Keto X Factor Review: Important Information Revealed

Keto X Factor is a ketogenic weight loss supplement, co-founded by Nutritionist Karen Schwartz and Dr. Frank Amondson. Being a ketogenic product means that it helps you achieve weight loss by inducing natural ketosis in the body. The product contains BHB Ketones and 3 type of Keto Salts that ensure effective ketosis. For those who don’t know what Ketosis is, this review will help them understand this natural process of weight loss so that they could decide if Ketosis is what they need to shred their body’s extra fat and if it is safe for them to go to.

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Weight loss achieved via ketosis is getting more and more popular. This is because ketogenic dietary supplements are not only easier to consume, but naturally induced ketosis does not pose much side effects. It is only the enhancement and improvement in an organic normal body procedure. Thus, the metabolic rate is enhanced and increased significantly, rendering more energy to the body.

To understand Ketosis better, we will briefly look at what Ketosis really is.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural body procedure. It is induced when the carb intake is low, so the body releases ketone bodies like BHB, etc. to burn fat for energy production. This fat-burning releases more energy and fulfills bodily needs for energy. Ultimately, the metabolic action is aided by this energy release.

This is why fasting routines and low carb intake are employed in weight loss regimes. They induce natural ketosis in the body. But the con of this is lethargy and lack of energy due to insufficient intake.

Ketogenic supplements, thus, not only provide the body with extra ketone bodies to fasten fat-burning procedure. They also keep the body’s energy level regulated. So even on a low carb intake, one feels sufficiently alert and active!

Before we move on to the working and benefits of Keto X Factor, we will first check out its core ingredients.

Core Ingredients of Keto X Factor:

The core ingredients of a product determine its quality and effectiveness. Sometimes, so-called keto products claim ketosis induction without having any ketone bodies or salts as ingredients. But Keto X Factor not only provides you with effective BHB Ketones, it also has 3 additional Keto salts.

-What are BHB Ketones?

BHB Ketones are ketone bodies that are released by the body during a state of ketosis. Out of the three main ketone bodies generated, BHB is the most abundant and effective, making up to almost 80% of total ketones in the body. They are responsible for employing fats for energy production when carbs are not sufficiently available.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the first substrate that kicks the metabolic state of ketosis into action. If you take it, BHB is able to start processing in your body resulting in energy and greatly speed up weight loss by putting your body into ketosis.

When added in a ketogenic supplement, the body is provided with a surplus amount of ketone bodies. This aids natural ketosis procedure.

-Keto salts:

Keto X Factor includes 3 types of Keto salts. Keto salts are basically “naturally-derived compounds that simply mix sodium (and/or potassium, or calcium) with BHB to improve absorption.”
They are also sometimes called “Ketone Mineral Salts” or “BHB Mineral Salts.”
With an addition of 3 types of Keto Salts, the effectiveness of Keto X Factor is highly improved. This is due to the boost in energy mechanism by fat-burning and faster weight loss.

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Benefits of Keto X Factor:

Using Keto X Factor can provide you multiple interlinked health benefits. With no extra fillers or additives, you get minimal to no side effects. It can help you if you’re especially looking to burn more fats at a faster pace. The body transitions from burning glucose for energy to fat burning on the usage of this supplement.

The energy generated by this method is much more than done by carbs. It leaves you feeling more alert, conscious and active, increasing your productivity levels significantly.

Some of the benefits of Keto X Factor are listed below:

Burns fat faster: as aforementioned, Keto X Factor can help to boost the fat-burning procedure. It owes this high-performance level to its core ingredients, i.e., BHB Ketones and Keto Salts.

Increases energy rate: with a faster fat-burning action, the energy rate is increased. This is because fats tend to release more energy than carbohydrates. So, when more fat is burned, more energy is released.

Acts as an appetite suppressant: The ingredients of Keto X Factor act as an appetite suppressant. This means that they reduce the hunger pangs and cravings. You do not munch on junk or extra fattening foods. This also aids you in your weight loss journey.

Improves metabolism: the increased rate of energy production via fats leads to an improved metabolism. The energy released by fats is used up in metabolic activity and reactions. The chemical reactions occur at a faster rate, thus leading to a better metabolism.

Makes you active and alert: with an enhanced energy rate and metabolic activity, the energy levels of the body are raised. One feels more active and energetic. This makes you more efficient by improving your productivity and performance levels.

Results in weight loss: last but not the least, the biggest benefit of Keto X Factor is its result in weight loss. This product promotes faster weight loss by burning up more fats via ketosis. It helps you achieve your optimal weight goals by just consuming 1-2 pills a day.


1. Consult a physician before using, especially if you have a specific medical condition.
2. Take 1-2 pills a day with a meal for maximum benefits and positive results.
3. Do not exceed the recommended dose, else it could lead to complications or drastic results.

Final Verdict:

Keto X Factor is a ketogenic dietary supplement. It induces ketosis via BHB Ketones and 3 types of Keto Salts. You achieve your weight goals, optimal energy, and higher performance levels through this product. Keto X Factor is easy to consume and effective in nature. One bottle has up to 60 capsules with an 800 mg proprietary blend. It can last you a month, depending on varying dosage.

It is preferable to consult your physician before using any supplement. This is because everyone has a different body type and the effects of a supplement may differ on that basis. What works for one may not work for another person. Thus, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using any product, especially if you have a specific medical condition or health issue.

All in all, a supplement is meant to aid in a process. It is not a cure or treatment of any disease or procedure. This means that while you’re looking for a weight loss supplement, it may not act as magic on the first use. A carefully selected diet and meal routine along with a healthy workout will give you more positive and fruitful results.

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