L’etoile Ultra Premium Anti-aging cream review-is it legit or a swindle?


L’etoile Ultra anti-aging cream claims to be a premium skin formula to turn back the clock on your aging skin. With many anti-aging products retailed in the market, all of them claiming to use the latest ingredients backed by up-to-the-minute scientific innovations, the customer community becomes overwhelmed by the promotion blares around them.

The task of making a choice among the inexhaustible trade names and deciding upon the most reliable ones, for your skin health and pocket insurance, is easier said than done. The job becomes even more tricky and complex when attempted online because as customers, you have little choice than to trust whatever the manufacturer put forwards. However, purchasing online has one advantage over store procurement, i.e. you do not have to make a decision there and then, you can research a product, find what the best available yield is, keep your finances in check and proceed. Nevertheless, many customers are hard pressed for their time and it is here that such reviews, like the following, help in making a worthy purchase for your health and pocket.

About L’etoile Premium Anti-aging cream

L’etoile anti-aging cream is a formula aimed at the sagging, dehydrated, and pigmented skin. Aging is a downhill journey where our bodily systems gradually decline and the first telltale signs start appearing on our facial skin. However, there is no reason why one should not take this course with grace and it is here that anti-aging skin care line lends its hands for retrieval.

L’etoile claims to bring back the youthful look to your skin with its advanced ingredients that work at the molecular level to rejuvenate the skin layers from deep within. Here are the statements put forward by L’etoile skincare for combating the revealing signs of aging process

  • Enhanced skin hydration status
  • Improved and even skin tone
  • Improved elasticity of the skin
  • Departure of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removal of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
  • Brightening of skin with a radiant look

Ingredients of L’etoile anti-aging skin cream             

There is no clear and lucid list of ingredients for L’etoile anti aging cream, though the site claims the words ‘whole collagen’, ‘peptides’ and ‘Biofill Hydrospheres’ regarding the working of the product.

Collagen is the fundamental unit of our skin and its appendages in our body. When some product is labeled as being aged, it means it has lost the original form and structure with loss of function. Similar processes are encountered by the skin as we age, skin loses its elasticity, tone, the moisture content is gradually depleted, and skin becomes more prone to the damage by sunlight and other pollutants in the environment. There is a concomitant loss of function with skin unable to retain hydration within; the result is a sagging skin with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the emergence of spots and pigmentation, loss of skin tone and elasticity, uneven skin tone with a rough and dry look.

Anti-aging creams, target the various skin problems by focusing on the troubled spots aforementioned. The L’etoile anti-aging cream mentions collagen, specifically the ‘whole collagen’ that is better absorbed into the skin. The site declares that L’etoile does not contain hydrolyzed collagen, as the molecules are too large to pass through the skin layers.

The facts about collagen are, whole collagen and hydrolyzed collagen is the same thing. The molecules of hydrolyzed collagen are indeed too large to pass through the skin layers and that is the reason that it is consumed via the oral route. Collagen is not designed to be absorbed via the skin, the primary function of collagen remains topical where it acts to retain moisture, making it soft and supple.

The other ingredient L’etoile anti-aging cream contains is peptides. Peptides are amino acids that make up the protein unit and collagen is one of the types of peptides. However, L’etoile fails to mention what kinds of peptides are incorporated into the final product. Though, collagen is mentioned but with vague details. Peptides alone cannot achieve a long lasting result of smooth and supple skin but can act as an adjuvant to other skin replenishing agents as retinol, Vitamin C, hydroxy acids etc.

The third ingredient included in the working of L’etoile is Biofil Hydrospheres. Biofil Hydrospheres are said to increase the water retentivity of the skin but there is not much information available on this ingredient, which appears to be a proprietary name of some element not common in use.

The working of L’etoile anti-aging skin cream

The ingredients of L’etoile anti-aging skin cream are said to work via the QuSome time-release delivery system. This system allows for deeper penetration of the ingredients into the innermost layers of skin. The results are achieved by creating layers that are alternating between water-soluble and fat-soluble. The process helps maintain an optimal level of ingredients at the optimal time, thus maximizing the effects of the ingredients contained in the skin cream.

Side effects of L’etoile anti aging cream

As there are no clear-cut details about the ingredients of L’etoile anti aging cream, so something to say about the side effects would be a futile effort. One cannot hypothesize about any artificial colors or fragrances, as well as fillers or hazardous chemicals used in the specific cream.

Cost of L’etoile anti-aging skin cream

L’etoile anti-aging skin cream comes at a price of $3.99, making it an inexpensive anti-aging product, which is not the trademark of superior quality anti-aging skin care line.

There are no discounts as the product is already a low-priced one. There is neither refund policy nor any money back guarantees.

The L’etoile anti-aging skin cream is retailed by an online retailer that goes by the name of Ohop Online. Ohop online offers a varied selection of well-known brands, not so famous brands and others. It seems that Ohop online is a platform for new products that have not attained the required fame or repute yet and opens a window of opportunity for and sale marketing.

Conclusion on L’etoile anti-aging skin cream

The marketing of L’etoile anti-aging skin cream is done by a retail online shopping platform. Any information on the manufacturer of the product is not available nor the ingredient design. A general nonprofessional description of the ingredients is provided with the collective benefits enumerated. There is neither third-party laboratory testing nor any guarantees rendered. Although L’etoile is being retailed at a very low cost, which cannot predict the nature of the quality of the product, it cannot ensure the product’s worth regarding one’s skin health. Many incompetent products make it to the shelves of grocery or pharmacy stores that lure the customers after a cheap price tag, for which you have to pay dearly afterward owing to the side effects they cause.

Furthermore, L’etoile anti-aging skin care makes use of a proprietary blend of ingredients. It is a common marketing practice for some brands not to reveal their list of ingredients or their exact quantities. The explanation behind this façade is that either they do not want to share their so-called ‘covert blend’ to cut down the competition. Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time and the truth lies with the fact that the product does not contain superior quality components, which is roofed under this term.

Your skin health is a matter of great caution and concern and in the presence of superior quality blends and formulas to counteract the signs of aging; it is advised not to go for proprietary combinations, which do not have ingredients worthy to be exhibited on the label. Therefore, spend a little extra penny on reputed brands and save your skin.

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