Love Beets Review – 5 Reasons To Love Beets

Without a doubt, the role played by vegetables towards our health is patent one. The food pyramid and more recently the food plate pictures a major portion of our diet to be of vegetables in order to be called a balanced one. In reality, the situation is not much encouraging where most of our food plates are filled with more of meat products and refined sugars. Because we are often squeezed for our time, getting vegetables to our dining is cumbersome job restricted to some boiled peas and potatoes.

In reality, the situation is not much encouraging where most of our food plates are filled with more of meat products and refined sugars. Because we are often squeezed for our time, getting vegetables to our dining is cumbersome job restricted to some boiled peas and potatoes. LOVE BEETS is toil of a couple to bring more color to your plates with their beetroot based yields.

Guy and Katherine Shropshire come from a family of vegetable growers based in England. An enthusiastic young couple with their hearts deep rooted to nature, they realized the need to egg on the younger generation towards a healthier diet rearing but with a zing. They decide to work up with the most colorful of the vegetables, the beetroot, with some of their family recipes and commercialize the products as the LOVE BEET.

Let us share some of the Shropshire’s love, the LOVE BEET, with you

love beets

The different presentations of Love Beet

The company has tried to present beetroot in various combinations to suit any mood and any occasion. You can have a pick among their

  • Baby beets
  • Cooked beets
  • Salads and snacks
  • Beet juice
  • Beet powder

The Baby Beets are specially marinated varieties of the vegetable, can be your healthy choice of a snack or a compliment to your main dishes.

The Sweet Fire Beets are as sweet as the name indicates with a spicy hint to it. Your mouth gets a slight tingle of the chili with a sweet touch.

The Honey and Ginger variety have a soothing combination for your taste buds.

The Mild Vinegar Beets were the pioneers of the lot.

The White Wine and Balsamic flavor of the fourth assortment is a perfect match for those looking for something contemporary while the Organic Mild Vinegar carries a subtle flavor for the finest of tastes.

The Cooked Beets organic yields of the vegetable, which are gluten free, can be used as you desire. Cooked to perfection with a firm texture and vacuum-sealed, these cooked beets are devoid of any preservatives or artificial colors. Add color to your protein dishes or your salads, blend for a refreshing smoothie or use it in a dip or chutney, bring a yum to all flavors.

The Smoky BBQ Shredded Beets are an ideal to use in burgers, sandwiches, and salads with a wide range of combinations. The hint of smoky flavor gives that special tap to your snacks.

Need to run and do not have time for a quick fix? The Love Beet Juices are a just the thing for on the go moment. The smooth, rich and naturally sweet flavor of this juice fills you with a sensuous experience with every gulp. Who said anything about beetroot a bore? The Ginger variety leaves you with a smooth tingle to your palate.

5 Reason to Love Beets!

#1 Rich in antioxidants

#2 Heart Healthy Benefits

#3 Essential nutrients powerhouse

#4 High in Folic Acid to Protect against birth defects

#5 Cancer-fighting properties

The Love Beet Powder is all but natural beetroot with no additives, an ideal ingredient to your smoothies, shakes, cupcakes, pancakes, yogurt, brownies, latte….let your imagination run wild with the lovely Beetroot Powder.

The Love Beet has a perfect accompanist to any kind of dining experience for all ages, cookies for a birthday party or a summer smoothie, a warm winter salad besides a lamb roast or a smooth yogurt for mid-spring, the diverse options leave you craving for the next recipe.

The Love Beet’s Affair with your health

Besides the vivid red color, the beetroot is a wealthy combination of many natural ingredients that bring about finesse in our health. Belonging to the root family of the vegetables, it concentrates the sunlight and the soil riches as potassium, nitrates, magnesium, iron, folic acid, vitamin A, C B6, carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants and soluble fiber.

The beetroot has long been used in herbal medicine as aphrodisiac owing to the presence of boron in it. It improves the blood supply and enhances stamina. Published research has shown the beetroot juice to be helpful in lowering the blood pressure and ultimately good for heart health. The upgrading of blood supply, especially to the oxygen-lacking areas in the brain, halts the progression of dementia in elderly. The same action leads to enhanced physical endurance and stamina. It is all due to the high content of nitrates found in nature’s vegetable that improves the blood supply.

The antioxidants in the beetroot have a wide variety of effects in our bodies. The oxidation processes with the resulting free radical production are kept in check with the carotenoids and flavonoids of the vegetable resulting in a more vital you.

The iron and folic acid of raw beetroot help lay healthy foundations for a healthy outcome in pregnant women with an upsurge of their hemoglobin. Besides a healthy liver and heart, the beetroot promotes healthy bones with the magnesium and silica stored from the soil.

The vitamins of beetroot uplift your energy levels. The soluble fiber keeps your gut moving and strengthens it.

The range of LOVE BEETS products are

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • With no added sugars or salts
  • No preservatives ( except the flavor infused ones)
  • Enjoying an NON-GMO status

The Love Beet is a no mess product with no peeling or staining your utensils or hands. It is always a go ahead with any of the product lines.


Availability, Packaging, and Cost

The Love Beet range is available at their website and in selected retail stores across the US. The products are marketed as 250gms and 500gms resealable pouches. Cut open the pouch, drain if need be and use according to your requirement. The plain varieties can be stored out of the refrigerator before use but the flavored ones need refrigeration.

The 250gm pouch for plain variety is about $3.50 whereas the flavored one is around $4.0.

Allergic warning

Some of the flavored varieties have soy and other preservatives that may cause an allergic reaction, so caution is advised.

Tempt your taste buds with the tantalizing delicacies of the Love Beet

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