Leptigen Review – Does It Help For Losing Weight?

Leptigen is a supplement for weight loss. It ensures safe and visible weight loss which lasts for long and has absolutely no side effects on your health. Not many people know what is it about and how does it work. This review will help you to understand the working of this supplement so that you can decide about using it.

What is Leptigen?

Leptigen is a supplement which has been formulated for losing the extra weight. It has an official website for its sale which has all the details on it. You can even make orders through this site. So the promise of weight loss through Leptigen is said to be scientifically proven. The reason which manufactures give is the ingredient list of it. It is available in capsule form. There are 60 capsules in one bottle which is a supply of one month (30 days). It means the recommended dosage per day is two capsules.

What Does Leptigen Mean?

The name Leptigen is derived from a hormone name which is “Leptin.” This hormone is present inside all fat cells which control the appetite. The product is given this name for the reason to appetite suppress and weight loss. There are the targets of Leptigen as a product.

What Is Inside It?

The primary ingredient of Leptigen is Meratrim. This ingredient is not a single compound but a complex structure of sphaeranthus indicus and garcinia mangostana. Both these are herbal extracts which are taken from the plan sources directly. sphaeranthus indicus has a property of stress, anxiety and depression control whereas garcinia mangostana has all the right vitamins, minerals and compounds in it. Added ingredient is caffeine which is a stimulant by nature. The manufacturers are confident on the activity of these ingredients which help you to lose weight in a most natural way.

Ingredient Name Quantity (mg)
Decaffeinated green tea extract 200 mg
Chromium polynicotinate (Chromate) 100 mcg (83% DV)
Meratrim 400 mg
Caffeine 75 mg


Other ingredients

  • Gelatin
  • Cellulose
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Magnesium stearate (vegetable source)
  • Lecithin Phospholipids

How Does Leptigen Help For Weight Loss?

As per the manufacturer, the Leptigen supplements act as theromogenic agents which induce lipolysis process. This process dissolves the lipids which are stored fats. In result, you have a slimmer figure.

Directions To Use

The recommended dosage for Leptigen is two capsules each day. It is advised to use Leptigen 30 minutes prior meal. There is no information on foods to take or avoid. A general assumption is that you should take balanced food. Avoid high-calorie food intake. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid taking Leptigen. In case, you missed your dose; there is now way that you can double your next dose. Don’t do it.

Also, don’t use Leptigen if;

  • You are underage.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You are breastfeeding.
  • You are on another medication
  • You are taking any other fat burner.
  • You had surgery recently or right after surgery.

About the manufacturer of Leptigen

The company which manufactures Leptigen is called Green Bracket LLC. They are located at 4135 Laguna St, Coral Gables, FL 33146-1442. This address is suspicious. Apparently, this address is same as of the address of another company which is called Triton Web Properties. This Triton property is an organization which functions in web development. They even have a website with same address Tritoncorp.com.

Contact Details Of Green Bracket LLC

The contact information of Green Bracket LLC is motioned on their website of Leptigen. They can be accessed through phone by calling at 800-555-3951.  There is no other contact way.

What Is The Price Of Leptigen?

Leptigen has a high price. One bottle of Leptigen has a price of approximately $110. One bottle has 60 capsules and it is recommended a dosage of one month.

Customer reviews

The supplement has highly positive customer feedback.  A few users expressed their experience in following words on Amazon.

“This does exactly what it says it does.
I recommend to anybody that is trying to lose a few pounds to kick-start their dietIt’s a little pricey but worth it”. 


“Lost 10 pounds in a month. No terrible side effects. Was too expensive to buy more, though.”

“Leptigen is amazing. For anybody on the fence, just get it. I can already feel it increases my energy and my sense of wanting to work out more.”

all these reviews show that Leptigen works for real.

Can you return Leptigen After Purchase?

The company offers 120-day return offer to all its customers. You can ask for a refund by calling the same number which is 800-555-3951. You would ask to return merchandise number (RMA number) which is linked with your order.  You also need to have a sales receipt for return. Also, they will ask you the reason to return it. The company clearly explains that they don’t accept “overly used products” for refund claims. There is no as such explanation of what an overly use product is but perhaps they just mean that they must not be nearly ended at the time of refund claim.

For international customers 

If you are located outside North America, the helpline numbers and email support ID are different. You can write to them at intlcare@leptigen.com and phone numbers to access are as following.

From Australia, please call 1800 112 947.
From the U.K., please call 0800 148 8251.

 How To Buy It?

You can confirm your order by online method. Buying one bottle is expensive. However, if you chose more than one bottle’s order, the company gives you a discounted price.  The discounted price is as following

  • 1 Bottle (30 Day Supply with 60 Capsules)- $109.95
  • 2 Bottles (60 Day Supply with 120 Capsules)- $199.90
  • 3 Bottles (90 Day Supply with 180 Capsules)- $269.85

There are no extra shipment charges. These prices have shipment included in it. The payment options which the website provides are PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

Leptigen Pros

  • Good quality ingredients.
  • All ingredients are tested for safety
  • All ingredients help to weight loss
  • It offers a 120-day money back guarantee.
  • There is a FAQ section which has answers to common questions.
  • The customer help line is responsive.

Leptigen Cons

  • The weight loss claims are unrealistic.
  • Only the ingredients are tested, the formula is not tested.
  • There are no clinical trials to support the promises of weight loss
  • It cannot work alone; you have to take proper diet and exercise with it.
  • It is an expensive product.
  • It has a high amount of caffeine, which is not good for regular caffeine takers as it would boost their caffeine intake. It might give them a side effect.
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding women cannot take it.
  • Persons with metabolic or digestive problems can not take it.
  • People with heart and liver problem or medication users only use it for their doctor’s advice.
  • The address of the manufacturer seems suspicious however the product itself has no bad reviews about it online.

Would Leptigen Work For You?

More than Leptigen, it’s you who has this answer. It is clear that no supplement can eventually make you slim in a matter of days without any effort. Even for Leptigen, if you take to follow a healthy diet and perform exercise regularly, there is no chance that it would not work for you.

The Final Word- Should You Buy Leptigen?

If you are looking for a solution which can initiate your weight loss then yes, Leptigen will work for you. If you want just a lazy solution for not the following a diet or skipping the gym, then no it will not work for you. The price of Leptigen is very high as compared to other similar products. The reason could be that it is using premium quality ingredients. You can surely give it a try.

Even it fails to meet your expected results; you can call the customer service and ask for the refund to them. Use it for at least two to three weeks for a final decision. The return period is of 120 days which means nearly four months. You have so much time to test and try this. Even if you try it for a month or two, you can see excellent results on you. For more details, orders, and directions, visit the official website today.


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