Keto Burn Protocol review – A program with a difference

Keto Burn Protocol is a weight loss system based on ketogenic diet, which is becoming the latest craze of today’s generation because it works. Specifically designed for individuals over the age of forty, it caters to both men and women. Claiming to reveal the particular metabolic hack, Keto Burn Protocol sets the fat burning control panel of the body to maximum functioning as well as turning off the dials on fat storing to enable your body shed fat with every passing minute.

The metabolic clock of our body slows down as we age so it is difficult to lose weight when you cross the forty limits. However, Keto Burn Protocol promises that their science-backed keto practice would return your body to your twenties figure, it does not matter if you belong to the forties or fifties club.

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How Keto Burn Protocol does help you achieve it and why it is different from other ketogenic diets, the following review will try to get some answers for you.

The beginning of Keto Burn Protocol

Everybody faces a life-changing prospect in life, there are those who ignore it or whine about it, while there are those who grasp the opportunity and make use of its fullest. Something similar happened to the author of Keto Burn Protocol when he came face to face with death and fortunately came out of it. A near-death experience actually changed his life and his wife’s too, both of whom were obese.

keto burn protocol

The designer of the Keto Burn Protocol is John Sims, a certified nutritionist, qualified personal trainer and a fat loss expert. Nominated for Personal Trainer of the year award by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, John Sims carries many certifications and affiliations pertaining to his specific field.

The author saw the message nature was sending him and acted accordingly. In this quest, he discovered a fat busting protocol, which was research-based and backed by scientific authorities. Published in the renowned medical journals, the protocol not only ignites the fat burning mechanism in the body but leads to a bodily renovation that is proven to maintain an excellent healthy state, both physically and mentally.

The projected scores of Keto Burn Protocol

Let us see what the Keto Burn Protocol helps you achieve. When you know the prize, the quest towards its gain becomes an easy sweat.

  • Primarily, the fat will melt away.
  • The blood chemistry will return to healthy status; HDL will increase and disease-causing LDL will take a downward plunge.
  • The blood sugars will return to basal levels so as not to disturb the cellular functions.
  • Say adieu to pre-diabetes and shut the doors to diabetes forever.
  • Slash your risks to developing cancer, dementia, arthritis and other chronic diseases, customary of old age.
  • Enjoy enhanced physical endurance and let fatigue be an unknown phenomenon.
  • Give a boost to mental supremacy with improved memory, focus and cognitive command.

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The conduit is taken by Keto Burn Protocol

Keto Burn Protocol is not a diet based on soups or drinks, there is no pills or powders involved, nor is a name that describes strenuous physical workouts. Instead, the protocol leads you through an alley of delicious food items that entice your taste buds while igniting the fat burner equipment of your body.

Keto Burn Protocol targets the belly fat. Belly fat is not a simple aesthetic problem; rather it denotes a much bigger problem underneath the layers. WHO has recommended some figures to keep a check on your belly fat. 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women are labeled as abdominal obesity and a high risk for heart disease.

Belly fat is the representation of the visceral fat that surrounds and wraps around your inner organs like liver, kidneys, and intestines. Outwardly, it is a marker of many disease states as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease and so on. It is an indication that there are wrong types of fat incorporated into your diet.

Keto Burn Protocol smashes the myths that spin around foods containing fats by revealing how three fat-laden foods actually help you smolder the belly fat. It educates you as regards the low-fat strategy how it adds to the disease burden on human life. Keto Burn Protocol is about adapting to the right kind of fat in your diets.

Be ready to make a shopping list of some of your favorite foods and enjoy them with your friends and family. The Keto Burn Protocol will not strike you out of your social circle as most of the diet plans do. One can continue to lead a normal routine of activities and lose fat at the same time.


The stepladder of Keto Burn Protocol

Keto Burn Protocol is simply based on creating a state of ketosis in the body by consuming a diet high in fat but low in carbohydrates.

Keto Burn Protocol converts your body from a fat storage mode to fat burning mode by reversing the carbohydrate to fat ratio in the diet. Furthermore, the fat content of Keto Burn Protocol does not comprise of just any fats but the right kind of fats that keep your body in the fat burning mode.

The essence of the matter is:

  • The main energy fuel of our body is glucose.
  • Glucose is also the primary energy storage formulation of our body.
  • In the presence of plentiful glucose, fat is not engaged in energy combustion processes.
  • However, when our body is low on glucose, it starts burning fat for energy refueling in different processes.

Keto Burn Protocol taps into this fat burning mode of the body. There is nothing new that our body does not recognize about ketosis. The main fault lies with us; we fill in our bodies with carbohydrates and unfortunately, our current dietary practices depend on simple sugars and processed foods.

The refined carbohydrates of the modern dietary system lead to a continuous surge in our insulin, the hormone responsible for glucose metabolism. A stage comes when the insulin stores die off or the cells lose their capacity to react to them, which in simple words is called diabetes. Belly fat is the hallmark of obesity, which is counteracted by the Keto Burn Protocol.

The main upshot of the Keto Burn Protocol is that an individual does not go hungry. Comprising of 70% fat and only 20% of proteins and 5% percent of carbohydrates, the Keto Burn Protocol is shown to cut some figures on the scale. It does so by changing the character of calorie intake, instead of carbohydrates, fats are the main source of calories.

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Is Keto Burn Protocol effective?

Keto Burn Protocol is a healthy and smart way of caloric intake. Such a diet is shown to have positive effects regarding

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic syndromes
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Epilepsy in children
  • Certain kinds of cancers
  • Alzheimer’s

However, a normal ketogenic diet is not recommended for extended periods due to the risk of developing ketoacidosis. Furthermore, a normal ketogenic diet helps you shed weight for a while but it succumbs to what the author has described as Carbohydrate flu. Research has also shown the customary ketogenic diet to Keto Burn Protocol is effective for a short-term weight loss goal.

It is here that Keto Burn Protocol makes a difference with its strategy. It creates a state of ketosis in the body in as less as three days, thereby diverging the usual ketogenic path. The Keto Burn Protocol works in the following phases

  • The launch phase comprising of a complete seven-day meal plan prepared for you. The meal plan includes 35 recipes along with the ingredient list for an entire week.
  • The maintenance phase comprises of 150 recipes encompassing 30-day regime to keep your body in a state of ketosis and fat burning.

You can find many fat-laden recipes online but to know the exact calories they are delivering and the kind of fats they represent is difficult for a non-professional.

The best thing about the Keto Burn Protocol is that it is all preplanned. The recipes are wisely chosen by a group of specialists and nutritionists to cater for different individuals with different tastes. No recipe is repeated and is guaranteed to satisfy the hunger pangs and cravings. This is done by offering a full three meal courses and two snacks with desserts.

Overall, the Keto Burn Protocol is a designer work of experts engineered to set the body in a fat burning form.

Cost of Keto Burn Protocol

The cost of Keto Burn Protocol is a meager $37 with a full money back guarantee for 60-days. Once you are done purchasing, the protocol can be downloaded, which is compatible with any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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