Kylie cosmetics – keep up with the Kardashians fashion freak!

The youngest of Kardashian clan, Kylie has ethereal fashion sense and a distinct place of it in her life. Amongst “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014”, she launched her own line of cosmetics in 2015 by the name of Kylie Cosmetics. Her cosmetic frenzy was rated number 1 on the iTunes app store and best-selling app for android.

About the celebrity

Kylie Kristen Jenner born on August 10, 1997 in Los Angles, California, US. She is one of the 2016’s top 10 most followed celebrities on Instagram (a social networking website). Kylie is the youngest and talented daughter of decathlon winner (won in 1976 summer Olympics) Caitlyn Jenner; formerly known as Bruce Jenner and television high profile star Kris Jenner. She is a high-school graduate from laurel springs school. Kylie has appeared in reality shows “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, including its sequel “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami”, “Khloé & Lamar”, “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” and “Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons”.

In 2013 Kylie started working in collaboration with her sister Kendell, a clothing brand namely “Kendell and Kylie Collection wiith PacSun”. In July 2013, the Jenner sisters came up with a jewelry line with Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhous, named as “Metal Haven by Kendall & Kylie jewelry collection.”

In February 2014, Jenner sisters launched a whole new range of shoe and clutch bag line for Steve Madden’s Madden Girl line. Jenner also launched her hair extension line with Bellami Hair, authorized as “Kylie Hair Kouture”, including 16 different colors and related shades. In March 2015, she announced her skin care line “Nip + Fab” followed by another publication that she had now became their second ambassador after Millie Mackintosh.

In June 2015, the Jenner sisters launched extension to their clothing line “Kendall + Kylie with British fashion retailer Topshop”. Kylie then brushed up her fashion skills and took a step further, she advanced her creations of vibrant colors and fused great makeup approaches to it. In 2016 she stood deva after the successful launch of first lipstick line as a part of her self-titled lip kit.

“Kylie look” about Kylie Cosmetics

Excited Kylie has revealed her beauty secrets with girls round the globe. The product touched sky high popularity. Kylie initiated a beauty campaign “#KylieCosmetics” for aficionados to share their pleasant experience.

Her lip-kit includes liquid lipstick plus lip-liner duo in appealing color contrast. Her lip-kit is characterized as Matte, Gloss and Metals.


True Brown K, lip kit series: it includes exclusive brown range, with deep chocolate brown sensation so let lips feel the creamy matte texture. The application of this lip kit is lot easier, it is long lasting and water repellent. It adds extra volume to the lips and brighten their look. This lip-kit include moisturizers for silly smooth touch. This matte true brown K series is priced $29/kit, $14 and $17 per kit. (Prices are different according to the shade)

Dolce K, lip-kit series: it includes attractive medium beige nude shade that adds extra look to the personality of a lady.
This matte range is priced $29, $17 and $19 per kit (Prices are different according to the shade)

Mary Jo K, lip-kit series: this fiery red or true blue red velvety texture can enhance the lip beauty. Priced at $29, $17 and $14 per kit.

Candy K, lip-kit series: warm nude shade gives an innocently bold change to anyone’s personality. Priced at $29, $17 and $14 per kit.

Dead of Knight: this intense true black shade highlights the dark love of ladies, the love for black and charcoal texture brings a solidity in the everyday routine. It is priced $29 per kit.

Exposed: light cool toned nude shade heightens the cool factor of ladies color lips with this light shade to for brighter compliments. It is priced $29 per kit.

Kourt K: deep purple magic can drive any men crazy for this lip color. Priced $29 per kit.

Koko K: pale pinky nude light texture is a perfect choice for daily wear. Priced $29 per kit.

Poise K: dusty mauve pink adds a little pixie dust of pinkness to the lips for a perfect Chester smile. Priced $29 per kit.

22: vibrant burnt orange or blood red is a kiss perfect shade, classy and attractive. Priced $29 per kit.

Skylie: bright sky blue this soft inspiring shade is loved by every women. Priced $29 per kit.

Freedom: rich navy blue shade makes lips smooth and moist. Priced $29 per kit.
Weight of matte lip-kit series: 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick weigh (0.11 fl oz. /oz. liquid / 3.25 ml) and 1 Pencil Lip Liner weigh (net wt. / poids net .03 oz. / 1.0g).


Literally Gloss: it is a warm toned peachy nude shade a perfect, shiner blend. It gives a luminous effect blessed with vitamin E for fully healthier lips effect. It provides long lasting moisturizer and keep lips hydrated. Prevent them from getting parched. Priced $15

So Cute Gloss: this cute warm nude beige adds a glossy touch to the lips, leave a little sparkle from wherever a lady walks away and keep men chanting for more. $15

LIKE Gloss: this warm brown beige is simply a BOMB! Don’t be afraid of kisses and smiles because this gloss shines longer. $15
Get Them All glosses: it is an exclusive offer for all three glosses in one kit at a perfect price. This all in one kit is priced $45.
Weight of the gloss series: 1 Gloss (0.09 fl oz. /oz. liquid / 2.60ml).


King K: when glossy finer touch merges with metallic lust, heavenly creation is a must. King K is a pure touch of royalty with soft metallic gold shade. Priced at $18
Heir: this soft metallic gold range creates a long lasting metallic impact. Priced at $18
Reign: bronzy copper metallic shade is loved by all. This unique composition is hard to resist. Priced at $18.

KY majesty: this dark and soul attractive blackened gunmetal sprinkled with silver and multi-colored glitter on top shade can make everyone mad. This exceptional metallic stroke of silver sparkle is simply ethereal. Priced at $18.

Get them all (king K, heir, reign): get this special 3 pack metallic kit for $54.
Weight of metal series: 1 Metal Matte Lipstick weigh (0.11 fl oz. /oz. liquid / 3.00ml)
All ingredients are properly checked by quality control department.

Placing order procedure

Orders could be placed from its official website through member login and vip member login.

Shipment and handling charges are however not included when you order, $8.95 for domestic, and all states within the USA.

$14.95 chargers for all international countries worldwide.

The processing time for orders is liminal 3 till 5 business days. Delivery time span within the United States is 3 to 6 days, and 10 to 15 business days internationally. If holidays are in between than delivery time may vary. There is no refund policy all sales are final.
Feel a young energetic Kylie, ready to explore the world with beauty and talent.

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