Juvetress review – Can it bring back life and vitality to your hair

Thinning, falling hair and receding hairline is an aesthetic dilemma that nobody wants to face but almost 35 million men and 21 million women in the US experience some sort of hair loss issue. About 47% of them would spend their lifetime of savings to regain full hair health while the number of surgical restoration procedures in the US reached 101,252 in the year 2010.

According to a study, about 30% of individuals suffering from hair loss were ready to give up sex if it could bring the hair back on their scalp. Now how humorous it may seem to an individual who has beautiful and healthy hair, the falling hair issue is as serious as it is.

Juvetress Revitalizing Therapy claims to be an answer serious enough to the hair loss dilemma. So, if you do not want to be a statistical figure representing the balding and hairless community, we would suggest you read this review to take better control of your hair health.

What is Juvetress?

Juvetress is a revitalizing hair therapy with ingredients that are potent enough to address thinning hair, hair fall issues, and weak and damaged hair. By stimulating the stem cells found in the hair follicles, that have remained dead and dormant in the scalp, Juvetress restores the hair health and growth delivering a lasting solution.

Developed by award-winning, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hal Weitzbuch, Juvetress is a potent blend of natural polyphenols and peptides that are scientifically validated to work in conjunction and “reactivate” the hair follicle stem cells that have gone quiescent and inactive with age or any other reason.

How does Juvetress work?

Juvetress is a doctor-formulated formula that offers a safe and practical solution to declining hair health, which is easy on your pocket too.

One of the conventional methods of restoring and boosting hair health includes Minoxidil, a drug that is FDA approved and quite effective but is tagged with some serious side effects as skin irritation, initial hair loss, a delayed result, and appearance of unwanted facial hair. The drug is inconvenient to use and can be expensive because you have to use it for an extended period to see any observable results.

These are some of the reasons that customers’ are more inclined towards a hassle-free, affordable, and generally safe alternative to customary solutions as Minoxidil. Juvetress is a comprehensive answer to all of these issues, with cutting-edge technology, incorporating plant-based polyphenols and antioxidants to treat thinning and falling hair and receding hairlines.

A non-invasive formula, Juvetress works to

  • Stimulate the inactive hair follicles
  • Nourishes and thickens the already present hair shafts
  • Reactivate the natural hair growth process
  • Bring back shine, volume, length, thickness, and strength of hair

The functional ingredients of Juvetress

Juvetress contains safe botanical ingredients with active polyphenols. The peptide blend helps the growth cycle of the hair shaft.

The superstar ingredients of Juvetress include an emulsion of silicones that deliver an antioxidant activity to the scalp cells. This results in an overall support against UV rays, heat and other environmental pollutants and leads to hair growth via better nourishment of the scalp.

“This emulsion is, in fact, a Silver medal recipient of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award of 2014”

Another star ingredient of Juvetress is a combination of Scutellaria baicalensis, soy and wheat sprouts. This specific combination acts as a protective agent against oxidative damage, stimulate stem cells into the growth phase and decelerate the aging process. The soy and wheat extracts increase the metabolic activity in the cells, resulting in an enhanced cell proliferation leading to an overall hair growth.

Some words on the stem cell technology

Stem cells are present in the middle of the hair follicle and provide a continuous support to maintain an uninterrupted and healthy growth of the hair shaft. However, with age or disease, medicine or nutritional imbalances, these hair follicles either go into dormancy or stop responding to the growth stimuli altogether.

Thus, any blend of ingredients that can stimulate the stem cells in the hair follicle can deliver permanent and lasting results. Non-invasive routes to hair regrowth, stem cells are a faster and effective solution to falling and thinning hair as delivered by Juvetress, which not only improves the hair fall but also caters to the texture and quality of hair.

“As predicted by Belgravia Centre MD Jonny Harris in an article in the Daily Mail last summer, hair loss therapies based around stem-cell technologies look set to be one of the most important new treatments available to men with the widespread genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness. They could also prove effective for some other hair loss conditions, including Female Pattern Hair Loss.”

A scientific backing of Juvetress

However, if you go through the stem cell technology for hair loss, you would find it to be invasive, though minimal, a procedure where the stem cells from the hair follicles are taken from the scalp of an individual and grown in the lab. The lab-grown hair follicles are then transplanted back on to the scalp of the same individual.

So we tried to search for the connection between the stated ingredients in Juvetress and stimulation of stem cells in the hair follicles. As per the statement of the manufacturer of Juvetress, their product deliver a non-invasive solution to hair fall via a unique botanical blend and the following is what we found out.

The three ingredients, Scutellaria baicalensis, soy and wheat sprouts are included in a trademarked solution for hair loss called Baicapil.

Scutellaria Baicalensis, a flowering plant, is a source of Baicalin, the active molecule for promoting hair growth and activating stem cells. The other two active ingredients, Soy, and Wheat are known to increase cell proliferation cycles and metabolic activities. The overall result, which is pronounced in both men and women, is

  • A reduction in hair loss
  • Stimulation of new hair cells
  • Increased hair density

An in-vivo study conducted by a research team tested the above-stated ingredient blend for their efficacy in restoring hair health in which a placebo-controlled trial was conducted over a period of six months. The following results were observed with the group treated with Baicapil lotion

  • A 59.3% improvement in hair density
  • An increased ratio of anagen to telogen phase of a hair shaft, i.e. extension of hair growth phase (anagen) of the hair follicle from the resting telogen phase (the resting phase)
  • A marked improvement in hair fall and new hair growth on thinning scalp areas

The test results were obvious after a regular use of the Baicapil for about three months.

How to use Juvetress

Juvetress is a hassle-free formula to reinitiate the growth phase of the dormant and quiet hair follicles. It works discretely to deliver the acclaimed results; only two applications per day would do the job effectively. A massage of thirty seconds or so is suggested by the manufacturer; a tingling sensation is an indication that the ingredients have absorbed into the hair follicles and started working.

The manufacturer also advice to keep yourself hydrated enough all day long to support the growing hair follicles. A no-rinse formula, Juvetress is a hassle-free solution for an ultimate hair health and vigor.

The acclaimed benefits of Juvetress

Knowing that Juvetress contains some follicle activating natural extracts, this doctor designed and the scientifically proven combination of ingredients touts to deliver the following results

  • “Renewed hair density
  • Renewed shine, strength, and luster
  • Thicker, fuller, more youthful hair”

From a customers’ point of view, some of the highlights of Juvetress Revitalizing hair therapy are

  • Added savings on multi-bottle packages
  • Independent third-party evaluation of the product for quality and purity
  • A leave-on formula that requires no rinsing
  • Easy application with only a small amount of the product used
  • A twice-daily application is enough
  • A complete 180-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee, which covers the minimum time period required to observe any results with this formula

The cost and availability of Juvetress

Juvetress Revitalizing formula is available at the official site of the company at huge discounts.

A single bottle costs about $49 with an instant savings of $30 (retail price is $79)

The cost-efficient and the most popular purchase is about $129, which covers a three-month supply with an instant savings of $108 (the retail price is $237)

Opting for a six-month purchase would cost you $240, with a savings of $234 against the retail price of $474

All the purchases are tagged with a free shipping and delivery.

Our final pronounce on Juvetress

With natural ingredients from plant origin that are backed by scientific verifications for working and efficiency and a 180-day money-back guarantee that covers the minimal time period for a clear and apparent result, Juvetress is a promising product in the field of restorative hair health technology.


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