Kyani, The Triangle Of Health Review-Revealing The Details

Kyani is one of the famous companies which are famous for manufacturing the superfoods for health.  The chances are that people will approach you and tell about this company. You might not have known about it.

The famous Triangle of Health super food gained popularity at a significant level. The Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset, andkyani Kyani Nitro have proved to be the fantastic components for the good health practice.

All of these are pure dietary supplements which are thought to be very helpful for the body to be healthy. Whether or not these supplements are worth a try, this review has all the details in it.

What Is Kyani?

Kyani is the company which emphasizes health based products. The products manufactured by this company are dietary supplements which are useful for every person. The company itself was launched back in 2005, and it has made its name in the market up till now.

The website has a good ranking which suggests that many people know about the products. As per general assumptions, thousands of people search the internet site for the information and majority of them end up to order the products.

The Kyani company follows a wellness support product system which provides various health related stuff.

The company emphasizes on using the natural ingredients such as super foods for its products. Some of these include Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Alaskan Blueberries. The main products of the company include following.

kyani-productsKyani Sunset: what is it about?

Kyani Sunset is a nutritional plan which has tocotrienols, Omega-3, Beta Carotene, and Vitamin D inside it. All these ingredients are helpful to support the body in multiple ways.

It is advisable to be taken only in the night. The name of this product (Kyani Sunset) also suggest that it has to be taken after the sunset. That is the time when the body is undergoing lipid catabolism.

Its actual price is $43.95 USD, and the preferred customer price is $39.95 USD. However, if someone wants to buy and distribute the product, the price further decreases to $35.95 USD.

Kyani Sunrise: What is it about?

Kyani Sunrise is a powerful blend of super foods from the world. These ingredients include red raspberry, pomegranate, Panax ginseng, amla berry and Alaskan Blueberry. This rich antioxidant blend is here to help the body from toxin attack and free radical damage. It detoxifies the body and enables it to function properly.

Prolonged use is ideal and provides sufficient benefits to the user. As per the information on the website it has 22 super foods and contains ten necessarily required vitamin and 74 minerals to the body. Its actual price is  $43.95 USD. The preferred customer price of it is $39.95 USD. However, the distributor price is  $35.95 USD only.

Kyani Nitro: What is it about?

As the name indicates, this product is enriched with nitric oxide which is the chief principal agent in muscle repair and defense system of the body even at a cellular level.

The price of this product is $65.95 USD. The preferred user price of Kyani Nitro is $62.95 USD, and the distributor price is only $59.95 USD.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme: what is it about?

In case one needs even more vitamins and nutrients to work for him, Kyani’s Nitro Xtreme is also available. It has the most nutrients than all other products.

The retail price for this product is only $79.95USD. The preferred customer price is $74.95 USD. And the distributor price is $69.95 USD.

How do these products work for you?

Kyani’s products are very healthy as per their formula. These are not medicines, so they aren’t controlled by the health authorities. The idea of these supplements Is just to improve the quality of life and nothing else. They are not designed to combat any disease to reduce the effect of any disease. There are many satisfied customers of the products made by Kyani in the whole world. If there is any health complication, Kyani proves to be an excellent option for improving the quality of life. Once a user starts taking it, he will feel the goodness surrounding him.

The people who are facing any health complications are advised to take Kyani with the consultation of their doctor. Especially if there is any linked with extreme medication, the risk of interaction between the kyani supplement and the medicine is high.

For all the other healthy persons, there is no such risk. They can take it as they like. Research or certification can not accurately tell what benefits will a supplement provide to you. The range of advantages with Kyani Products is enormous. They work moderately to best among users. However, there is not any case where it has negatively influenced any user.

It is neutral and easy to use. It is equally helpful for both men and women. Anyone can take it except for the underage children.


The concept behind Kyani products

There is no as such one thing which makes Kyani a big name. There is a whole set of benefits which are targeted while designing each product. These products can help you in many ways. They can contribute to provide immunity and improve the quality of the health. It reduces the risks of cancer. Also, it is a great help against aging and chronic joint pains.

Some of the important benefits you will observe are as following.

  • The products will reduce the joints and muscular pains of the body.
  • The products will help to reduce the internal inflammation.
  • It prevents the risk of diabetes.
  • It avoids the risk of cholesterol and hypertension.
  • It provides cardiovascular support to the body.
  • It provides protection against arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • The product provides the body with more oxygen which makes every cell of the body to grow and play its part in body’s development.
  • A constant use makes the body energetic and active for the entire day.
  • It overall improves the quality of life.

There are several online testimonials available which will explain how have Kyani products helped them to change their lives forever. Some of them had low immunity, and some had chronic diseases which are now controlled. Most of these reviews are positive and promising which gives hope that Kyani will work well for you too.

More About The Status of Company

The company was made in 2005 at Idaho Fall, Idaho. Kyani stared as a food company which excelled in marketing skills. In the native language of Alaska, Kyani means a strong medicine which suits the company as they have the same effect.

The inspiration behind the company to start making these supplements is the world famous Alaskan Blueberries and wild Salmon. It operates in more than 44 countries of the world, and the product is legal to trade and buy.


What makes Kyani a good choice?

The products which it produces are made of all natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are from excellent sources which make them, even more, better option. Each of the supplement follows a little recipe which has sufficient amount of nutrients to offer.

It is affordable. It has no side effects. It provides various business tools to the distributor across the globe, and it has been approved by the scientific advisory board.

What are the possible drawbacks?

The startup cost is very expensive as set by the company. The initial start up cost is somewhat $229.00 USD which is far higher than various similar companies. The WEBtool package is optional, and it is for $12.50 UDD extra.

Every distributor must have a sponsor ID to be a part of Kyani. It doesn’t give its customer the access to become the distributors directly.It offers no advanced training to its employees.

 Pros and Cons of Kyani

Like most of the other products, Kyani also has some good and some bad points. Some of them are as follows.


  • The products are herbal.
  • They are safe.
  • Anyone can use them.
  • They are helpful for the chronic diseases too.
  • They are from premium herbal sources
  • There are absolutely no side effects, neither studied nor reported by any customer.
  • It has 30 days money back guarantee.
  • It is available in all parts of the world through the online order and local distributors.
  • It is not expensive but very affordable.


  • There are only four products, from which a user has to select any one.
  • The business plan doesn’t sound impressive.

Directions to use Kyani products

The using process is very straightforward as that of other dietary supplements. Kyani Sunrise has to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Kyani Sunset needs to be taken before going to bed or anytime after dinner. Kyani Nitro and Nitro Xtreme has a different method to use. They need three to five doses per day as per your body requirements. All the supplements need to be swallowed with water only.

Conclusion- Should you use Kyani Products?

Kyani is a name associated with health-based supplements. It uses natural products that too of extremely high value i.e. super foods. There is a scientific bench to back up these products. It is a simple method to use them. All the user reviews are good. Overall there are no such factors which arise question on the effectively on the supplement. Try it for the health improvement and order it today.



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