Liposomal Maca Review – The ultimate solution for menopause dilemma


Liposomal Maca by NativeVitality is a supplement that helps you balance your hormonal profile and along with putting many body sequences in order, it allows your body to burn fat, specifically the belly fat at an accelerated rate. With only two droppers a day (half a teaspoon), a five-second ritual, you can say adieu to stubborn weight gain for good and get in the best hormonal shape within 30 days.

NativeVitality warns of rapid weight loss within days of consuming this supplement right at the beginning of their presentation and consult one’s physician if the weight loss exceeds 1-2 pounds per day. Now, for weight watchers, the statement seems too good to be true. The following review will analyze the effectiveness of Liposomal Maca in the backdrop of this statement if it is a marketing gimmick to lure in customers or a true to core promise.

What is Liposomal Maca?

Liposomal Maca targets the hormonal imbalance that strikes women in their late thirties and forties in the form of premenopause and menopause. By addressing the root cause of many debilitating symptoms that accompany a declining age, Liposomal Maca helps individuals to live an active and healthy life via a more natural route that does not involve synthetic drugs and their dangerous side effects.

If you are a woman in your mid-thirties or early forties, you can appreciate the fact that with every passing day, your energy levels are not the same; your mood takes a toll towards the worst because your brain is clouded by confusion and uncertainty. Your periods bring you crashing to the ground once a month with painful cramps, mood swings, irritability, and energy breakdown.

Your digestion plays tricks with you leaving you with unwanted cravings. Lack of focus and concentration is also accompanied by loss of sex drive and before you know it, insomnia arrives uninvited. All of these symptoms initiate a cascade of reactions that lead to a sluggish body with weight gain. These events result in an overall intimidating and unsettling life schedule that takes your morale down the lane and depression sets in.

Now, what if you were told of an ingredient that could supplement all of the above-stated problems and get you out of the quandary of menopause. What is more, Liposomal Maca claims to restore the hormonal balance and in doing so, addresses the potbelly and fat deposits around love handles and thighs. You might actually find yourself enjoying the curvatures of youth you once had.

How does it work?

According to WebMD, about 30% of women above the age of 50-59 are not only overweight but also suffering from obesity. In addition to that, symptoms like social withdrawal, chronic fatigue syndrome, mood swings become increasingly frequent. Most of these symptoms are associated with some kind of hormonal disturbances that are parallel with weight gain and depression.

The treatment in conventional medicine is with anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs, which are tagged with their respective side effects. similarly, hormone replacement therapy is the last resort for most of the women, which has its share of side effects.

Liposomal Maca deals with the same situation in a different manner, which is free of any side effects and is efficient enough to deliver long-term results.

Liposomal Maca contains the root vegetable ‘Maca’ in an efficient combination with liposomes, that act as a carrier for the active ingredient and transfers the desired amount at the desired place.

Regular supplements containing Maca in a powdered or pill formulation that has a low ranking as far as the bioavailability is concerned. A major amount of powdered or pill formulation does not get absorbed efficiently in the gut and goes to waste.

Maca in the subject supplement by NativeVitality is dispensed in a liquid form with liposomes, a combination that makes Maca twenty times more absorbable than any other dispensed form. What does Maca do for hormonal balance, read on

What does science say about Maca?

Maca has recently joined the list of superfoods for human health although it is an age-old ingredient of traditional medicine. The turnip-shaped vegetable known as Lepidium meyenii belongs to the cruciferous group and is native to the Andes of Peru. With a green top, the root vegetable is of three types depending upon the color of the root as black, red and yellow varieties.

Maca is an adaptogen, meaning that it delivers results according to the requirement of the body and help the body adjust to it.

Containing a host of micronutrients as vitamin C and minerals(copper and iron), proteins and amino acids (all eight essential ones), fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients,  Maca is found to be useful in creating a hormonal balance, thereby improving sexual health particularly in females undergoing menopause, behavioral alterations and cerebral functions as memory protocol.

In addition, it refurbishes energy stores and refurbishes estrogen levels in the body, thus aiding the symptoms of menopause as hot flashes, night sweats, and declining bone density.

“One test-tube study in 2014 demonstrated that polysaccharides extracted from Maca had high antioxidant activity and were effective in fighting free radical damage

“One study published in the International Journal of Biomedical Science gave 34 early post-menopausal women a tablet containing either Maca or a placebo twice daily for four months. Maca helped balance their hormone levels, relieving the symptoms of menopause but also improved bone density”

Projected benefits of Liposomal Maca

The human body is a complex interplay between different kinds of hormones, biochemical compounds, and neurotransmitters. NativeVitality promises to deliver a balanced hormonal profile specifically the estrogen and cortisol levels in the female body. Because of a maintained equilibrium, there is a collection of benefits claimed by Liposomal Maca for a female body

  • An energy refurbish and increased stamina
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Fat metabolism and possible weight loss
  • Stress reduction via a cortisol balance
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improved mood
  • Lessened anxiety and depression
  • A boost in sex drive
  • Increased focus and memory protocol
  • A decreased incidence of hot flashes, night sweat and mood alterations related to menopause

Would it work for you?

In our unassuming opinion, yes Liposomal Maca should work for you. Consider the following points and decide for yourself

  1. The raw material for Liposomal Maca is obtained from a high-grade yield
  2. The supplement is dispensed in a liquid form with maximum bioavailability of the active ingredient owing to its distinguished Liposomal delivery system
  3. The supplement is manufactured in the US under cGMP certification
  4. A non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly product catering to the needs of a majority
  5. Final product is tested by an independent third party evaluation
  6. Liposome combination with Maca that does not involve any exposure to high temperature, heat or toxic solvents
  7. Contains all the three varieties of Maca that deliver a synergistic effect
  8. The liposomes are created out of zero soy products, ultrapure water, and one-of-its-kind manufacturing procedure that ensures the functional integrity of liposome structure in a certified liposome-specific facility
  9. The manufacturer claims restoration of health and vigor within 30-days of consumption backed by 180-days of money back guarantee
  10. Easy and convenient to use; only half a teaspoon delivers the required dose

Cost and availability

The Liposomal Maca is only available at the official site. There are three packages designed to cater for the individual requirements and at a great discount. Though discount is available for one-time purchase, a monthly subscription would save you the maximum in terms of money and time.

A single bottle purchase costs about $49

Three-bottle purchase would save you $90, with the cost of single bottle amounting to $39

A six-bottle purchase would save you $216, with the cost of single bottle amounting to $33

The auto subscription can be canceled anytime if you opt for it. All the purchases are covered by 180-days of money back guarantee. All the orders are shipped free of charge.

In addition to that, a free bonus also arrives with every purchase; “Crazy delicious Maca recipe book”

Final say on Liposomal Maca

Liposomal Maca by Native Vitality appears to be a result of careful planning and design of integrating a scientifically backed ingredient with the best delivery system. The manufacturer has tried their utmost to bring the best out of high-grade raw ingredients to address an issue that lies at the basis of many female-specific ailments. However, the role of Liposomal Maca regarding weight loss is skeptical because fat loss is a complex mechanism that is dependent on an individual’s metabolism and other factors.

Therefore, if you are opting for this supplement for only weight loss, you might not get the results you want. As regards the menopausal issues, Maca is scientifically proven to deliver benefits and Liposomal Maca meets the merit of a fine supplement in alleviating the subject issue.


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