 per base variant

Meal Prep Containers

  • 12 Oz Containers: $16.99
  • 16 Oz Containers: $17.99


  • $28.99 for a 16 serving pack
  • Isolator Fitness- $139.00
  • Isolator Cuff- $55.00 per unit

These are only a few products, more products are posted on the website with details, price and ordering link.

Do These Products Help?

All these products require less chemical involvement in them. there are no as such in taken products other than pasta. The material used in bags or container is verified for its safe consumption for humans. Overall, it is 100% risk-free to use these products. There are absolutely no negative comments related to the company or the products online. One of the reasons could be that the products have no as such negative impacts for which they have no negative fame associated with them. Most of the customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Orders And Purchase

The company has developed a fully functional website which deals with orders online. You can make the purchase of any product through the website. All the products are also available on the Amazon USA for its purchase. both these websites have all the information mentioned with price and purchase options. The website accepts various payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amazon Payments which make the target audience to place an order with ease.

Review Conclusion

Isolator Fitness as the name indicates is a company which promotes healthy products. It promotes the idea of balanced and perfectly healthy lifestyle which eventually helps to live a better life. The products which it offers are safe and has no possible side effects linked with them. The company has been selling these products since 2009 and there has been no negative remark against any of its products. Its overall safe to use. If you want to adopt a healthy life plan, this website may help you find the right products for you. For more details and ordering, visit the official website today.

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