Life Propel CBD Review

Life Propel CBD sums up the goodness of cannabinoid in a capsule form. A dietary supplement, Life Propel CBD dispenses 100% all-organic yield of industrial hemp in an over-the-counter preparation. Claiming to cause no high usually associated with its stimulant cousin, THC, Life Propel CBD is non-addictive ensuring a long-term use of this supplement.

Life Propel CBD tells tall claims regarding benefits like controlling seizure activity, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and stroke and heart conditions. The following review will analyze the statements to see the extent of upshots the subject supplement can actually deliver.

An overview of Life Propel CBD

Life Propel CBD is a THC-free version of cannabinoid preparation made in the US. Derived from an organic yield of industrial hemp and backed by a guaranteed satisfaction, Life Propel CBD requires no prescription. The benefits of CBD hold the clinical validation and support for its working in all bodily systems.

The non-GMO status is coupled by the fact that the derivative yield of Life Propel CBD is collected from sources grown and processed in America. That is why the manufacturer touts their product safe to use and legal in all 50 states of the US.

A large number of positive feedbacks from satisfied customers are a testimony to its time saving and money saving features. So can you really avoid all the clinic appointments, long waits at the same time save your valued money in favor of health? Read on.

The manufacturer of Life Propel CBD

Return Address
Life Propel CBD Capsules
12924 Pierce Street
Pacoima, CA 91331
United States

Support Telephone Number: +1-877-891-6427
Support Email Address:

Above mentioned is the address in case of any contact requirements with the company. Search for specific company and manufacturing site gives you no encouraging results. Life Propel offers no details regarding their manufacturing plant or source of raw material for their cannabinoid product.

Though there is no bid find regarding manufacturing details, the reassuring point remains the contact info so we know there is somebody responsible behind the retail of Life Propel CBD.

The ingredients of Life Propel CBD

Life Propel CBD claim their product is free from

  • Artificial agents
  • Synthetic components
  • Any stimulants
  • Filler or binders
  • Pesticides
  • Toxins
  • GMO ingredients

The company claims their supplement to be free from THC; a chemical ingredient in cannabis plant responsible for the high or stimulating effects the plant is notorious for. Life Propel states that their CBD is free from any proportion of THC.

Life Propel state their supplement contains

  • All-natural
  • 100% Organic
  • Vegan-friendly CBD formula

Let us analyze the stated ingredients; Life Propel labels their ingredient to be a maximum strength with pure ingredients. The free status of many culprit components that usually mark a supplement safe to use is present. However, Life Propel provides no details of any kind of certification in this regard. The lack of this feature makes the ingredients a bit skeptical to believe.

Life Propel dispenses a CBD supplement categorized as dietary element implying you do not need a doctor’s prescription for its purchase. However, it also means that the supplement does not require any FDA approval or any certification so FDA or any such authority does not test it. There is no way to validate the quality of its ingredients unless the manufacturing company puts forward any details. Unfortunately, customers have no choice but to trust the label of Life Propel in this regard.

Last but not the least; Life Propel does not indicate the percentage of CBD incorporated in their formula. It also does not show if the CBD is a full-spectrum yield or obtained from some specified part of the cannabis plant.

How does the Life Propel CBD work for you?

The working of Life Propel CBD supplement is the same as any premium grade CBD would do. At least the description informs as such.

The fact that THC creates a high effect in our body owes to the endocannabinoid system in our body. Though the research is still in its early phases, science has discovered intrinsic chemicals behaving as neurotransmitters in our body, receptors that respond to these neurotransmitters and many clinical effects that originate from all this sequence. The basic function of the endocannabinoid system in human body is to maintain homeostasis at all levels.

Life Propel CBD works through the same system within our bodies so there is nothing new that the manufacturer of the subject supplement could add to our information.

Therefore, the real question is ‘would the CBD dispensed by Life Propel work for you or not’. Again, there are no guarantees offered by Life Propel in this regard. Customers will have to take the company’s word for it and try it for themselves.

The acclaimed benefits of Life Propel CBD

Life Propel CBD claim a list of benefits tagged with their supplement. Here are some of them.

  • Relief of chronic pain in conditions like arthritis
  • A potent antioxidant support
  • Relieves depressive states
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Balances blood sugar levels
  • Suppression of seizure activity
  • Brings a relief to nausea and vomiting as in cases of chemotherapy
  • Combats inflammation at a cellular level
  • Supports neurological signs and symptoms

As impressive as they seem, these benefits are usually associated with any good quality CBD supplement. The claims of Life propel remain true to dot that CBD delivers these benefits but they do not offer any clinical validation specific to their supplement regarding these upshots.

Any independent third party or laboratory does not test life Propel CBD regarding the deliverance of the acclaimed benefits.  With no manufacturing certification and no proven clinical validation, customers may find themselves dependent on the information provided by Life Propel.

What are the customers saying about Life Propel CBD?

The purpose of a review is to keep the customers well informed about a certain product and enable them to make a purchase decision worthy of their health and pocket. Therefore, a little search into any customers’ reviews revealed the following

“I have arthritis and bone spurs in my neck. I am in constant pain. I have used many wonderful products without success. However, with CBD I now sleep pain-free. My life is better now! Thank you so much for this product”

Morgan South Carolina


“I tried the Life Propel CBD… and for the first time in over a decade… I had no inflammation in my joints and no endometriosis pain at all”

Tom Los Angeles

No independent reviews for Life Propel CBD are available. The above statements are quoted at the official website of Life Propel CBD. However, we found a glitch in the second review.

“Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition of the uterus in women”, the second review quotes the pain relief from endometriosis in a man named ‘Tom’.

Now try as hard you can but this information is simply hard to digest even if marked as a typo. It also makes the whole deal about Life Propel certainly doubtful.

Our conclusion

With the supplement market overwhelmed by CBD supplements, unconvinced supplements as Life Propel CBD become identifiable as such with bad marketing measures. If a supplement company cannot offer manufacturing details, certifications or any guarantees, it is better to avoid them. There are plenty of other brands with quality deliverance. If you still decide on purchasing Life Propel CBD, access is available at the official site after completion of ordering details.

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