Kaged Muscle Review – Kris Gethin’s Unbeatable Workout Intensifying Supplement

If you are looking for an ideal workout supplement which can fulfill all your requirements during pre, intra and post workouts, you are on a right path because this review will highlight all benefits provided by Kaged Muscle to suffice your workout needs. Kaged Muscle provides multiple workout supplements which pump your energy, increase mind focus and help out in covering all workout needs. The name Kris Gethin is well known by body builders and trainers. Kaged Muscle was the first supplement which he introduced in market which received thousands of reviews of satisfied customers, and it became the reason of the products popularity in market today.

Manufacturers Of The Product

Kaged Muscle manufacturers obey Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).The product is passed through various stages of quality testing from the stage when they were raw materials up to the stage when they become finished products. The quality assurance teams conduct various clinical tests and make sure that their final product meets MICROPURE™ Quality Guarantee.

Advantages Of Kaged Muscle Ingredients

Pre Kaged Muscle provides you with all raw materials that a body needs amid workouts. The ingredients used in its composition are listed below along with their benefits described briefly:

Initializes More Intense Workouts 

  • L-Citrulline (6.5g): It has got 8.5 g of pure L-Citrulline which is quiet a heavy dosage. Usually this much high dosage is not seen in workout supplements. It provides extra energy during pre workouts.
  • Quercetin Dihydrate (200mg): Quercetin has been observed to increase the formation of mitochondrial biogenesis in cells of your muscle. When utilized along with Caffeine it increases in efficiency and helps the body to take more advantage of those ingredients.

Muscle Fuel Matrix (3.5g)

BCAA’s have got enormous advantages as they increase fat burning, reduced fatigue and prevention of catabolism and stimulate the muscle protein synthesis. The ratio 2:1:1 based upon a research

means that  you get ( 1,750mg of leucine, 875mg of isoleucine, and 875mg of valine) per each serving.

Anabolic-Activator (3g more Leucine)

It acts as anabolic activator that stimulates mTOR (or Mammalian Target of Rapamycin) signaling process that plays a major role in muscle-building.

Endura-Burn™ Matrix


  • CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine (1.6g): Beta alanine improves the carnosine levels in your muscles which prevent the accumulation of lactic acid which occur as result of heavy workouts and trainings. Furthermore, it removes the burning sensation and makes your power and strength improve at the same time.
  • Capsimax™ (200mg): The purpose of this ingredient is to burn fat and increases your overall energy levels. This is due to the fact that capsimax is spicy and might cause burning and increase sweating during workouts.

Strength & Power Matrix

  • Beta Power® (2g) :  It is a famous pre-workout  supplement ingredient and improves muscle power strength, hydration and tolerance during workouts.
  • Creatine HCl (1.5g) : The alternative form of creatine is creatine HCL, 1.5 g of this ingredient is present inside the supplement..It is the famous one due to its enhanced absorption capability over monohydrate.

Hydrate & Defend

  • Coconut Water Powder (500mg) : Coconut powder has got high electrolyte content that improves hydration levels in the body. It is beneficial for pre, intra, and post workouts.
  • SPECTRA™ Total ORAC blend (100mg) : SPECTRA is a mixture of powerful nutrients which support body’s antioxidant defense system and improves immunity .When you workout free radicals are released inside the body due to breakdown of muscle fibers. Antioxidants compensate the effects caused by oxidative stress on the body due to intense workout.

Neuro-Focus Matrix

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (1g): NALT deals with reducing your stress & anxiety attacks and helps to improve mind focus and cognition. It stimulates the synthesis of two important neurotransmitters (Noradrenaline and Doparnine).N-Acetyll-Tyrosine is the most expensive and bioavailable form of nutrient.
  • L-Tyrosine (850mg) : Tyrosine is a mind focus enhancing ingredient with NALT which is speedily absorbed variant and is an amazing dose overall.
  • Natural Caffeine (274mg: Natural caffine helps u in weight loss, boosting energy levels and improving performance to greater degree.

Customer Support For Kaged Muscle

Kaged Muscle constitutes a team that is answerable to all customer queries about the products they manufacture and provides an amazing customer support. The customer support is provided online where you can place all your questions regarding the products. The team constitutes a very dedicated staff and responds very quickly to any queries placed.


  • It is easily absorbed by the stomach and there are no side effects.
  • It has a small recommended dosage.
  • All ingredients are clinically tested to make sure that the product is free from any impurities, dyes or chemical compounds.


  • The product is slightly bitter in taste due to the blend of all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors.
  • The company can perform far better by joining hands with other companies manufacturing workout supplements.

Value of Kaged Muscle

The product is available in two different flavors’ (Fruit Punch & Krisp Apple) on the official website at a cost of USD$ 35.98 for 20 servings.


Kaged Muscle supplements are far better than any other workout supplements because it works very effectively. Its slight bitter taste is due to the fact that it is made up of all the natural ingredients which make it less harmful than other weight loss products in market. It is hard to find a product in supplement industry which can beat the importance of Kaged Muscle.


“I have been working out and talking supplements since 5 years and Kris has proved himself again….. According to me PRE-KAGED is the Best Pre workout supplement, Kaged muscle supplements are the best…”.

“Kris does it again another great product! The flavor isn’t top notch, but you know what? It’s taste natural you can tell that it was made with fruits and veggies. I was making my own pre workout supplements, but I took advantage of their sales they recently had on here buy two get one free. Everything I usually use is in this product so its perfect for me not as much for servings for the price, but way better than the BCAAs with artificial flavor and dyes”.

“Having tried many pre-workouts before fully understanding what they where and what was in them, I was hesitant to buy another even knowing KM’s high standards. Nevertheless, I bought Pre-Kaged and have since been amazed. No jitters, no weird feelings, you take it and a half hour later you feel truly ready to conquer. Take it before 4:30pm if you’re an early sleeper. I take mine at 4 and I am dozing off for 10pm. 10/10 pump, mental focus, taste, energy, and overall health quality and transparency. cheers!”

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